How to Customize and Use Facebook Friendlist

Manage Facebook Friendlist
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With the evolution of social media and networking sites, we all know our status updates on Social networking sites matters a lot these days, and we have to be careful before we make any such update, which may create a problem for you in future. Especially when you have people from different part of your life, like college, work, Family, you need to be careful with your updates. Facebook being one of the most popular social networking websites, you can make use of Facebook list feature to keep your updates targeted to the particular section on your friend list.

On my Facebook profile, I have my friends, Family, Web designers, Bloggers added and were a teenager, most of the time my updates are related to life and emotions. At the same time, I don’t want my professional and work friends to know what’s going on my personal life.

I was hoping that Facebook would add an option like Circle in Google+. The next morning when I logged into my Facebook account, I saw that there was an option for list customization. You might have noticed the list option was added to Facebook when it changed its layout in last year. But it was useless because adding or removing users in the list was not a very easy.

Today there is a good change on Facebook that is now it adds a big touch of Google+ circles. Now editing friends and their list is much easier and now for every status, you don’t have to publish it with by manually adding or removing friends. So the status for friends will reach to friends and status for office will reach to the office and many more depending on your Lists.

How to create and add remove people from Facebook list?

You can create, edit and customize your friend list from Edit Friend option which you can find in the drop down menu of Account or simply click here.

Once you have created the lists whenever you are updating a status, you can select the list and your updates will be shown to only those friends, who are part of that list. Here I have shared some screenshots of the new Facebook list feature:

Facebook friend list feature
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Once you have segmented the friends into a list. Next time when you make a status updates, you can target updates to a specific list.

Sharing FB update to a list
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Though this is something directly copied from Google+ but as I am a Facebook addict and spend good amount of time on this popular social networking list, this smart list would be really helpful for me to manage my Facebook profile and keep my status updates

So have you customized your Friend list. How much were you affected before the addition of this Option Were you also waiting for such change in the Facebook?

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  1. There is a drawback of making so much of list. If you will create more and more lists then you will not be able to see the lists many list in the chat availability selection options. It will show some of them but not whole.

    Well, I was going to write this but I took step back because this chat related issue. I hope you should take a look to that. I will wait for your reply 🙂

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