Importance of Online Banner Advertisement For Branding

Banner Advertisement Importance
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When ever it comes to online advertising, Banner advertisement is always the preferred way to market your brand. I have seen many marketers talking about that banner advertisement is not effective, and I believe that’s not true. When it comes to branding, banner advertisement is always one of the most effective way to market your service or just to make people know your brand. What really matter is design of your banner, but we will talk about some other time. For now, let me put some points to make you understand the importance of banner advertising.

Why Banner Advertising is Important For Your Brand

Advertisement banner plays a major role in brand awareness. Suppose you start a web hosting company or a SEO company, but how people will know about it. There are various ways you can market your company but what really matter is the trust factor. People remember and trust the brand they see everywhere. These days ad retargeting let your target customer sees the ad everywhere they go.

When you put an ad banner on a Website prominent space, regular reader remembers the brand name and start trusting it. Ofcourse it’s important for you to place ads on websites which have authority and similar to your niche. Another important factor to remember is landing page, as it should be well-optimised. This technique is being implemented by Dreamhost in a fantastic way. Click on this link and you will know that they have designed this landing page especially for ShoutMeLoud readers. It might take some time but people will start recognizing your brand. And you should blend your banner advertisement with other form of online marketing.

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The best example is the squeeze page created by affiliate marketer. Such pages are good enough to make user sign up for the product.

While advertising for your brand you need to take care of few things :

  • Attractive Banner
  • Niche advertisement
  • Landing pages.

Attractive Banner

A banner should be tempting enough that user will click on the advertisement. Along with it, make sure that user should understand what they are clicking on. You can see such example on direct advertisement banner at the lower right side of this blog.

Another important aspect is using different advertisement banner on different websites, this will help   to avoid ad blindness.

Niche advertisement

While finding an advertisement for your brand or product, try to stick to your niche. For an example if you have a SEO company or web hosting company, a blog on Technology, Blogging or SEO will be the best option, instead of a high traffic blog on dogs and pets.

Landing Page

As explained above, landing pages should be simple and attractive so that user will understand in a glance that what they are looking at. If you are proving them a landing page with lots of unrelated material, despite of huge investment, your conversion will be very less.

What do you think? Despite of ad blindness, banner advertisement plays a role for brand awareness or is it a waste of money?

Do you advertise your blog? If yes, what things do you consider the most?

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16 thoughts on “Importance of Online Banner Advertisement For Branding”

  1. I think banner advertisement can be effective, but like you said, people get sick of seeing the same banner over and over. Thus, it is important to change the look of your banners around. Definitely not a waste of money, if you are advertising in the right places.

    1. That’s true the Gooroo and every one like changes. So rotating banner could be a great idea here.

  2. Nice article. Banners are a good means of advertisement. But I don’t like banners too much.. for my site and on other’s site too. i like to do away with those glittery sorts of banners which will drive your visitors away instead of bringing them over again.

    1. They drive away the traffic but also a very stable and good source of income. More over If your advertisement are related to your niche, it will be helpful for your readers.

  3. I think there are better methods to get people to notice you. Bribe some bloggers to write about you by sending them a product or let them try your service for free. This method have been used for several years and has become very common thanks to internet.

    With that said I agree that banners can be great for brand awareness. Once people know about you, you need to get out there and remind them about you. Which you can do with banners.

    1. That;s true Stefan , giving any one try the service for free is like a buying a free promotion for your service. I seldom get such email from many web hosting and other product. few days back namecheap offered me a free domain and without even asking, I wrote a review for them.
      Though a prominent banner and logo are always useful for long run. Imagine Google logo or Windows logo and banners.

      1. If you are interested in gettings things for free one idea would be to contact a company through mail and ask them to send you a specific product. Or maybe just ask to lend it to write a review. After some time others will probably send you free stuff to try.

  4. Ajith Edassery

    I personally feel that 125×125 banners and 336×280 large rectangle ads on blogs can add a lot of value to your brand building. The blindness is mainly with the 468×60 ad that nobody even cares to look in these days.

    I like ZK’s large rectangle ad on Shanker’s blog… I am sure he must be getting more hits on it than the smaller banner.

    As for me, I do not really do a lot of brand building… In fact, I never spend money to advertise my blog. It’s mainly a personal choice along my MMO goals – basically not to spend a dime on promotion though returns also could be lower due to that.

    1. I have a different opinion on this. It’s true 468*60 banners are the most ignored and had the worse CTR but still they are better for brand awareness. if you have a very bright and catchy banner flashing at the top of blog (468*60) with time , people will start memorizing that banner and brand. Despite of poor CTR that advertisement banner will serve its purpose “Brand Awareness”.

  5. Definitely banner adverts do add brand value to your portal,but again ad blindness is something which deteriorates your brand in a long term.
    @ajith 125×125 banners and 336×280 large rectangle ads ..these are perfect one.
    You must stick to your expertise field only(niche advertising)and change your ads after couple of months.
    .-= djashish ´s last blog ..Life time opportunity to meet Miss Universe 2009 =-.

    1. A Great example is Hostgator who keep changing there banner and has variety of advertisement running. Which make them catchy and interesting.

  6. IndianCashMaker

    well in my view, banner advertisement is the best ever thing after Adsense for a blogger if he wants to earn money
    .-= IndianCashMaker ´s last blog ..IndiBlogger- Must Use Blog Directory for Every Indian Blogger =-.

    1. Indiancashmaker I think you forget to read the post, we are talking about banner advertisement as Brand awareness, We will cover the banner advertisement for money in upcoming post :).

  7. banner advertisement can be effective when you choose the right place for put you advertising, I didn’t advertise my blogs widely but I have used the 125×125 and 468×60 ads before!

    Thanks for the great information on your post!

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