“Follow Instructions” to Get More Guest Posts Published (With Real Examples)

Get Guest posts PublishedI do a lot of guest posting. In December, I had over 10 posts published across various marketing / business blogs. This number isn’t as aggressive as some bloggers, but I view the number as strong considering the strict requirements of blogs I was published on. Many of my guests posting opportunities were discovered using this post on FirePoleMarketing.com, but others were discovered by searching for guest post opportunities on Google.

If I had just two words of advice to give to bloggers that want to be featured on the biggest blogs on the internet, they would be to “Follow Instructions.” I don’t intend to sound snarky here, but following a blog’s submission guidelines to the letter and combine that with a strong piece of content the odds your content will get published is high. This is simple advice, but it’s been very effective based on my experience.

Every Blog is Different, Treat Them Differently

One reason you’ll need to follow instructions is that every blog has their own unique set of editorial guidelines. Reading the “Write for Us” page on a blog is the best place to find the unique elements required to write a post if there is one present on the website. The presence of this page tells me that the blog accepts content and spells out the exact type of content the blog requires for publication. This is the ideal situation for me as a contributor. No guess work.

Another way to understand what kind of guest posts is accepted by a blog is by going through recently accepted guest posts. Once you understand what kind of content a blog owner is looking for, this will make your work easier, and you will increase the chance of seeing your guest post published on the blog. For example, here is an archive of guest posts published at ShoutMeLoud.

The Difference between Solo Blogs and Corporate Blogs

Over the past 10 years, blogs have transformed from something considered to be a hobby (think diary writing 2.0) into big business. Today, it’s not uncommon for a blog to be owned by large corporations with a full-time editorial and writing staff to support on-going content creation. Typically, there are different submission instructions to get featured on each type of blog. It’s important to understand the differences in the requirements of these blogs if you want to get maximum exposure for your website.

Corporate Blog:

One of the website’s I was published on near the end of December was SiteProNews.com. You can read the article here. SiteProNews.com is part of a company called Jayde Online Network that owns numerous websites dedicated to technology / webmasters. To get published on this website I was required to fill out an online form and work out the details of the post with a full-time editor for the website. This is very different from what you can expect when submitting a guest post to a solo run blog.

Solo Blogs:

When most people think of blogs this is what folks usually think of: one blogger running the show, generating content, responding to emails, setting up the posting schedule… everything.

One such solo blog I recently contributed to is called DailyBlogTips.com, owned and operated by entrepreneur Daniel Scocco. To get a post published on Scocco’s blog the process was very different and not surprisingly less formal. I simply emailed him directly with my guest post. No editorial staff to work through or other type of standardized form was required. He read the article, it was quickly approved and published to the website.

In summary, if you want to get your guest posts published across a lot of blogs one of the most effective pieces of advice I can give you is to simply follow instructions, recognize that all blogs are different, and produce a strong piece of content. Stick to this formula and you’ll get results.

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5 thoughts on ““Follow Instructions” to Get More Guest Posts Published (With Real Examples)”

  1. Frustration sets in at times when you submit guest post and its been rejected,it not only lower your morale,its makes you look as if youre not the type of blogger you should,thanks 500adayy for this post,seems i will have to go through the write for us guidelines before submiting any article

  2. Well thats a nice article. Need to work more on guest posting 😉
    Thanks for the information 😀

  3. Excellent and informative post! Well yes, every blog has their own unique guidelines, thus reading the “write for us” page on a blog is the best place to get clear instructions for submitting a guest post and also going through recent guest posts is also a good idea. Nicely explained about corporate and solo blogs. Thanks for sharing and tweeted 🙂

  4. Good blog post. It upset’s me when someone contacts me and ask if I accept guest blog posts. OMG, I have a page dedicated to this like shoutmeloud does. I mention guest blog posting in my byline on my own blog posts linking to my guest blog post page.

    Since last month, I do not reply to those emails. I have listed my guidelines and how to register on my guest blog post page. Don’t get me wrong, I do answer some emails about guest blog posting because what was asked is not mentioned on my page. People just can’t follow directions and some of these people call them selves SEO experts and do this for a living.

    Any freelance writer or blog owner knows to look for a write for us page or guest blog post page before emailing the owner. If there is no page at all on the blog then yes contact the owner and make a offer. Don’t email the blog owner when there is clearly a page for GUEST BLOG POSTS and more then 1 link linking to it on the blog itself.

    I’m starting to feel a big rant coming on but going to step away from the laptop.

  5. Great and informative,
    Yes Its True that every blog has their own unique guidelines, thus reading the write for us page on a blog is the best place to get clear instructions for submitting a guest post.
    thank you for sharing good topic as usual.

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