7 Best Genesis child themes for Blogs & Businesses (2020)

Genesis is one of the most reputed & used WordPress theme frameworks. The use of Genesis is considerably higher than any other theme framework. This is a clear indication that a majority of WordPress users are using the Genesis theme.

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To use the Genesis framework, you need to purchase a child theme. And most Genesis child themes are priced between $40 – $100. If you are only starting your blog, this might be a bit expensive for you.

Luckily, there are also a few free Genesis child themes available too. While they certainly don’t have the performance or elegance of the premium ones, you can still begin with a free one and later upgrade to a premium theme.

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In today’s post, I will introduce you to the best premium and free child themes for Genesis.

Take a close look at them, and by the time you finish reading this post, you will have a list of several Genesis child themes, to begin with.

Best Genesis Child Themes & Skins: 2020

1. Fun

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As the name suggests, this Genesis child theme offers fun and easy ways to customize your website by configuring the personalization options. The fully WooCommerce supported theme lets you create gorgeous online shops within a few minutes.

Along with the online shop, Fun is also provided with lots of relevant options for using it as a blogging theme. What’s more, you can conveniently use the theme to power both your online store and the blog at the same time.

Fun is provided with six different page layouts. If you want, you can add custom widgets before or after the post content. You will also find the pre-styled popular posts section very useful. This child theme has a price tag of $59.99 only.

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2. Agency Pro

Agency Pro
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The list will not be complete if we don’t include at least one child theme developed by StudioPress, the creator of the Genesis framework itself. Therefore, meet present Agency Pro, a professionally designed Genesis child theme.

The smart, modern look of the Agency Pro theme has made it a perfect choice for creating any business or corporate website. If you don’t like the default design, you can easily choose from the six readymade layouts or five color styles.

Additionally, you can also choose a custom background image. Last but not the least, you can control all the design related options from the themes options panel. For $99.95, you can purchase the child theme and the Genesis framework.

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3. One Pager

One Pager
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This beautiful one-page child theme is designed by veteran Genesis expert Sridhar Katakam. Featuring simple parallax animations, the theme has dedicated widgets for the welcome, contact and about sections. The portfolio images are provided with an attractive lightbox effect. It is also possible to disable the parallax and lightbox effects for the mobile visitors.

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4. AyoShop

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Looking for a free e-commerce child theme for Genesis? You will hardly find a better choice than AyoShop. This beautifully designed child theme is perfect for creating any online shops and e-commerce sites. Along with full WooCommerce integration, the theme also comes with a responsive layout, unlimited color choice, and complete online documentation.

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5. Fremedy

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Fremedy is an excellent Genesis child theme from Themedy. The free theme is provided with a landing page template and a dedicated layout for the blog section. You can show off some of your best works by using the portfolio custom post type. It is also possible to show a slideshow of the selected posts on the front page.

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6. Djazz

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Djazz is an elegantly designed Genesis child theme from Zigzagpress. By using a simple layout and large images, the child theme is perfect for creating for personal or company blog sites. While the sidebar is not visible at the first glance, you can easily open the sidebar by clicking the big ‘+’ button.

The widgets of the sidebar could be customized from the theme customizer. Besides the regular options, the theme customizer also lets you choose a custom background color or background image, change the font family, font size and provide custom CSS.

The SEO optimized Genesis child theme could be used in unlimited sites. And the theme works perfectly in most modern browsers. You can get the theme for $49.

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7. Splash

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Featuring an excellent layout for the maximum lead generation, Splash is a great Genesis child theme from Themedy. By using the theme, you can display the subscription from and links to various social media platforms in the header of your website.

You can easily customize various design aspects like the font family, font size, color, etc. from the beginner-friendly theme options section. The attractive layout of the theme looks great in both mobile and tablet devices.

Splash lets you customize your blog posts for maximum engagement with your visitors. Besides the floating shares and comments bar, you can also place the subscription banner after the post content too.

To get this child theme, you need to purchase a membership plan from Themedy. Priced at $67 per year, the plan includes access to all new and existing themes and unlimited support.

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Final Thoughts: 

So, these were my picks for the best child theme for Genesis.

Which one(s) did you like the best? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Is there any other premium or free Genesis child theme that should be included in this list? If yes, please let me know the name. I will take a look and get back to you.

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Foysal loves to dig into WordPress, explore what’s possible and share his knowledge with readers. He also has deep interest in anything related to increasing productivity, writing better and being happy!

23 thoughts on “7 Best Genesis child themes for Blogs & Businesses (2020)”

  1. Hi Foysal Ahmed,
    thanks for sharing this genesis child theme . I am using blogging cage theme and this theme is perfect for me

  2. Hi, Foysal,

    I’m using the Prose theme, but it is not mobile responsive.

    Any of the above freebies mobile responsive and easy to use for a non-techie?


  3. Hello Foysal,

    Good article and very helpful.

    It’s nice to find pages like yours when this kind of information. I was looking for a theme and your samples are great.


  4. Hi Foysal Ahmed, I like genesis framework for its code and SEO but do not like the extra bucks that need for the customization. Your list of free child theme will surely help me to experiment with genesis framework.

    Thanks for posting this wonderful list for us.

  5. hi,
    Thanks for the awesome list you child themes you’ve provided.
    I’ve always wanted to get my hands on genesis and now is the time.

  6. Hey Foysal

    Your post are great and giving many tips to blogger…

    Thanks for providing great list..

  7. Hey Foysal,

    Your list is fantastic, and I liked the Sinatra theme,
    but when I installed this child theme it says, ” The parent theme is missing, please install the Genesis parent theme.” How to solve it? Is it possible to use only the free Genesis child theme without the parent?

    1. No, it’s not possible to use only a child theme without the framework.

      The parent theme (Genesis Framework) is the parent theme and the foundation. The child theme is only used to give your site the style, and project-specific features.

      You can use the framework without a child theme (even though that’s not recommended), but not inversely.

  8. Hello FOYSAL AHMED,

    Very nice and detailed information about Genesis theme.

    I have one question, please reply as soon as possible, because I want to decide?

    I am using free Spacious theme for my Eases Bedding Niche Site for last seven months, I like the theme and functionality of it, but it is free.

    Some advise to use paid, for updates etc.

    What you say, should I buy the same paid theme or change to another like Genesis? By changing do we lose something-like traffic or any loss?

  9. Surya Teja konduru

    Nice collection of themes, do you have information about the child theme tutorials? I want to learn to create my own child theme.

  10. So after buying the genesis for 60usd we also have to use a free/paid child theme ?? Is it required ?

  11. Hi Foysal,

    While I splurged last year and ordered the complete set of Genesis child themes, I rely on articles, such as the one you’ve written, to help me decide which theme may be best, depending on the project at hand. Thanks for providing such detailed analysis.

    I’m always concerned about a theme’s coding, loading speed, and design as I weigh options. It’s an important decision because I prefer to use a theme from the onset of site development rather than switch themes midway, as I build a given site.

    Foysal, I just have a couple of relevant questions:

    1) Do you find it advantageous to use the built-in optimization parameters of Genesis or do you typically employ a plug-in, such as Yoast’s WordPress SEO. (I’ve been using this plug-in.)

    2) I’m building several authority sites, but on occasion, I may need to construct a small niche site or two. For a small site, say about 10 articles, is there any one theme that you think is best? Perhaps I should go with a minimalist child theme but I’m wondering your perspective … with an eye on SEO.

    3)I’ve used Eleven40 on a couple of sites and I was impressed with the design out of the box, its mobile responsiveness, HTML5 markup, and ease of use. May I ask your opinion of this theme as you did not include it on your list.

    Thanks so much for any feedback that you can provide.

  12. These all themes are nice I will try soon on my blog Thanks for these article for choosing best theme for Genesis.

  13. Thank you for your sharing. I am using theme of Genesis, it it great and it also has free child themes for using.

  14. Ricardo Schillaci

    Thanks again Foysal for the advise.
    Still unanswered my guestion (last post) about the transition from a WP free theme to the genesis framework.
    Please explain that to me and other newcomers to blogging who may be hovering over your blog.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Ricardo, I am extremely sorry for the delay. However, I have replied to your comment in the previous post/.

      Please let me know if you have any other question.

      Thanks for your comment.

  15. Meenakshi Rana

    Hey , Ahmed

    Genesis themes are best for business and cooperate but you know in some genesis theme difficult to customize like WordPress . You can call WordPress function easily rather then Genesis . I am word-press developer i face problem only genesis themes..

    1. Yes, Meenakshi. That is one of the few allegations against Genesis. You are absolutely right in this regard.
      However, here are some plugins which could be useful in customizing the Genesis framework.
      Thanks for your comment.

      1. Meenakshi Rana

        Thank You for the reply Ahmed . But every-time you not depend on Plugins . I know lots of Plugins are available and you provide few plugins that are really benifical and helpful for me.

        Thank You.

        1. That’s right, Meenakshi. We shouldn’t depend on plugins for each feature we want. However, not everyone can hire a Genesis developer and the plugins will be a great help for them.
          Thanks for your comment.

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