How to Clean and Sanitize Keyboard

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For any used Keyboard, it’s important to clean them and sanitize time-to-time. Here I will share some tips to clean keyboard and later on how to sanitize Keyboards.

Hand washing is the number one prevention to sickness causing germs. However, this is just not enough eespecially when one tends to forget to wash their hands often. For those who own a computer, here’s one way to keep you one step ahead from those bacteria. Being a blogger, you must be working on your computer day and night and obviously you don’t even count how many times you have used Keyboard and mouse. Most of the time, you might find people eating and using their laptop. It might be just one single click on your Keyboard, but guess what you just made a contact with your Keyboard while eating. How many times you have dropped water or any other liquid on your Keyboard? All I’m trying to say is, being a blogger you end up working with your Keyboard and mouse throughout the day and to maintain personal hygiene, this is one of the must have thing that you should keep clean and germ free.

Most people do not know that keyboards are way dirtier than toilet seats. Analysis displays that more bacteria are seen on keyboards. Knowing this, you might want to think things over eespecially if you tend to accord your keyboard and mouse to other people. Maybe it is about time you cleanse and sanitize your keyboard more often. It is likely that might get sick not knowing that you got the bacteria from your keyboard. So get rid of those disease-causing bacteria and start cleaning.

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How to Clean your Keyboard

Here are guidelines that anyone can follow to cleanse sanitize their keyboard. First of all, remove the keyboard from your unit or separate the batteries for those using a wireless keyboard. Then turn it upside down and give it a few quakes.

Run a keyboard vacuum to remove crumbs, dirt and other things found between your keys. Do not use the regular vacuum, which you use to clean the carpets. You might find your keys in the dust bin if you do.

If you have no keyboard vacuum, you can make do with the hair blower. Set it to cool air only and utilize it to blow the dirt away in between the keys. With a lightly damped cloth, wipe all the keys, including the palm rest. Then with a dry cloth, wipe the keys dry.
However, to sanitize the keyboard, use sanitized wipes first. Squeeze out excess liquid from overly damped wipes then wipe the keys. After which, wipe it with the lightly damped cloth then dry the keyboard with a clean dry cloth.
To cleanse and sanitize your mouse, you have to remove the device first from the computer or separate the batteries for those using a wireless mouse. With the use of a sanitized wipes, clean the mouse thoroughly by scrubbing those grime out. Remember to squeeze out excess liquid from the wipes before utilizing it on the mouse. Then wipe it with a lightly damp clean cloth and dry with a dry sterile cloth.

How to Clean your Mouse

To cleanse the scroll on the mouse, just flip it upside down and roll the scroll wheel on the sanitized wipes. To the same on a lightly damped cloth and a clean dry cloth.
It is advised that you be careful when cleaning your keyboard and mouse. Do not spray anything on it or allow any liquid to enter any opening. Any moisture that might find its way inside the circuits of your device can cause it to short circuit the wirings. Some might opt to dismantle their keyboards and mouse to cleanse it. It is highly dissuaded since it may nullify your bond. The above it also applicable to portable computers, just remember to remove it from the power source and separate its batteries. Now get cleaning and say your goodbye to those disease causing microbes. Stay clean and healthy.!

Do share what method do you use to clean your mouse and Keyboard? Do you maintain personal hygiene by cleaning your system every day or you are one lazy ass geek who wait for D-Day to clean your Computer stuff?

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  1. Hi Ritesh , you have provided some excellent tips to keep the keyboard and the mouse clean ! It will surely help our computers to be germ free and of course to keep ourselves healthy .

  2. @PrIyAnGsHu
    Yes. We use a computer/laptop for years but forget to clean it. That’s not good. When we sanitize everything periodically, why not our computers then?

  3. Cleaning your computer once per day is required ,It helps to increase productivity of your computer ..The tips are really great .

  4. @ Amit,
    yes… cleaning is required, but in case of mouse and keyboard, once in a month is fine.

  5. Hello Ritesh,

    Great post. I have laptop and i find it hard to keep it clean. Can you suggest how one can clean laptop keyboard?

  6. really, very useful information given by you.
    can you please tell me how to clean my laptop screen.

  7. Sudarshan Gadhave

    Keeping Keyboard and Mouse clean is very important ….especially for all people working 8-9 hours daily on computers……Nice share Ritesh!

  8. awesome write up. Just read on techspacia about shoutmeloud. then come here . however i am a regular visitor of this site . and I see the ritesh’s post here. thats great. thanks for the post. Nice one

  9. @Eric
    Thats the beauty of linking of blogs. You find a link and go to another blog, just to find out that your fellow bloggers has written a guest post for SML 🙂

  10. Praveen Rajarao

    Cool…bloggers really need to read this due to the extensive use of laptops and computer peripherals. I had one on computer ergonomics a while back.

  11. Yeah, keyboards are probably one of the dirtiest things in the house because they are hard to clean. Right now I have a bad cold and the first thing I will do when its over is clean my keyboard!

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