How to Make Your New Tech Blog Success?

Tech blog success
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The technology niche is quite famous in the blog-o-sphere these days. Hundreds of blogs are created on the tech niche everyday. Almost 3/4th of those hundred blogs go into the darkness and a few of them rise up to the extent expected by their owners. This post is written with the failure of many tech blogs in mind and to ensure that the people who are reading this post could rise to the occasion and make success out of their technology based blogs. Three tips are going to be published in this post which will help you to make your tech blog success.

How to create a Tech blog for success:

1. Concentrate only on your tech blog

If you don’t follow this step, your tech blog is ensured to go into the darkness where thousands of other blogs are. If you have any other blog, hire someone or tell some friend to update it regularly because concentrating on two different blogs, with one of them at still in its beginning level is very difficult which leads to the difficulty of management of both the blogs. So, it is the best to concentrate only on your tech blog. You need to manage only your tech blog. Edit the design, coding, widgets, settings, etc. on your blog. Concentrate only on your tech blog and you will see the flourishing results in front of your eyes.

2. Post Regularly

Posting frequently on your blog is one of the most required things when you have a blog. Eespecially, when you create a new blog, posting regularly keeps the blog alive and famous in the blog-o-sphere. Technology is a broad niche and you can get many topics at once by searching the internet and reading technology magazines. Cover those topics regularly and keep posting at your tech blog to keep it alive and that totally works in getting many visits. You can see more profits of posting frequently in this post – How can you post frequently at your blog?

3. Promotion and Marketing

Nobody would know about your blog if it is not promoted and marketed well. A new blog, in the beginning is unknown to anybody. Let me tell you the step-by-step process to actually promote your blog at its inception. You have launched your blog and have published the first post, now publish your blog in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and different social networking sites. The next step is to submit it into search engines.

Those were the three ways I recommend you to gain success from your all-new technology based blog. I hope this post was helpful to you and you would gain success from your new tech blog(If you have any).

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He is a 13 year old boy, who is currently studying in 9th class. He loves blogging. He also likes WWE and Cricket.

34 thoughts on “How to Make Your New Tech Blog Success?”

  1. I have a technical blog which has android tutorials .I have many questions ,Kindly answer them
    1. when do we know our blog is doing well?? how many views per day ?? often should I post ??
    3. I have a free blog on ,I have heard we can hardly earn from free blogs and its better to have your own website .But I can’t manage a website as m working and I don’t have much time .So can a person really earn by free wordpress blogs or its better to have a website ??

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. 1) There is no limit to measure the success. But a good blog can be judged by
      No of comments
      Social share
      Revenue generated
      Quality of ads

      2) Depending upon your availability of time. I would recommend to follow a timely schedule. Even if you can’t post everyday, a good idea is to post in a timely manner. For example: on Monday, Wed, Friday, Sunday. You can also take advantage of post scheduling feature.

      3) There are lots of limitations with blogs, like you can’t use AdSense or other 3rd party ad networks to monetize. You can learn about the differences over here:

      1. Google AdSense is not the only means to make money with your blog. If its on a free platform, u can also make a lot of money. It takes time though. If you have your audience, you can go into affiliate marketing. If your blog is popular, companies meet you to advertise on your blog. Concentrate on making it popular, whether free or paid.

  2. Thanks for the great post . I dint know i was missing many things till i read this post .


  3. I ve a technology blog and I am planning to run advertising campaign on facebook to reach people. Is running ads on fb is fine with google Adsense? or Is it against the Adsense policy?

  4. Hi Harsh,
    Being a adsense publisher of nano type, in my quest for some improvement or doubt clearance, when ever I search on google for solutions, as links of your blog posts are prominently displayed most of the time, so very often I go through your blog posts on diverse related issues. They are good and helpful as ever.
    My first blog was not a tech type but was an early success , now not doing so well as I did not put in consistent efforts in content update and promotion. Second blog was not a blog at all but sort of off repeated experiment in the form of database driven info site with multiple urls. And it is just inching ahead … already so many are there with same contents.

    Again thinking of starting something new, but do not know what… !!

    But when ever I start, i will keep in mind your valuable inputs.

  5. Creating a blog isnt what makes a blog, if one does not have the passion on a niche its difficult writing contents on that niche especially when it comes to technology and I believe persistence is also important in making a blog success

  6. Excellent observation. Everyone wants to be a tech blogger, but not everyone is really willing to put the time and effort that’s required with it. Patience is key here.

  7. Thanks for the whole info. However, the thing that I want to ask is about the 3rd point out there- the promotion. Please tell me, can we use reddit for this purpose? How likely are you to recommend reddit to your users?

    1. @Taha
      Reddit is holygrail of viral traffic. However it would take time to understand & get your article pop on Reddit. Spend some time reading & learning about Reddit traffic & get started. It’s useful.

  8. Hey harsh, As you said its important to be active and two or more authors will help with updates, at least two contents daily.
    I’m running one and i know its hard to get in the first page but my passion is on tech gadgets stick with it
    Thank you for this article

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