Five Effective Ways For Bloggers To Live A HARSH Lifestyle

We all have a tendency to play the safe game. So, we overanalyze the whole condition and forget the real deal of living a happy life.

While following only a defensive strategy, we don’t understand the game plan of strikers.

Life is too small to judge and analyze all risky moments. So, add adventure  by mixing your own spice and twist to puncture out all dullness from life.

Holding Annoying Routes So happily
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Harsh questions & HARSH answers for Blogging beginners 

Q. Will people love my content?

A. In the beginning, you need to develop a lovely connection with your content. If you are not able to generate self-love, you can’t expect the same love from readers too. For receiving a continuous flow of love, you will have to live up to your expectations.So share only those ideas which are close to your heart.

Q. How will I cope up in this competitive niche?

A. All the well-known bloggers knew nothing when they started their blog. They were complete beginners like you. Rather than focusing on any external confusion, they focused on their dreams only. So, remove all doubts of uncertainty and become an authority by adding your individual flavors.

Q. Is this the right time to start a blog?

A. There is no right or wrong time for anything. If you have the will to do something, things unfold in a natural manner. So, don’t hesitate in starting your dream project. After some time, you will definitely join all the blocks of life in an adventurous manner.

Q. Will I be able to come up with new ideas?

A. You need to focus on your present idea. By thinking about the future design, we spoil the trust with our present post. Just meditate on your current plan to understand things in a broad manner.

It is the right time to convert your harsh moments into HARSH lifestyle. Always look out for the fun elements in life.

live your life
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Five effective ways to embrace a HARSH lifestyle

1) Don’t wait, just bang on

There is no need to wait for the right time. It will not come to you and pat on your back by saying that “You just sit quietly and I will handle all the things”.

Rather, you need to bang in and disturb all the disturbing elements by letting them know “Who is the real boss?”

This is the perfect time to reveal your true potential. Stand up with full confidence to tease all annoying routes in a happy way.

Be practical and discover your own options.  Develop intimacy with your work by understanding and analyzing it in a passionate manner.

Don't wait for the right moment
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2) Live life crazy style

What will people think?

How will they react?

Am I looking mad?

If you love your work, these questions have no significance. Don’t work for people’s appreciation.

One day, your hard work will definitely pay off. There is no need to explain your craziness. It is a complete waste of energy, isn’t?

There is no need to prove anything. Your work itself should speak for you. Next time, when someone tags you as a crazy person, concentrate on your dream project only.

3) Be bold to mold things in your way

You design your own reality. Everybody has some weak and strong points. Instead of becoming a pitiable object, focus on your strong points to live life in a confident manner.

Low confidence creates a well of doubts.  Take bold decisions to come out of the traditional barriers in your own style.

Be bold to accept your flaws. Understand your rough edges and mold them in a wonderful shape.

Don’t hesitate to take a step forward. Incorporate a bold lifestyle to tackle all bouncy surfaces.

steve job quotes
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4) Peel off insecurities

How does it feel when your friend or relative comes to you and say “I am feeling very insecure”.

Try to look at a bigger picture. No one is secure because nobody knows what is going to happen? We can’t control all things in our life.

It’s easy to hide under the threat of upcoming danger. But, it’s difficult to face the harsh reality. So, peel off all insecurities and live a stress-free life.

Enjoy your life. Don’t think too much. Don’t be so hard on yourself

5) Just move on

Some life decisions make us feel really bad. By remembering them over and over, we don’t get anything in return except stress.

Life is too short to spend time with dark moments of your life.  Sometimes, it is better to move on, to focus on all brighter side of the life.

As nothing is permanent, leave behind all the miseries and hug all the present opportunities. Past never comes back. Whatever happened, happened. You can’t change it by getting stuck in your past.

Detach from all those dull moments to understand and analyze things in a broad manner. Pack your bags and start a new chapter of life where you can experiment in a fresh way.

keep moving forward
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In a nutshell, I am presenting all the five points

  • Don’t postpone any date with the love of your life. Otherwise, you will become late to catch your dream life and  then curse your fate.
  • As people will say something, don’t stop the crazy elements within you. Don’t think of what people will say. So, stand up and re-energize your madness by focusing on your task only
  • You can’t deny the odd circumstances in your life. So, get ready to mold things in a bold manner.
  • No one is secure. We don’t have any spider senses to detect the upcoming danger. Without thinking too much, live this moment only. Come out of the insecurity trap to breathe fresh air of positivity.
  • Past is a temporary space to analyze only our faults. It is not a permanent place to criticize our moves. Simply, move on to live a happy and peaceful life.

I would like to end the post with the inspiring message from A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

My message, eespecially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people.

So, are you with me to join the HARSH lifestyle? Share your thoughts in comment section below. If you know someone who need this motivation, share this article with him too.

This is a guest contribution by Yatin. You can also contribute an original article here at ShoutMeLoud. Read Submission guidelines.

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27 thoughts on “Five Effective Ways For Bloggers To Live A HARSH Lifestyle”

  1. Harvilas Meena

    Thanks for your great article. This is very awesome to the person who is new in the world of BLogging. This is a article to motivate the new comer bloggers.

  2. Hi Yatin,
    I enjoyed your post and more so because your fun personality showed through. Yes indeed the ‘here and now’ is what we need to focus on. As a beginner I do feel the rigor mortis setting in time and again however I hope to take a cue from your post and live in the’ present’ and do what must be done!!. Hey I guess that’s why the ‘here and now’ is called the ‘present’ clearly a gift. So here’s to ceasing the moment. Keep the posts coming I enjoyed it. It goes without mention that Harsh’s lifestyle is truly the success that we all wish to emulate….. and what a shouter he is.!!

    1. Hi Anna. Thanks for appreciating the post. I am glad you are taking some cues from this post. It feels great when I am able to share something useful with people. Ya, ‘present moment’ is a gift. And, the person who understands it’s importance is blessed with infinite possibilities.
      Harsh’s lifestyle is truly a success. He is a wonderful shouter with all HARSH elements.
      Wishing you all the best for your blog.

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