How to Keep Your Content Fresh and Trendy Like a Top Blogger.

Too many bloggers are missing the point.

They are forgetting the best reason for having a blog is to create a venue for discussion.

I should know something about blogs I read so many every day it’s crazy.



  1. Clowns who make amazing claims with their titanium platinum get rich schemes scams.
  2. Honest bloggers in the “middle” trying to figure this whole thing out.
  3. Top bloggers who create real online businesses that provide for their family.

All bloggers fall in one of these three categories.
If you read enough blogs eventually you’ll start noticing some very interesting similarities.  The highest rated blogs at the top are there for a reason.  

In order to prove my research I tested the techniques that I knew multiple top bloggers were using.  If it worked, I integrated it into my online business plan, I recommend you do the same.  The point of this article is what I learned about creating content.

How to generate fresh content and become like a Top Blogger:

1. – Google Trends – Explore Trends Console

No, I’m not talking about just checking Google trends which is somewhat useful.  I’m giving you a much more advanced technique than that.  It’s so good that it’s kinda tricky to even find.  I hope Google doesn’t take this down like Yahoo did with their site explorer but that’s another issue.

In order to find the Google Trends Explore Trends Console click this link or Google it.

Once you get there here’s the important steps:

  1. In the “Limit to” area select the TYPE of search, REGION, and CATEGORY based on your niche .
  2. Set the TIMING to “Past 7 Days”
  3. Look in the “Related terms” section and take a note for the keywords in the “Top” and “Rising” columns:

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  1. Understand the “Rising” search terms marked “Breakout” like the keyword “jodie foster” above are growing at an exponential rate.
  2. Start writing an article that uses a “Rising” and/or “Top” keyword in the title.  Use humor, creativity, controversy, and your personality to tie this in with your niche.


Ok, ok, I know, I get it, everybody already knows how to check the trending topics on twitter.  That’s not what I’m going to tell you to do here, that’s obvious. What you want to do is compare what is trending from a worldwide to a regional point of view.  This will help you better target your niche audience and save you money in your marketing budget.

If your territory is Atlanta then what’s trending in India isn’t as important to your Atlanta followers and vice versa.

How to evaluate Twitter trends to keep your content fresh:

  1.  Set your trends location to WORLDWIDE.  Right next to “COUNTRY NAME” Trends you’ll see a link “CHANGE” click this link and set your location to worldwide.  Now you will notice the trending topics change.  Take a note of these new trending keywords.
  2. Set your trends location to your primary marketing territory.  Yes, you need to identify your primary territory.  Remember, it’s act local think global.  Once you select your region you’ll notice the trending topics change.  Take note of these new trending keywords.

Twitter trends
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  1. Understand the similarities and differences in your primary marketing territory and the worldwide scene.   Are there any worldwide trends that started from your region?  Are there any regional trends that are not trending worldwide?
  2. Use the trending topics as inspiration to finalize your article.  Review the topics that are trending quickly and publish your article.  Remember, these trending topics change frequently, if you want the maximum effect you need to publish your article while the topic is still trending.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Fresh Trendy content:


  1. Try any form of copy and paste article spinning bull crap.  These tricks won’t work long term so don’t waste your time, do it right the first time.
  2. Over do it. Don’t spam the keywords all over your articles thinking that this will help you get more SEO traffic.  It might trigger an attack by one of those Google animals like Panda and Penguin. Keep it natural.
  3. Forget about your niche.  Just because you’re basically #HashTagHiJacking don’t forget the point is to connect with your niche.  Be clever but don’t forget the point or your audience will too. BIG MISTAKE.
  4. Waste too much time on Google+ and Twitter.  Move fast like a ninja.  You need to get in and get out in order to finish your article while the keyword is still trending.
  5. Write too long an article.  Keep your article short and sweet (not long like this one lol).  This will increase your chances of getting it published while the topic is still trending.  Remember, when in doubt, K.I.S.S.  keep it short, sweet — 400 words is  plenty.


  1. Use this technique to generate articles frequently and consistently.  Whatever your schedule just keep it consistent, this will resonate with the search engines AND your audience.
  2. Focus on traffic first, social media shares second, and SEO last.  Creating fresh trendy content is much more fun than building back links but it has the same effect.  High quality articles that get shared on social media are like back links on steroids or whatever Sammy Sosa was using. As time passes you’ll see your search traffic increase.
  3. Have fun with controversial topics.  When politicians and celebrities do something stupid take advantage and have fun with it.  If you do it right you’ll notice a bump in traffic on these days.  Before long people will start re-sharing your articles and linking to you.

Now it’s over to you.

Have you identified your primary marketing territory yet?  How do you plan on keeping your content fresh and trendy like an all pro A rate blogger?

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Darnell Jackson is the creator of Your Online Business Resource. He often says, "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 he also started which has redefined how to get qualified for a CDL without going to expensive trucking school. Darnell also created the #IBCT International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis.

6 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Content Fresh and Trendy Like a Top Blogger.”

  1. Chimezirim Odimba

    I like the point you made here: “Be clever but don’t forget the point or your audience will too”

    Some times saying things in a very simple way keeps them memorable. It all goes with the niche you are in, anyway. That’s why paying attention to what makes your niche tick is very important.

    Great post!

    1. Jatin Singhroha

      I also agree and like the point “Be clever but don’t forget the point or your audience will too”. Twitter and Facebook can really help bloggers to keep their content fresh and let the audience not to forget the same.

      1. Darnell Jackson

        Thanks for reading Jatin,

        I haven’t done very much on facebook it’s really not my fav.

        I spend most of my social media time on Google+ and Twitter don’t forget to follow me.

  2. Darnell Jackson

    Thanks for reading Chimezirim,

    Excellent point.

    The idea is to further your reputation as an expert in your niche by using trending topics to make interesting points.

    Everything is Infotainment these days why not take advantage and have fun?

  3. I never thought about using Google Trends! My blog has recently just started doubling view counts per day and gaining more comments per day; I’ve just run out of stuff to right about. I Google trends can help me find topics that people will find interesting so they will keep coming to my blog, thanks for the tip!

  4. Thanks for your good information.
    Twitter and Facebook can really help bloggers to keep their content fresh and let the audience not to forget the same.

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