How Commenting Can Help You to Get 1000 New Readers In Few Days

When you start a new blog, your first goal is to get new readers, more traffic and more subscribers. Of the three, I always suggest that bloggers focus first on getting more subscribers, as they turn into return visitors and increase the trust value of your domain. However, this is not an easy task for a new blog.  In this post, I will share a tip to help you to get more targeted traffic that you can then turn into subscribers with your quality content.

Let’s have a look at how commenting can help you to take your blog to the next level:

The strategy itself is simple. You simply need to spare a half hour a day for commenting.

Select a few major websites in your niche. Make sure the target users are the same as yours’. Keep track of all the feeds using a tool such as FeedDemon, and manage your folders.  (The approach here is to create different folders on your feed reader for different types of blogs that you are targeting to comment on toward the purpose of getting subscribers.)

Again, all of the blogs should be in the same niche. For example, my niche is blogging and technology so that I would create folders for the same niche, and typically my folders will look something like this:

  • Popular blogging blogs
  • Blogging blogs using Top Commentator plugin
  • Blogging blogs using CommentLuv plugin
  • Dofollow blog comments on blogging niche

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Now, commenting on popular blogging blogs will help me to get decent traffic, and if the content on my blog is compelling and interesting, I can expect a fair amount of conversion.

The second and fourth options in the list noted above will give me an SEO advantage, and the backlinks will be high-quality relevant backlinks.  The blog enabled with the CommentLuv plugin will help me to showcase my latest article, giving it more exposure. A good article title will do the trick to getting more CTR.

Now – spend at least 30 minutes a day commenting on these blog updates. Make sure you add value rather than simply making a comment like “Nice! Thank you!” or “Great post!”

If you keep track of blog updates using Twitter, then you might be lucky enough to be the first one to comment. The first commenter will always get more traffic, and thus his comment will be more beneficial.

Suppose you’re the first one to comment on a post published at, and the first day you get ten hits from the pro blogger, and the next day it goes down to five, and gradually decreases from there. It will still continue giving traffic once in a while.

Now suppose you make ten such comments in a day. Let’s do the simple calculations for that one day.

Out of ten comments you’ve written, let’s say six work for you (worst case scenario).

  • The first day you will be getting 6*10= 60 visitors
  • The 2nd day you will be getting 4*10 = 40 visitors.

So you’re getting 100 visitors within two days from your niche sites.

Now show them the best of your content, (the best way to do this is by using this landing page strategy).

So – even if you are successfully converting 50% of these visitors into your loyal visitors, you will be getting 50 RSS subscribers within a day!

Worst case scenario, if you are a new blogger without much content, and you manage to grab 5 RSS subscribers with this strategy, isn’t that better than spending an hour writing content?

Here is a testimonial from one reader who got a lot of traffic and many new email subscribers by simply adding a meaningful comment here at ShoutMeLoud:

Feed subscriber via commenting
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Focusing on the following additional factors may be helpful to you as well:

Do you have any particular strategies that you like to use to increase the number of feed subscribers to your blog?  Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

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Feed subscriber via commenting
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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

55 thoughts on “How Commenting Can Help You to Get 1000 New Readers In Few Days”

  1. Great informative post. I have been struggling to work out how to get subscribers so will give this a try. Any traffic is good traffic for me 😉

  2. Yesterday first time I saw your blog and gave comment on article ” understanding do follow or no follow ” , although in that article you have written that comment on site which close to your niche, but your site is not close anywhere from my site but I cant not stop commenting on your blog bcoz its so informative for me. Thanks again!!

  3. Nice one. I went wrong with this strategy. I get the realization that I got pretty wrong with subscriber strategy, I was followed the commenting strategy without focusing on my blogs niche which harmed me and didn’t increased the subscribers.

  4. Shailendra Singh Bais

    Wow. Harsh, a very good say. I will surely follow it. After all commenting is part of SEO. And, one more thing One should keep adding new blogs to their list of blogs. Commenting on same blogs will also a waste of time, what u say? I keep commenting on blogs like Devil’s Work… & some other. In due course, I have came in contact with them personally. And, we are good friends at Fb. Aditya Kane wakes up early morning, for his work.

  5. hello, i started a website. & i read many of your articles, but i am not getting clearly what commenting is. r you talking abouts the comming which i am doing now on your blog or something else. ???

  6. Hi Harsh,
    I have been following the blog commenting strategy for last some time and it is helping out too. But the number of visitors that I derive on my blog through it are still not satisfactory. Can you suggest me something that can help it?

  7. Hi Harsh, this is indeed nice post and one good to give a try. But I would like to state here that in as much as blog commenting is one of the bed rock of profitable blog, is not a better strategy for driving “Massive” blog traffic.

    And according to your post title, “getting 1000 subscribers through blog commenting”, I think this would be a doubting task. Lets assume to get 1000 subscribers, you’ll need about 5000 unique human visitors, that is out of every 5, you get 1 subscriber. 5,000 unique human visitors through blog commenting?

    A blogger will have to spend is whole week leaving comments on blogs if not months. Why not put that same time on more positive actionable task like guest posting, engage on social bookmarking sites like Digi, StumbleUpon, expose your content to Blog engage community, Bizsugar etc.

    Just my opinion. Have a nice day.

    1. I really did enjoy this article, but Shamsudeen you have me curious about those sites. I’ve heard of stumbleupon but not the others.

  8. Hi Harsh,

    Nice Post and this is one of my favorite post on your blog. This post make me to learn how to professionally work on blog comments. Thanks.


  9. Hi Harsh,
    Thats an inspiring post. And that calculation was cool. Now I get to know the value of commenting. But can you tell me, how many blogs will be enough to comment on? As I am a student, i don’t get time to comment on many blogs and that to daily.

  10. While some say blog commenting is not worth it anymore, your articles give me new insight and I’m convinced this is the right thing to do. Refers to your other article, what’s good is to make connection between bloggers. Not just only to gain traffic or for SEO sake.

  11. Digvijay singh kashyap

    It consumes a lot of time..need little practice and patience for doing blog commenting but once your comment is published it gives you a lot of happiness and again you start doing it frequently.

  12. Borislav Jordanov

    I like how your blog is very well connected between posts, I am trying to manage to do this for my own also. Nice inspiration, you just earned a subscriber. =)

  13. Do you think it works this way even now? As per the latest Google algorithms, it isn’t a good idea to do blog commenting, especially on daily basis. It can block/spam your website too. And getting penalized by Google is heartbreaking.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      He CasanV,

      Unless and until you are adding value to already written post, it’s fine. By just adding links to your websites, posts or by writing comments which are of no use is harmful to your blog.

  14. Terinah DoBa (@ChaiiChi1)

    Hello Harsh. As you may notice, I’ve been commenting on ShoutMeLoud for three consecutive days now. Your blog is one of my favorites because I’ve been learning a lot. Now that I just launched a new blog, expect more comments from me :)))))

    Thank you for all the tips by the way.

  15. Harsh dear, i am 100% agree with you because commenting is the only way which can improve domain authority and page authority of a blog but i think commenting dont generate 10 or 50 visitors on per day, basically it depends on other blog authority level . i have got lots of knowledge here and wonderful ideas

  16. Hello Harsh

    I am new blogging and want to increase traffic to my blog . As per this blog if I comment on different blogs it will increase traffic to my blog. For this to be happened do I need to add my blog link. Please help me….

  17. Hello Harsh,

    I am a newbie blogger and really want to applaud for your efforts .. Your domain is useful . I read so many articles, but this one is very useful for me as looking for traffic drive for my blog

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