How to Make Your New Tech Blog Success?

Tech blog success
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The technology niche is quite famous in the blog-o-sphere these days. Hundreds of blogs are created on the tech niche everyday. Almost 3/4th of those hundred blogs go into the darkness and a few of them rise up to the extent expected by their owners. This post is written with the failure of many tech blogs in mind and to ensure that the people who are reading this post could rise to the occasion and make success out of their technology based blogs. Three tips are going to be published in this post which will help you to make your tech blog success.

How to create a Tech blog for success:

1. Concentrate only on your tech blog

If you don’t follow this step, your tech blog is ensured to go into the darkness where thousands of other blogs are. If you have any other blog, hire someone or tell some friend to update it regularly because concentrating on two different blogs, with one of them at still in its beginning level is very difficult which leads to the difficulty of management of both the blogs. So, it is the best to concentrate only on your tech blog. You need to manage only your tech blog. Edit the design, coding, widgets, settings, etc. on your blog. Concentrate only on your tech blog and you will see the flourishing results in front of your eyes.

2. Post Regularly

Posting frequently on your blog is one of the most required things when you have a blog. Eespecially, when you create a new blog, posting regularly keeps the blog alive and famous in the blog-o-sphere. Technology is a broad niche and you can get many topics at once by searching the internet and reading technology magazines. Cover those topics regularly and keep posting at your tech blog to keep it alive and that totally works in getting many visits. You can see more profits of posting frequently in this post – How can you post frequently at your blog?

3. Promotion and Marketing

Nobody would know about your blog if it is not promoted and marketed well. A new blog, in the beginning is unknown to anybody. Let me tell you the step-by-step process to actually promote your blog at its inception. You have launched your blog and have published the first post, now publish your blog in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and different social networking sites. The next step is to submit it into search engines.

Those were the three ways I recommend you to gain success from your all-new technology based blog. I hope this post was helpful to you and you would gain success from your new tech blog(If you have any).

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He is a 13 year old boy, who is currently studying in 9th class. He loves blogging. He also likes WWE and Cricket.

34 thoughts on “How to Make Your New Tech Blog Success?”

  1. Concentrating on single blog is very necessary especially in initial days. And regular posting and promotions add flavor in the blog.

  2. Vinayak,

    Nice Post.

    I have a question: How frequently we should update our blog? Can you suggest any frequency?

    1. Aurangzaib Qumbrani

      It depends. If you are covering Apple stuff, then you will have to update more frequently; perhaps 4-5 times a day. But keep in mind, it’s not just about quantity… Quality matters the most!

  3. it is nice article, and useful for new blogger like me ..
    i like to work on a single blog at time , and give all force on that blog only ..
    hope for best .
    thank you for this informative post

  4. Jackie Smith

    As a great man once said: “Quality is Paramount”.. so, the content is king, above all these seo stuff..

  5. Vijayraj Reddy

    running a tech blog is very competitive these days, you should have team of 3-4 members who are active…

  6. shashank chinchli

    Posting frequently should have been defined in better manner else they would be flagged off as Ping Spammer isnt it?

  7. Ramakrishnan

    Concentrate on your area of expertise. If you are not choosing the best known area of yours. You certainly have more possibility for failure.
    My Advise over blogging.
    1.Never Give up if you failed in blogging
    2.Believe it blogging will one day gives you an independent life.
    3.Its not really easy to make money with your blog. You have to work a lot.
    4.Create a community that speaks with your post & Comment is very important.So use Twitter & Facebook regularly
    5.Create a Unique & worthy content.
    6.Love what you doing & Do what you love.
    Thanks for this post Vinayak.Do well.

  8. My tech blog exploded after reading your tips. Eespecially the post regularly thing and directory submission……..2 days 19500 hits…..and its a free site….now i am going to buy a domain……could you please writer an article explaining the necessary steps required to make sure that traffic is not lost when we change a domain name.

  9. Amrish SIngh

    Creating a blog these day have been so easy and it does not mean that your blog will be succeed easily . Concentration and promotion of blog is so important to make is success

  10. Yep you are right people are more interested in creating blog and not in promotion. I think, there they fall. Creating a blog, running a blog, and promoting a blog are three different thing.

  11. You are right many of tech blogs are going to darkness as bloggers lacks on updating their tech blog. So, it is very important to update blog reagularly

  12. Hi Vinayak, nice to read this blog post. I would like to ask you one thing that there are software like IBP will you recommend any of them to use them along with your blog promotion.
    waiting for your reply.

  13. Ajaypratap Sidhu

    There are thousands of tech blogs out there,but this article will help the new bloggers to develop their tech blog in the right manner. Thanks for the post.

  14. He’s right creating and managing a new blog is harder than it looks But if you know what market your blog it won’t be so hard at firs

  15. I’m really get boost for me to make my blog success from this post because my blog is also related to technology

  16. Rakesh Narang

    It’s quite difficult to sustain a tech blog — with Panda trying to kill everything that looks spam.

  17. yeah..I do agree with you.Posting on regular basis is an important factor.Even if you get less traffic in initial stage of your blog,don’t worry about it.It is just about a matter of time.

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