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It’s often frustrating to send an important email to someone and not get a response within an acceptable amount of time.

You’re left to wonder whether or not they’ve read the email or if it went to their Spam folder.

This predicament can be avoided by using an email tracking tool like Mixmax for Gmail.

Mixmax is a free email monitoring and scheduling tool that can be used as a web app and a Chrome extension.

Mixmax is primarily designed for email marketing, where you need to track email messages sent to multiple recipients. However, it’s still useful for anyone who wants to know what happened to an email they sent.

Whether it’s for personal or business purposes, tracking an email can help you gauge your recipient’s interest in your message. For bloggers and online entrepreneurs, email tracking is a valuable tool which can help you improve the way you use email.

Are your messages well-received? Or are they left unread and ignored in the receiver’s inbox?

Tracking and Scheduling Emails in Gmail:

To use Mixmax, you need to install the free extension for Google Chrome. Once done, you will notice the Mixmax logo on the top-right corner of your browser. <Create your free account>

You’ll also notice a few extra buttons when you compose a new message.

These buttons are found on the bottom of the “New Message” pop-up box.

  • The “Send Now” button will send the message immediately.
  • The “Send Later” button will open a calendar where you can set a date and time for the message to be sent.
  • Save

The “Automate” button schedules a reminder for an email to be sent depending on three conditions:

  1. If the email was not read.
  2. If there was no reply.
  3. Regardless of any action taken.

Select one of these three options from the drop down box.

  • Save

The last button, “Track”, is for tracking and returning the status of an email.

A free Mixmax account can only track opened emails, but a premium account also lets you track clicks on links and downloads.

  • Make sure to check the box beside “Track opens” before hitting “Send Now”.
  • Save

To check if the emails you’re tracking have been opened, click on the “Live Feed” link on top of your email page.

This opens the Mixmax app in another tab. On the left pane, select “Live Feed”.

  • Note: It will appear blank if this is the first time you’re accessing the page.

Select “Compose Email” from this page to send a test email to another email address you own to verify that it’s working.

Once this is done, the list of tracked messages (and their respective status) will be shown.

  • Save

The Live Feed has the following tabs:

  • All
  • Unopened
  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • Downloaded

Select “Opened” to see which emails were opened (and by whom).

Similarly, “Scheduled Emails” can also be tracked by selecting it from the left pane. From here, you can click on the scheduled message and choose to reschedule it, send it now, or move the message to Drafts.

Other useful features of MixMax:

There are lots of other features offered by this tool.

mixmax features
  • Save

You can compose and send several email messages in a specific order. However, this is limited to only four “Sequences” and creating more will require an upgrade to a premium account ($25/month).

There’s also the option to create “Templates” to send to one or more recipients.

Read: Why & how to create email template in Gmail

Templates are great for sending generic messages and announcements. You can create as many templates as you want using a free account, but you have to upgrade if you want to track the emails sent using a template.

mixmax templates
  • Save

Using slash commands is also possible when composing messages with the Mixmax extension installed. Just type “/” in a new line and you’ll see a list of commands.

For instance, to insert a location’s Google Maps image, you can type “/ maps” and then enter the address. With the slash commands, you can insert templates, emojis, and even animated GIFs.

Should you use this popular Gmail extension:

Mixmax for Gmail is a basic but useful tool for those who are serious about their email correspondence.

While the premium paywall can become limiting, the free features are still what makes Mixmax a great email app. Basic tracking, scheduling, and automation can be done without upgrading to a premium account. The app blends seamlessly with Gmail and works as expected.

If you’re serious about getting your message across, not just on your blog, but in your emails as well, then try Mixmax today.

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  1. Vijay Pratap Singh

    Very beautiful tool of google-gmail. Tracking and Scheduling Emails in Gmail is really a fantastic tools. Great !. Thanks,

  2. Hi Kim,
    Exactly when I thought I have seen everything in this world, you come up with another tool which has astounded me once more, a significant application for advertisers and bloggers. This is a lifesaver for me, believe me. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing!

  3. MixMax is a new topic I’m learning in this article. What I just searched in google chrome extension is a free add-on. It will be useful for markets to send emails and to track them. Most of this email marketing tool would be costlier. But Google provides it for free and it surely it will increase the ultimate sale. An informative day for me to know a good add-on like this. All credits go to you kim..

  4. Thanks for sharing! Haven’t heard of MixMax before.
    I use Boomerang for scheduling and tracking emails. It’s a Google Chrome extension for Gmail that is also free.

  5. Thanks Kim, for sharing this type of tool. It can help both marketers and bloggers to send emails to their customers in time.

  6. Suresh J Nathanael

    Hi Kim Barloso,

    Super Article, Really I like this too. Today i try this MixMax Email Schedule tools. Useful for me.
    Thanks For Sharing

  7. Kontent Machine

    This is So awesome Google Chrome extension. Gmail is not having schedule mail feature because of security issue. But Thanks Kim for giving such a good tool idea. I will sure use this tool to automate and schedule my email. This is helpful tool and increase productivity as well.

    Thanks again.

  8. Wow Kim! This is a life saver. For the blogging purpose I need to send a lot of email via Gmail. Like when I send one email to a blog owner for a guest post, I do not know whether the email was read by the person or not. By using the MixMax tool now I will be able to know the exact status of those emails. Great share!

    1. Hi Himadri,

      MixMax is a great way to know whether your email was read, especially when you’re pitching to other blogs. I’m glad to know this helped you out!

  9. Raaja Anandhan

    Hi Kim,
    Most of the bloggers are aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, active compaign etc to promote their products and for email marketing. Am blogging for more than 7 years, till date i am not using such email marketing websites, instead am using google feedburner and gmail to send my content.

    Mixmax is really helpful to me and it is new to hear about. Thanks for sharing such a valuable and useful chrome extension. Keep Doing.

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