Guest Posting for Backlinks: Is it Worth Asking?

It’s been a long time since Shoutmeloud is open for Guest bloggers and also allows adsense revenue sharing. I have made the process simple, where users can simply login and submit their post for review. Obviously there are certain standards that every guest blogger should follow, like Original articles, Proper credits, Images, Formatting and relevant article according to blog.

Guest Posting for Backlinks
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I often receive Emails from people asking me they would like to write articles for free and in return they need one or two backlinks for free. At certain moments such Emails make me lose my mind, because the day I turned Shoutmeloud into multi-author WordPress blog, the reason was to treat it like a community blog. Where any one can step in, and write articles related to WordPress, blogging, Make money online, SEO and so on.

Obviously there are benefits of Guest articles like you get backlinks, traffic and most important exposure.

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Why you should not ask other bloggers for Backlinks via Guest post?

Every one likes quality articles, but when you Email any blogger for writing guest post just because for backlinks, chances are high he or she will deny your request. At least that’s what I do. I like the guest post which is written to share knowledge and for exposure. It doesn’t meant I don’t like giving backlinks. Read further for more information on this:

So guest blogging for backlinks is a myth?

No it’s not true, most bloggers who allow guest blogging add one or two backlinks at the starting or end of the article. Adding a small author bio is a good way to expose guest author. At Shoutmeloud I add one link at the top of the post because it’s more visible and give more weight-age for search engine ranking. And Also one link from author bio.

What’s the right way?

Most of the blogs which allow guest posting, already have a dedicated page for do’s and don’ts for guest blogging, and most of them already mentioned about backlinks and other details which you need to write a killer guest post. I suggest go through it and start guest posting for blogs.

No doubt, guest posting is always very useful and I  write often for many popular blogs to gain more exposure and  traffic.

Do let us know why do you write guest post? For backlinks? Traffic? or Exposure?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

20 thoughts on “Guest Posting for Backlinks: Is it Worth Asking?”

  1. Basant | Techno-Pulse

    Agree. The primary objective should be ‘knowledge sharing’ & not the link. A quality post will naturally attract backlinks with passage of time. I’ve written posts on my blogging experience viz. AdSense in some popular blogs & eZines. Also, I basically write on cloud computing, So it was not feasible for me to write those general money-making articles in my blog.

    1. That’s true..Basant…What I like the most about guest blogging concept that if you have something to write abt and doesn’t fit your niche, you can always post it on many other blog which allow guest posting…..
      More over many webmasters are generous enough to give one dofollow backlink..!!

  2. I started doing guest posts for several blog even before I actually had a properly running site so the backlinks where practically useless for me at the time. I usually did it because I liked to blog about things I knew and if it was actually read by people – even better. Now, that I have a site running, it leaves me little time to do guest posts.

    However, I still do post as and when I can. The backlinks and the revenue(which is usually insignificantly small) is just a bonus πŸ˜€

  3. Even though I guest post for all three reasons, I also guest post to see how readers will respond to articles on same topics on different blogs.

  4. i think majority of the bloggers write guest posts for traffic and back links….and it is not wrong at all

    1. I agree, a guest post is also about helping a blogger out, to give fresh content. It is a double sided coin.

      A majority of bloggers don’t like giving a quality link back, so that place restrictions of where the link should go. A guest post of 500 words, may take an hour to write, so writing content is a good way of creating your links within the content, so it looks more natural.

      Some bloggers use a nofollow link, which isn’t really fair. Considering you’ve spend time generating content for their readers and their blog.

      A majority of the time – I think it’s the blog host that benefits, if you’ve got a strong audience, it can be difficult for a blogger to get traffic from their blog. Some blog readers don’t like change.

  5. exactly. That was what I always exactly tell people. Backlinks are mostly just peripheral. The real goal of guest posting is to acquire new readers and spread out the brand out there in the blogosphere..

    thanks for putting me as an example.. πŸ˜‰

  6. Rakesh Narang

    I agree, sometimes people write only for the backlinks and their article may not contain proper information.

    1. Karla Campos Lopez

      This is very true, guest posting should be mutually beneficial. The writer receives backlinks and targeted traffic while the site owner gets quality content for their site. If you submit an article that is of bad quality or contains improper information it is a misuse of time for both parties.

  7. You are giving them free content, It is worth asking them. Also, if i put guest posting surely, it will be one of the best.

  8. Amandeep Singh

    In my view, traffic and exposure remain on the top list for me… Backlinks, if allowed add to the benefit. Anyways, you are getting targetted traffic on your niche blog…

  9. Hey Harsh, I have added the author Bio on the top of the article/post and followed your advice! it’s even effecting Google SERPS and parts of Bios are showing on the search results!

    I believe that guest blogging will give more than just one or two backlinks, it’s more about exposure, gaining more readers from other blogging communities, and a couple of links on the go!

    I also read somewhere from someone complaining that he didn’t get a noticeable traffic from posting on my blog! I just want to say this depends mostly on the quality of the written article! so if someone didn’t get traffic is because the blog readers just didn’t like it that much to promote it!

    Readers are so very sensitive to any article they read, I can feel it on my blog!

    Do anyone feel readers reaction to particular blog post?!

  10. guest posting is great but i don’t think it wise to ask the blog owner about only back links ,.it gives the impression that it is all you want from the guest post.guest posting is not all about back links…

  11. I think in the end we all post either because we like the information on the blog or for traffic and backlinks and as long as we are on message that is okay

    I can never understand why people post on a blog with what is purely an advert with no attempt to follow the theme of the post and yet we all get them

  12. According to google’s Matt cuts video it is restricted to sell text link from your site. So guest posting is the best way to get back-link and traffic.

  13. Thanks for the info man! I’m gonna try to get more backlinks for my site because its almost PR time!!

  14. Hey Harsh,

    As long as the quality of the content is good and the guest blogger has limited no of links in the post i would think it as a good idea. However the reason why we keep coming back to ShoutMeloud is cause of the quality of the content.

    It has always been rewarding to read a post by you ; it is informative , simple to read and provides a slow and steady of information instead of the whole lot.

    Keep up the good stuff mate.



  15. Tushar Hossain

    Thank you for sharing your own thoughts.. I saw some people offer guest post with a permanent backlink on pr8 website(their own site). Is it good if I pay someone to post on their website with my backlink ?? How powerful/useful will it be? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Tushar,

      It depends. if it is an authority site, you can always pay to get backlinks. It will definitely help you to get more traffic.

  16. To be very true I like to guest post for exposure. It really helps you out to make your blog, website and even yourself a recognizable identity in your domain. Also by writing guest posts, it helps me to enhance my knowledge and to share the knowledge I have. So, for me, guest posting or writing guest posts work as a learning experience.

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