What am I doing wrong: Letter of a Frustrated Blogger to himself


Why am I not getting any traffic?

Why am I not earning even a penny a day?

What mistakes am I making?

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Like thousand others bloggers, I’m striving for the same answer. Sometimes it’s so frustrating that I feel like quitting. Sometimes I wonder is it really what I want to do. Is it what really I am intended to do? Do I like doing what I do?

Meanwhile, I started reading books, watched inspirational success stories, looked for the answers in TEDx talks. I literally started hunting how to get success. After reading some inspirational books or watching an inspirational video, I get inspired like hell. Here is one such video:


It seems all easy then. At first I stay full of sparks. Ideas keep exploding in my head. The next day it slows down a bit. Things get a little calm, and I’m like – Okay enough of the videos, let’s do some real work now. I take out the laptop, sit down and look for a topic to write on.

After choosing a random topic, I started writing. Sometimes the article gets finished and sometimes they don’t. However, the next day, things get below saturation. I have no intentions to write. Yet, I opened my computer, open Google and looked for a topic. Few minutes later, I don’t know where I’m lost. Sometimes I even end up in YouPorn, searching for you know what.

 Anyway, the thing is I feel too lazy to open the text editor and start typing.

Was I procrastinating? I was not even sure about that.

I believe I’m not the only one who faced such situation. You must have been into the similar situation. Haven’t you? And let me tell you, you & I are not alone in this, thousands if not million; bloggers face the same situation daily. But it really wasn’t this bad at the beginning.

When I started my blog, it was a mere post-exam-pass-time experiment. Unsure of what am I doing I kept on doing. I had a keen interest in computer-mobile-tech-tricks kind of stuff. Anything related to technology used to interest me. So whatever I kept posting whatever I knew, though in my semi-broken English.

Anyway, as far as I can remember, I started taking blogging seriously after reading Harsh Agarwal and Amit Agarwal’s success stories. My blogging journey began since then. After that, I started learning about other geeky things related to blogging, like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, etc.

In that period, I used to write a lot. I had a diary where I used to track the numbers of posts I published in my blog. It was all fun then. I never bothered about the traffic. Though I obviously wanted to increase the traffic, but it was never the kind of big deal.

I remember crafting my most popular post on my blog. I knew almost nothing about Search Engine Optimization except, adding alt tags to images and making the URLs descriptive-with-keywords. Keyword research was an alien language to me. I’ve never even heard about that. Anyway, it was the festive season. The best thing about India is the festivals in here.

Durga Puja blogger
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That day, it was Durga Puja, one of the greatest festivals, here in India. In that particular day, I used to spend all my time in my Cousin’s house. It was morning, and I was all prepared to leave. Then mom asked me to wait as she would be going with me. I knew, mom won’t be ready anytime soon. In this only situation, all females are predictable. As a matter of fact, girls waste 3276 hours of their lifespan grooming and getting ready. None of our concern, though.

Anyway, so now I had close to an hour of time to kill. I thought, why not write a post. I started looking for a topic, and there it was the most popular title of this blog – How to hide any folders or files in android without any third party apps? It was the most-non-cared-badly-written or literally the worst article I’ve ever written. I just knew how to do it, so I wrote it as it is with a wicked sense of humor. I finished it, checked for spelling mistakes and published it. Mom was ready, so I shut my computer down and left. I never looked back at the article, never bothered to share it nowhere.

After the puja, it was exam time. So my old semi-broken desktop was in deep sleep for a long period. Exams went terribly bad, and I was sure I’m going to fail in math. However, I was happy that exams were over. I brought my desktop out of the hibernation and opened my blog. Boom! The stats I saw were beyond my imaginations. I received more than 1000 visitors in last 24 hours!

For a blogger who gets no more than 13-14 visitors a day, my situation was nothing less than this:

Dancing with ecstasy
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It was a hell more exciting than topping the exams! When I looked into the details of the stats. I saw that the most-non-cared-badly-written post was topping the search engine. Without wasting a minute, I opened Google and did a quick search with the phrase – “Hide Android files without apps”. There it was, at the top flying like a hero. Now, I’m not too emotional kind of a person, but yes it was something that bring tears off your eyes.

I shortened the phrase a bit – “Hide Android files”. Same result. It ranked top, beating all the big players of the game. It was more special because I didn’t have a domain. It was a .blogspot.com blog then.

After that magic moment, I wrote several posts in the next two months. All of them were performing well, not as good as the previous one, but good. I didn’t know a hell about search engine optimization or anything & guess what I hardly cared.

wh cares
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I realized I was stopping myself from writing or publishing because I wanted to write the best post. A post that should be appreciated by everyone & shared by all. I know I’m little young here at ShoutMeLoud to advice, but take it from me: Perfection is a myth. You can’t be better until you make mistakes, somebody point out your mistakes, or you realize it yourself & then things will get better & better. But perfect? You are your perfection at this time.

Yah! I said it & It is the only reason most of the bloggers like me & you end up not writing, waiting for that moment to write or keep browsing internet without doing anything concrete. I know that feeling when we search all of the internet to learn every tips & trick of blogging to be another great blogger, but hey that’s not how things work. Always remember:

Glory in practice
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When I get over with the feeling that the whole world is watching me & I can write in anyway as long as it’s meaningful & helpful, things changed. It changed so much that I realize intent is more important than words & this is why I landed here today in front of you.I waited keenly for the next opportunity to publish the next post on my blog. And now I avoid the opportunities on the basis of some silly excuses.

That particular period was the golden period for my blog. After that, I was not yet able to bring that traffic back. Gradually I went into a breakeven point, fully into a saturated state. No matter what I did, the traffic never went up. It was all stuck in between 900 -1100. And I’m still stuck in there.

Meanwhile, I applied for AdSense. I was yet not using the custom domain name with my BlogSpot blog. I knew I was going to get rejected. Still, looking for a miracle I hit the apply button. The next day I received a mail from AdSense that I was rejected. Known conclusion.

Adsense rejected me
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Many blogs are making huge money from AdSense. Not to mention that my dream blogger, Harsh Agrawal is on that list too. More than that, we human are hard wired for not accepting the rejection. So it’s become my immediate  goal to get an approved AdSense account. Another reason for getting AdSense account may be the money,

Anyway a few days later, I managed to buy a domain name, used this tutorial to set a custom domain for my BlogSpot blog. Posted lot of articles whenever I got time. Changed the theme to something professional and groomed the blog a bit. Hit the apply button, again. Went to sleep. Two days later they sent me a mail that my blog has been accepted. I had no words to express my happiness.

Adsense dancing
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The thing that I had dreamt of had come true. I never knew what was next. However, I was all excited about it and why not, I was about to get rich of my own!

Probably this is one of the biggest mistakes bloggers like me make. After spending thirty days and nights with AdSense, Google slapped a harsh truth on my face. After a month, I was making just $0.0 to $0.05 a day! That’s like, $1 – $2 a month. That’s not even good enough to buy a gift from my first income for my mom.

I was fully broken. All my dreams, everything that I’ve imagined was shattering down. I didn’t know what to do. I decided to do hell with AdSense & focused on writing & true sense of blogging. Back in my head I definitely wanted to see more AdSense income, but I was like let me focus on what really mattered the most for me.

While gawking around Google, I heard of someone named Sandeep Maheswari, a successful Entrepreneur from India. He arranges motivational Seminars and posts those videos in YouTube. I started watching his videos and got inspired from his words. To sum up whatever he says in his seminars – “It easy, just don’t quit”. All his experiences, failures, success stories, whatever he told in his seminars, totally shook me up.

I read the above quote from somewhere. And it stuck me. I wasn’t failing!! I never failed! And that appeared to be the biggest failure of me.

This morning when I woke up, a huge brainstorm was devastating inside my head. I don’t know what it was. I couldn’t concentrate in anything. Then it came to me, why not just sum up what’s going on and type it down. And here it is.

This is not my problem; this is what all newbies blogger face. They start up with sparks. But the sparks don’t fly long.

Though the videos kept me inspired for a few days, the block returned soon. I was same old lazy tortoise looking for excuses not to write. The spark is dead. The same spark that made me posts a viral article in a spare time of one hour. The same spark that took the blog from 10 to 1000 visitors a day. It isn’t alive anymore.

Is it dead forever? Can’t it be brought back to life? Can I love writing, like the same old time? Well, nothing’s impossible. Let’s start another endeavor pulling our best to push it a bit further. Let’s together, all of us, who’re stuck in the same traffic, make the impossible possible.

I’ve made a quick list of things that I’m going to do. I don’t care if I fail. I don’t have anything to lose.

  1. Forget Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Forget Social Media Marketing.
  3. Forget link building.
  4. Forget keyword targeting.
  5. Start reading. A lot. And if possible, prefer paperbacks in your diet. E-books are not that sexy.
  6. Start writing, like, actual writing, using paper and pen. Researchers say freehand writing increases imagination power and cures creative blocks. Write whatever comes to your mind, starting from how you love your crush to how a tuna-fish-salad is cooked. Just ink it down.
  7. Write one post a day.
  8. Write because you love to write, not because you have to write.
  9. Write what you love to write, not what you have to write.

A long list, you might say. The cure of a big-old disease always needs a large list of medicines. Quick tip, just tear out a piece of paper, write it down and stick it to the wall.

There is fame; there is money. And then there is time. It’ll take away everything from you. Everything. Everything you earned, everything you have worked hard for. But there’s one thing, even time can’t take away from you. It’s the present. The moment you’re living is the greatest treasure of your life. So live it. Forget the past, forget the future, just live it now.

present is the gift
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Read. Read. Read. Write.

This frustrated letter is contributed by Niladri. Want to contribute something for ShoutMeLoud bloggers community? read our submission guidelines.

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letter of a frustrated blogger to himself
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Just another frustrated blogger, standing at the verge of quitting, trying to stand up again.

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  1. well I know I’m commenting on a very old post but I had to, because boy its true its very frustrating, well you only claim yourself as a frustrated blogger, good to let you know I’m not only a frustrated blogger but also a huge frustrated youtubeer, sometimes I think people don’t read and watch my content because they don’t like me, god knows…anyways I have a huge thesis on my depressing life stories…lol don’t wanna waste your time, btw you write really well, keep it up 🙂

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