How to Link YouTube with your Adsense Account

Last time Vikarm informed you about YouTube partnership program which is a smart ways to make money from home. All you need to do is, create interesting videos, screencasts and upload it on Youtube. Once you have done it, you can use this link and enable monetisation of Youtube on your account.

Enable Youtube Monetization
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I’m very sure many of you must have applied for the same to monetize your upload videos on YouTube. Here I’m sharing how you can link your YouTube account with your AdSense account.

Once YouTube will approve your application, you will get an Email to accept terms and link your AdSense account. If you use Gmail login for YouTube, you can still link any other AdSense account with your YouTube account.

This is the screenshot of the first Email from YouTube after the application is approved:

When you will click on Tutorial Completion and Contract, you will be taken to page where you have to read and click on next. After reading all the terms, you will be taken to Content licensing and VOD agreement page. Accept the policies and on the next page you will be taken to add Adsense login ID, last 5 digit of your phone number and Pin code.

Granting access to YouTube from Google Adsense account:

Login to your Google adsense account and you will see a notification saying, “You have requested to use AdSense on a partner website. In order to earn revenue on their site, you’ll need to grant them access to your AdSense account”.

Click on review account access and grant access to YouTube.

Once you have done all the above mentioned steps, you will get an Email asking you to verify the access of YouTube to your adsense account. Once you approve it, it will take some time before Adsense ads will start displaying on your uploaded YouTube videos.

I hope this tutorial will help all those who are planning to monetize YouTube videos using Adsense. You can connect with me on YouTube @denharsh.

Do let us know if you are using AdSense for YouTube videos or not? Or are you planning to do some video screen cast for your readers in future?

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43 thoughts on “How to Link YouTube with your Adsense Account”

  1. Nikunj Prajapati

    Thanks Harsh

    After a long time created one video tutorial and uploaded on my channel,
    Now it starting earn, Very helpful

  2. Dear Harsh. Is it possible that an already approved google adsense account link with youtube. I also have created a health blog and earning through adsense. But i have still no idea about youtube earning. Will you help me plz. How m i connect with youtube.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have a Adsense account on another email and have a youtube channel on another email, i want link this, is it posible or not

  4. Hii sir I have attached two YouTube account in one Adsense my total earning Shows $40 but estimated earnings always shows $0.. have I forget to do something ? I am very confused please help..

    1. Hey Saurabh,

      Adsense never reflects Youtube estimated earnings. YouTube earnings will be added to your AdSense payments page before the 15th of the month and included in your payment if your total earnings exceed the payment threshold.

  5. Hi harsh..
    I have already approved AdSense which i connect with my website… few day ago i create youtube account.. i apply another new AdSense account… message me you account not now approved bcz your info match with some already approved accout…… and too you are not eligible for multiple AdSense…..please suggest me how i make multiple AdSense.( how i make different account for my youtube channel)

    1. Hey Vishal,

      Please make sure that the account type (individual or business) and payee name are different from your original application, and ensure that you can accept payments to that payee. Also, apply it with different email id.

  6. Hi Harsh,

    Please can you provide where exactly we have to monetise the video on you tube (appreciate if you can provide the link)

    1. Hey Ashish,

      Follow these steps: Sign in to your YouTube account.
      In the top right, select your account icon > Creator Studio.
      In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
      Under “Monetization,” click Enable.

  7. Hello sir,
    I approved my adsense account after that i try to monetize my youtube channel..i followed the steps, i clicked on enable button in monetization tab of youtube, now it say to “set up an adsense account”.
    I click on that link after that it says to “accept association”, i accepted it then i get redirected to youtube channel with the same message to “set up an adsense account”, and my channel shows that monetization is not enabled.

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