DIY: How to Prepare for Making a Video Tech Show

Video Blogging is getting popularity day by day and especially when Google owned YouTube is dominating search engine, a video channel can help you create more buzz and brand awareness for you. Recently, Google+ launched on Air hangout feature which will not only let you create live hangout but your recording can be saved on YouTube, which will help you in longer run.

Many channels like Mashable, CNET, Chris Pirillo’s host their own video Tech show on YouTube, where they talk about latest tech news like we see on TV news. Now, most of these companies are well-funded and they have lots of professionals around to help them. But, for a typical Bloggers, investing so much is not possible and especially you want to make it right for yourself. Here I’m going to share what all things that you should prepare before making a video show for your blog. Though, I will focus more on things which you need to keep in mind while shooting your video and tools you required.  With the increase in the popularity of YouTube, thousands of dollars are spent by the producers to set up their internet video show.

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Making a Video show for your Website is now becoming quite famous reaching millions of viewers everyday. It has been found that 70 percent of the internet users prefer to watch video than reading blogs. So who knows that in the upcoming Twenty-Thirteen, videos may rule the internet.

For past years, you might have seen many people became web celebrity by hosting their own online tech video shows, where they reviewed gadgets & shared tips. They too are getting a lot of benefits like

  • Getting Free gadgets from Companies for review
  • Earning money by-product recommendation and affiliate via Amazon
  • Getting paid reviews offer for video shoots
  • More brand exposure
  • Money via Youtube Adsense partnership

Another interesting thing about videos is that, you can interact with the audience directly & thousands of people knows you without any physical interaction. More over, people like to watch videos for better understanding and by making professional looking videos, you will add another dimension to your Blogging career.

So, today i’m going to talk about how you can make a video and shoot your tech show.. and let me make it clear, for a successful tech show, you need dedication and proper setup and time. The process is not going to be easier but yes, if you got everything right, you going to get more benefits via video Blogging.

Initial setup for Making a Video for your Talk/Tech show

Get a Good Camera

If you seriously want to start your own video show then get a good camera. Get one DSLR which has an external mic option or if you’ve low-budget then go for a Point-and-shoot camera that captures in full HD. Some cameras are there which got 720p HD mode but that’s not sufficient, go for 1080p cameras.

Also keep in mind that your camera should have the following features

  • Stereo Recording Mic – for a good sound quality.
  • IS – Image stabilization to avoid shaky video.
  • Auto Focus – to improve the depth of the object you’re shooting.
  • Low Light Sensitivity – to make your camera capable of shooting nice in low light surrounding.

Also keep a camera tripod handy with you, as it will make sure you don’t have videos which shake like hell.

Lights & Reflection

The secret behind any professional video is the light & reflection. Try to add more lights in your shooting room so that everything goes into detailing. The more light you’ve, the better your video looks. You can also reflect the light by using a white reflecting plate or thermocol to the object you’re shooting at. And if you’re reviewing a gadget for your tech show, then you can highlight it with some spot light or study table lamp.

Good Microphone

If your camera supports an external mic, then you should go for one ECM microphone to record the distortion free stereo sound. Sound is the heart of a video, if the viewer doesn’t hear the sound properly he won’t be understanding what’s going on.

Most of the camcorder comes with a Jack to add external microphone and I recommend you to use it, instead of in-built microphones. This will be useful in making a video which is not only visually appealing but also loud and clear.

Create Content

Good Camera, Microphone & lights are the equipment that you require for a good video quality but you actually need a good content to make it a good video. Your video should help people to understand something and for that purpose you need to include something valuable in it.

For example, if you’re making a video for Tech Show & you are reviewing gadgets, then you need to come up with a new gadget every episode. For that purpose, you can tie-up with the nearest gadget shop & request them to lend their product and in return you give them few second promotion in your video. You can also get in touch with PR companies of companies like Nokia, Samsung, or any gadget company and ask them to send review devices.

Create a List of Things to Cover

Creating a list is very important while shooting a video show. When you’re reviewing a gadget, always jot-down the features, Pros & Cons and the points about the product in a list so that while you’re talking about it you don’t forget any of the the important feature.


Composition is all about the beauty of a video. Just imagine a video show shot inside a dirty toilet.. will it be worth watching? Even your video is informative, viewers won’t watch it! That’s what composition means .i.e. shooting a video with a beautiful background. You can add a nice painting, an amazing scenery, etc at the background or if you don’t have any, then add a white or black screen. Viewers will be thankful to you. You should take help of Green screen and you can easily create it at your home with minimal investment. Here are two videos, which will help you creating your own Green screen at home:


“Entertain or Die”. No one wants to watch a video which is not entertaining… So, while creating your video you need to be entertaining. Be humorous & crack jokes that makes your viewers laugh. Make yourself more presentable & engaging in-front of them so that they hang-on till the video ends.

Own Voice Style & Technique

Everyone have their own style & technique of doing the work. If you’ve your own voice then be yourself & don’t try to copy the TV anchors. Your own voice add genuineness to your show. And also try to use your own technique of presenting it, as it’s a very flexible medium so whatever you create becomes a trend.

Eye-Contact with the Lens

It’s a direct way to communicate with the audience so always try to maintain an eye contact because eyes transmit positive energy and show your confidence. To make an eye contact with your viewers, you’ve to first make an eye connection with your lens. This improves the trust & bonding between you and them.

Multiple Angles

No one like to see the same angle for a long span, they always need a new angles to explore a video and that’s the reason why you see multiple scenes & emotions in a film. So, always try to shoot your subject from multiple angles as you can and make your video interesting.

Be Short

In case of me, i don’t have time to view the videos which are more than 4 mins. I prefer those videos which says thousand words in a minute or 2 or even less than that. The shorter and interesting your videos are, the more it gets the chances of going viral. So, Be short & Innovative! Though, there is no limit to it and depending upon topic you covering on your video, you can go off limit with time.

One of the most important part of video is video editing and post production touch. You will need a professional video editing software’s to give professional touch to your video. There are many such paid and free video editing tools and my recommendation would be Pinnacle studio HD. Once you are done making a video and editing, upload it on video uploading sites like Youtube, Vimeo or if budget is not your concern, you can self host your videos on a third party server. Though, video hosting is costly and Youtube channel are much easier approach and offers maximum visibility. You can see how in our earlier post on: 50 ways to drive traffic from Youtube.

I hope this article will help you to get started with your video production from your house and become an Internet celebrity.  If you’ve any question regarding videography’in your tech show or want to add any extra point then put it in the comment below.. I’ll be there to reply you directly. You can join ShoutMeLoud Youtube page here.

This is a guest post by Arijit  Editor of Videography Book Newsletter. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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4 thoughts on “DIY: How to Prepare for Making a Video Tech Show”

  1. Gautham Nekkanti

    First thing i will need to get is an artist preferably a female to review the product. Viewers don’t like long description repeating description over and over.

    1. Yup! female faces gets a lot of hits… but if you’ve a good content then even no one can stop you to get hits.

  2. I feel that the initial step should be planning..becaz its difficult to take a video without planning ..and after planning only you can make it short and presized one..

  3. Excellent and detailed post! Well yes, shooting a video with a beautiful background, by Excellent and informative post! Well yes, adding nice painting, an amazing scenery is important, as it looks good and viewers will appreciate it (Green screen seems to be a good choice) to get started with. And agreed, shorter and interesting videos can get more hits, as people generally prefer to watch short length videos. Thanks Arijit for sharing this info 🙂

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