My Top 5 Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

2020 Update: Alexa is no more the same. So there is no point using Alexa widget or paying for Alexa services. You should rather focus on improving domain authority.  Learn everything about domain authority here. This article is just for the archiving purpose. Soon, we will remove all instances of Alexa ranking from ShoutMeLoud.

How To Improve Alexa Rank
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There are many ways, we as a blogger judge a site. Page rank, Alexa traffic rank, MozRank are some of the popular way. is a subsidiary of It is a ranking system based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa toolbar installed. Site which are having good traffic and with regularly updated content will always have good Alexa rank.

Though, it also depends upon many factors like niche, and some other factors, which I’m going to talk about here in this post. These tips, which I mentioned below are something which worked for me to increase the Alexa  rank of my site and might work for you too. By the end, I would love to get one tip which worked for you. was founded in 1996 and initially, it was just limited to data gathered by Alexa toolbar, but with time Alexa traffic estimation have improved and they have added many features like you can claim your site on Alexa and update more details and info about your site.

Though, many people say Alexa rank is not accurate and I may or may not deny it, but with latest updates in Alexa, I find it quite correct and seeing the traffic rank stats going up and down daily, I find it quite authentic to see how traffic of a site is improving. Apart from traffic stats, site linking in stats is updated once in 3 months.

More over, those who are into SEO, they might be knowing Alexa is holy grail to find long tail keywords. But, let me now get off-topic here and lets stick to the topic.  For new domains, it’s quite normal to see no Alexa data details and rank. It takes time, before you start seeing Alexa graph for newly created website.

How To Increase Alexa Rank :

So, let me talk about some of the factors, which any blogger can apply and get better Alexa ratings. If your site have good Alexa website rank, you can always showcase as trust factor and ever advertiser are more likely to trust sites with good Alexa rank.

1- Write Content with great quality and unique information

First and foremost thing to increase Alexa rank is to write quality content. It will help you to improve website traffic and another thing is Google loves quality Content. Good content always strikes high-ranking in SERP’s and will help you to increase the amount of traffic on your site.

As, I mentioned above, Alexa rank is directly related to traffic coming to your site, so more traffic you are getting, you have more chances of getting higher rank in Alexa Website rank. Also Alexa have search analytics tab, which shows the traffic your site is getting from search engine, which also improves over the time. If you are new to writing content which drives huge traffic, I suggest you to read following posts:

2- Think outside of the Box

Write guest post: It’s also a great way to increase Alexa rank. Guest post will help you to build back links, having good number of back links will improve Alexa rank and sites linking in number will go high. While writing guest post don’t forget the point no.1 quality content. You can also consider commenting or other methods of build backlinks, which will help you to increase sites linking in stats and gradually it will  have positive impact on overall site traffic and Alexa ratings. Here are some guides to get started with Guest posting and backlink building:

3- Write Regularly, more often

I think it is the backbone of this system to increase Alexa rank. Write regularly for your blog and that will definitely help you to increase your Alexa rank. No one loves dead blogs where blog is updated once in a while, everybody wants good content on regular basis. You must write 1-3 post daily if you are a beginner in blogging career. You will see the result that how fast your alexa ranking is increasing.

4- Put Alexa Rank Widget

Having an Alexa widget on your blog/website will help you to increase Alexa ranking. It will show the current Alexa ranking status of your blog/website . All you have to do is register your blog/website to and paste the code in the source code of your blog.

Bonus tip: Alexa review

Alexa review
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Some time back, Alexa added review feature for sites, where you and your readers can give their feedback and rate a site. I’m not sure how it impacts over all Alexa traffic rank, but still good number of positive reviews add into trust factor of your site.

You can see an example by clicking the review tab on SML Alexa stats.

You can encourage your readers to write a review for your site or best way is to send out an Email newsletter to your loyal subscriber and let them know about a place, where they can add testimonial or review of your site.

Some other methods which you can use buy traffic, which helps in boosting your traffic or may be an active social media promotion like Reddit. Flipboard can send huge traffic in a short span of time.

There are many web services which claim to boost Alexa stats, but I recommend to stay away from them and keep your ranking genuine and legit. After all, a good & genuine alexa rank will work as ego boost for you and for your site.

Anyways, these are some of the tips which will help you to increase Alexa rank and I would love to know if you believe in Alexa traffic rank and any other method you would like to share for boosting stats for your site?

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90 thoughts on “My Top 5 Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank”

  1. Jaswinder Kaur

    Very interesting topic!

    I am regular follower of this Blog and always, when need any help, come and search for it.

    Since I started my Blog-Ease Bedding, have seen that Alexa is changed, means it was free to use for registering your site, but not anymore.

    I don’t care about this Alexa Rank, because I have seen that despite of writing new articles with a Good Content, even many articles on Google’s first Page, still my site’s rank is going down.

    After reading Reviews from others’ here on this article, I am satisfied about my site’s rank, whatever it is and will keep on writing the same way without worrying about Alexa Rank.


  2. Does Alexa rank improve my organic rank in google?

    for example, if my alexa rank has come down to below 1 lakh, do my website get high rank in google search results?

  3. Very useful and correct article specially for digital marketing guy. Many digital marketing don’t now how to focus to increase Alexa ranking and page authority of the website. We are also not so good and by the help of this article we will work again positively and i am sure we will get success to imrove our website rank soon.

    Thanks for posting such good artile here. 🙂

  4. Banshidharinfo

    Nice Post Sir,
    This Post is very Helpful for me to Improving Alexa rank of my Blog
    Thank you so much

  5. I’m wondering how long it takes for Alexa to rank websites because I am presently getting decent traffic to my websites via ppc and Facebook but my website is still not ranked. This has made it difficulty for me to get accepted into most affiliate programs because these programs seem to use data from alexa to determine if you can send them enough traffic.

  6. Danish Ansari

    Hey Harsh,

    I have seen many people are so fond of Alexa rank, I mean personally I really don’t think that alexa makes any huge difference.

    What’s your call on that?

  7. hi, harsh.
    I search to learn about Alexa rank I visit your blog before starting to learn about Alexa rank I read about domain authority from your blog. Both articles help me a lot. I think it is better to work for domain authority instead of working for Alexa rank

  8. Hello sir,
    I have been following your great tips and tricks on web marketing to gain success for my website.Congratulations for the huge success of ‘’ I have also purchased your book and I found it really useful and effective to understand the analytics of internet marketing.Keep working hard and inspiring others to get success in the field of blogging.Even I also inspired from your interview on you tube which clearly shows the scope of Blogging industry in India.I have started writing blogs after your great analytics skills and way of explaining the basics of blogging.
    Thanx a lot sir for your precious contribution in making a blogging as a career for everyone.

  9. Your strategy is working for my site. After reading your post, I had started applies your cool tricks. I had updated my blog regularly with quality content and also register in Alexa.
    Once again Thanks for your helpful Information.

  10. Navneet Sharma

    Thanks sir i have recently started blogging and my alexa rank is now decreasing due to some reason and I don’t know why but after reading your blog. Iam getting some tricks and now its slightly better improving.

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