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WordPress Free Q&A Plugin
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Having a discussion forum on your WordPress blog will help you create a community around your blog.

There are many ways by which you can add a discussion forum to your blog. If you don’t want to spend your time learning another forum software such as Xenforo, VBulletin or any other, it’s best to use WordPress plugins which let you achieve the same.

Today, I will share a detailed guide on how to integrate a discussion or Q&A forum in WordPress using the free DW Question & Answer WordPress plugin. This is a feature rich plugin which offers most of the features you need for your Q&A forum.

I am a freelance engineer. Many clients have asked me if there is a free plugin to start a question and answer forum by a lot of my clients. After some research on the web, I found a fantastic plugin called DW-Question-&-Answer

I have used the DW-Question-&-Answer plugin on many of my clients’ blogs and also got good results with this plugin. So I highly recommend this, if you want to start a question and answer forum for free.

Features of DW-Question-&-Answer plugin

  • Submit / Filter / Order / Edit / Delete Question
  • Answer / Comment
  • Vote and Pick Best Answer
  • Notification Email system
  • Instant search by keywords
  • 11+ languages supported
  • reCAPTCHA supported
  • Shortcodes available
  • Private/ Public for Question and Answer
  • Questions / Answers follow function
  • Sticky Question
  • Available in 20 different Languages.

Click here to download the free version

Click here to download pro version

How to Setup DW Q&A WordPress Plugin

In this plugin, we can find many options and they can be accessed through the menu “DW Q&A” present on the sidebar of the WP-Admin panel.

DW Q&A WordPress Plugin
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In the screenshot above, you can see the options:

  1. All Questions: Here you can see the list of all questions asked by the visitors/users.
  2. Add New: Here you can create your questions and publish.
  3. Question Categories: If you want to create categories for questions, you can set it here.
  4. Question Tags: This is how you can create tags for questions.
  5. All Answers: Here you will find the list of all Answers.
  6. Settings

There are three main setting panels from which you can configure all the plugin settings as per your requirements.

General Settings:

DW Q&A Settings
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  1. Question List Page: Select the page where you added the Question List Page shortcode [dwqalistquestions]
  2. Ask Question Page: Select the page where you added the Ask Question Page shortcode [dwqasubmitquestionform]

Ask questions page
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3. Private Question: Check this if you want to allow users to post private questions.

Notification Settings:

Notification settings
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  1. Email_logo: Upload a logo to display at the top of the email sent.
  2.  From Email: Put the email address which will be used as the sender of the outgoing emails.
  3. Send a copy to admin: Check this if you want to receive a copy of every email.

DWQA plugin settings
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This plugin provides seven email templates:

  1. New Question Notification: Send an email to admin regarding a new question posted.
  2. New Answer: Send an email to the author when there is a new answer posted.
  3. New Comment to Question: Send an email to the author if someone comments on his question.
  4. New Comment to Answer: Send an email to the author if someone comments on the answer for his question.
  5. New Answer (to Followers): Send an email to followers when there is a new answer.
  6. New Comment to Question (to followers): Send an email to followers if anyone comments on the question (s)he follows.
  7. New Comment to Answer (to followers): Send an email to followers if someone comments on an answer to the question followed.

Permission Settings:

Here you can set who can read/Post/Edit/Delete the Questions/comments/answers.


Create a new sub-domain just like forum.example.com if you want to have a different database for forum users. Set the Questions List Page as a static front page. You can do it in theme customization. Keep text link in the menu of your main domain. You can also add a new WordPress installation at sub-directory such as domain.com/ask & use this plugin to add a discussion forum.

If you have a growing blog or even a new blog, having a Q&A forum can increase your blog popularity in the short span of time. The simple reason behind this is, your readers will feel at home and have more people to communicate with.

Go ahead and use this plugin to create your discussion forum. If you have any follow-up questions or question related to plugin configuration, feel free to ask me in the comment section. If you enjoyed this post, share with your friends on Facebook & Google Plus.

This is a guest post by Nagaraj. If you would like to submit a guest post on ShoutMeLoud, follow our guidelines.

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14 thoughts on “Engage Better With Your Followers With This Free Q&A Plugin”

  1. Meenakshi Rana


    I want to know one thing i am not using any forum in my website . I want to know Prons and Cons of Forum . Please explain in details.

    Thank You

  2. Wow ! Its a very good plugin, seems to have awesome features. I’ll try this once. Thank you for sharing such a good tool…

  3. Nilantha Jayawardhana

    Very informative post Nagaraj. Thank you for sharing it.

    Forums are excellent source of relevant information you need that you wouldn’t just find elsewhere. Through an effective signature link on your posts it will help you get more backlinks and traffic, plus a possibility of making relationships with other forum members for mutual benefit.

    Smart forum marketing is one of best methods to drive traffic and make money. I am an active member of few forum like Warrior Forum, V7n. So I can get decent traffic from them and make sales.

    Creating a forum to our site is very important because following factors.

    Forum helps to keep customers loyally.
    Helps to solve their problem.
    Your customers can keep in touch with your other customers.
    It builds credibility.

  4. Hey great post mate!

    From few days I m having confusion in my mind if I should go for installing this Plugin with main blog or sub domain or directory? Which is the best way & why for my blog – http://www.vineetgupta.net

    You mentioned sub-domain, so using the plugin you recommended. So should I install fresh wordpress on sub domain & add this plugin?

    If yes, then will this plugin take care of the theme?

    1. Yes, you have to install fresh wordpress on subdomain & add this plugin only if you want a different database. And It is supportable for any theme.

  5. I enjoyed it and for sure next time I have the necessity to install a forum plugin it will be the one to install.

    Also thanks for the tip on creating a subdomain/new data base

    I am surprised at the many spelling mistakes and errors on the structure on yr post. In general posts have many mistakes.

  6. Dear sir,

    Can you tell me how to add rank system in wp. Means user get some point for post questions.

  7. Anderson Cooper

    Very good plugin and provided with many extraordinary features. Thank you Mr.Nagaraj for letting me to know about this.

  8. It seems a very good plugin to me.

    I was looking for this kind of plugin because I am planning to open a discussion forum on my blog.

    Another useful post for me from Shoutmeloud.

    Thank You !

  9. Very informative article on the topic.
    I’m blogging for last two years, but I never knew the value of Discussion forums.

    I am planning to start one very soon, still I need more information to start and do good job on it.


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