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  • I think there are most of the people in Pakistan are Muslims , and a Muslim don’t love facebook more then prophet muhammed(pbuh) . 🙂 and i think they don’t need all these things to access facebook .

  • Yeah you guys want to know what is our reaction of FB ban in Pakistan.
    So guys listen.
    I live in Lahore, Pakistan.
    We love our Prophet Muhammad so many much and more than anything in this world. We can live without FB, twitter, Orkut, Hi5, flickr things.
    But we can’t live without our Prophet’s Love.
    This is a very good decision by High Court of Pakistan.
    Facebook is not our world.

    • actually i love the prophet (pbuh) and i love facebook. banning fb doesn’t make any sense. think about it, there are better solutions rather than entirely avoiding the issue.

  • anyone who knows email or phone no. of PTA team should tell them about all this shit so that they can deny access from any way.they themselves have said that anyone who knows of any sort of access to facebook should inform us via email or phone no. so that we can block it…

  • I live Pakistan..and this article is waste of time, coz nobady wants to acces, wat is so called facebook…though im not pakistani bt congrtulations to pakistan for this action..

  • Thanks for the great tips, Harsh. UltraSurf’s pretty kickass! I’d like to get into more technical details of it.

  • Using Proxies are not so safe, as most of the proxies are scams and your profile and password doesn’t have much protection when surfing through them.

    Avoid it !

  • Is banning FB, Youtube, … the solution? This is more like closing your ears within a crowd because you don’t want to listen, does it stop the crowd from saying useless things? No it doesn’t, in fact going this way may end up shutting down the internet and that means isolating yourself from the rest of the world.

    As a Muslim, which I am also proud to be, the only solution is to also use these media to educate and inform everyone that Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is revered and respected by Muslims and NOT drawing his picture is a teaching that is aimed at discouraging people from idolizing him beyond who he is.

  • sallam all
    News at BBC,which is a GOOD NEWS
    (The boycott made by Muslims against Facebook since last 2 days,charge them a loss of 2 Billion Euro,and if its continued,after 7 days it wud reach around 40 billion Euros.)

    • I have visited BBC site and searches all possible way to find this news but it doesnot exist there. I love to see this news, if u have than post here plz.

  • I am happy to know that
    Facebook Drawn Muhammad (S.A.W) Day, Page Hacked By Turkish Muslim…Congregulations to all Muslims,we always Hazrat Mohammad ( Will never compromise on HIS Respect,Which we hve Proven Once again..GOD bless Turkish Muslim Hacker.

  • Thanks for this info; although we fully support the ban.

    I am not going to access facebook till 22nd May, as we Pakistanis pledged on our own. It was much afterwards that the government intervened. We would’ve banned it by ourselves even if there hadn’t been an official ban.

  • Im glad at HC’s decision of banning the sinful portals, No Alternatives/solutions needed. Hattttte Facebook!!!

  • See….Noone is Pakistan having problem facebook banned or youtube so…
    A little problem with wikipedia but there was no such things not present elsewhere….
    Yew we will leave facebook forever…Will never use it even our authorities unbann it…
    Its nothing in front of our Love to Our Prophet )صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)۔

  • Paki Govt. had taken great step by blocking facebook. We don’t need to use proxies etc. to unblock FB. we can live without it.
    May Allah show the right path to everyone. Ameen.

  • To the Pakistanis:
    Its slightly weird. If we are all so God Fearing Muslims who don’t want facebook, how the hell did you reach to this post that talks about alternative links to Facebook?
    To the rest:
    I know facebook is essential to life now, not vitally important but essential. However through this decision, we are trying to make the west aware of our reaction. We have been reporting the page left and right but the admin of facebook took no action at all. The concept was offensive to us and our faith, we reported and nothing happened. Why is the reporting there then??

    This is highly uncalled for, continuing with the page and the contest, on facebook’s part. There will always be other social networking sites and it is not like the end of the world. Through the ban we are only trying to make the rest of the world know how strongly we feel about this.
    In the meanwhile, we ‘l wait. China has managed to live. So will we.

  • thank you who ever made this . just one concern . i think those proxy sites are most probably hacker sites . that will grab my password and email when i log in . so i am not sure if thats a safe thing to do .

  • we dont need facebook.i love our PROPHET MUHAMMAD[PBH] more than our faimlies,our soul,our body,our wealth.
    we hate facebook.
    i am v.thankful to our court because they banned facebook.ugly facebook,.facebook is playing with our Faith,our hearts nd our emotions.

  • fc buk shld b banned 4 a long term……….. vr causing gr8 loss 2 thoz ppl who made fun ov our religion……………… datz a satisfying thing… manyy ppl say that datz not a solution ov problem dat thy hv banned different sitez… bt thoz guyz who r saying dis jzt imagine dat only 2 dayz v Muslims hv nt used face buk………………… n those cartoonist have apologizd 2 our government………………………. gUd work paki government, gUd work Muslimz./…. V rock…. !! contine da ban… as itz causing thoz ppl gr8 loss n im reallllly happy due 2 dat

  • we all Muslims hate facebook.
    no need of bloody facebook.the facebook admin people r just slaves of satan.
    i request my Pakistani govt,plzzzzzzzzz ban facebook forever.

  • Reading the comments…..I think pakistan is the only country that welcomes censorship….. they must really love prophet muhammad..

    • yeh we do love n ll keep loving…..
      m happy dat facebook is blocked…dere is no use of dese proxies…..cuz we lov r relegion more dn facebook…gud ACTION TOOK BY GOVT…
      cuz facebook wasnt taking any action… though dat group or page was reported by over 10000 people….
      nd group or page is being closed when it is reported by 700 people…..

  • If anyone has any common sense they’d realise that the banning of facebook has absolutley nothing to do with the drawings posted on that particular page.
    The Pakistani government is becoming increasingly unstable and over the last few months a page on FB dedicated to Gen Pervaiz Musaraf has over 20,000 members and since his annoucement of returning to Pakistan there’s been a whole hoo ha about it. To cover this up they simultaneously blocked Youtube.
    Why don’t they ban indian movies, MTV etc half the time on the movie channels they show inappropriate scenes. How islamic is that?
    All of you whom support the ban of FB are a bunch of hypocrites. You’ll watch these sleezy indian movies, listen to their songs etc and still think its ok ( there’s nothing wrong with watching these movies or the songs but when you can’t pick aand choose yourself of what is islamic and what is not )
    What right to any of you have to say what is islamic and what is not.

    What ever happened to civil rights and freedom of speech

    I live in Lahore and i can tell you that 80% of people whom were using FB are devestated, yes it may sound a bit pathetic but living in Pakistan these people need something to connect with the outside world.

    • People always give different reasons to justify the wrong thing they are doing and will blame whatever, or whomever come in their way. Thats exactly what you are doing as well blame everybody else so unless what you want is achieved.

    • my dear there always is an alternative… why not start using other social network websites. once FB management realizes that they have hurt feelings of billions of muslims around the world and they ensure that nothing of such would ever happen again we can always come back to them.

      ryt now their web traffic has gone down many a time than it used to be before the ban was set in. and this Ban is an international story now.

      what i think we should be patient and avoid using fb till it is ensured no blasphemy would take place ever after

  • yes these proxies are no alternative to the natural browsing. so slow and now i fear they might steal password because none of them open correctly. so avoid using them they are scams nothing else. use ultrasurf or paperbus instead

  • sadia you are right . but the fact is governments has not blocked it volunatrily but it was a court order and it had no option but to obey that. i think it is good.
    facebook is nightmare, it encourages to hate other countries like there are groups “i hate pakistan” , “i hate india”, “we hate such and such”. unless facebook stops this kind of nonsense i think every country should ban it.
    what knind of freedom of speech is this. they don’t allow to bulid minarets, they don’t allow you to give public azans in new york. and see waht we allow theirs christians every day church bell rings but nobody complains. this is all shit by these chrisitians in the name of freedom of speech.
    they are waging a war on the net now against other races.
    down christains and down satan u..a…

    • facebook cannot check its whole list of pages..! the people should not violate their terms .. and people should REPORT AGAINST the particular group… and may ask anyone he/she knows to REPORT that page..

  • Very well said by Sadia Anwar. I second her. PTA is banning more material than the LHC judgement. Why are we ruining your country for some kid in America? Its the part of what is happening around the world, dont block it. Let the people be aware so they know, what is right and what is wrong.

    I truly and firmly believe on Inter-faith Harmony. I am also sad of that disturbing page/event at Facebook. I also ‘reported’ that page, after adding my strongest remarks. I am not a less Muslim or Pakistani than others. I also believe on Norms and Values. I also respect every one’s faith and religion. My dilemma is; Is blocking everything, the answer? They even blocked Wikipedia. Thats a pitty. Wikipedia prevails knowledge. For few images, we blocked it? I fear PTA also would block Google as well.

    Have we lost all our collective wisdom and sense of intellect? I am suffocating. We are burning our ownselves, in desperation. God bless us all.

    • Nayyar with all due respect i would like to tell you that there are people who depite of these blockages are using facebook, the ban is for the major part of people who are not very familiar to the internet / networking world. and about your comment

      “dont block it. Let the people be aware so they know, what is right and what is wrong”

      I will ask you will you let your children be drug addicts so that they might know that doing drugs is bad… come on man this is childish and foolish.

  • V love our PROPHET MUHAMMAD[PBUH] more than anyone !!
    we hate facebook.
    i am v.thankful to our court because they banned facebook .
    @living on the edge I agree wid u after few yearx there will no facebook!!

  • Guyz all i know is, now even if the facebook ban is lifted i won’t use facebook ever again, and baning facebook doesn’t ruin Pakistan, but i am happy that for once pakistani government made the right decision. If nothing else at-least we are united in protecting our beloved prophet. I hope facebook is banned forever. As for the alternate proxies people will always find alternate ways to commit sins, whatever forms they may be in. Thats the choice every human need to make for them self.

  • i totally agree with this but i still d0nt get why facebook is banned in pakistan?? i mean its n0t us thts doing the everybody draw prophet Muhammad day!?? i mean i love Prophet Muhammad saw alot! and i still d0nt understand wht it has to do with pakistanis??

  • i am a 1 3 yearold boywho loves his Prophet from his heart and souland will not use facebook .these people have no manners.plz leave facebook.when allah will ask me on the day of judgement that have u done anything good
    i will reply that in the love of my Prophet i stopped using facebook.

  • hey everyone …according to my perspective banning facebook temporarily- as a protest agaisnt facebook admin for ignoring god knows how many abuse reports by the users -was a commendable step. It just depicts the hypocrisy of the admin against muslim sentiments. How ever rumors of a permanent bann are totally senseless to me, ok facebook is one thing but blocking wikki pedia???? do you know how frustrating it is when you google a research topic and the most relevant results are shown by wikkipedia but you cant access the pages….i feel like ive been handicapped.
    i request PTA to lift the bann at the due time and do not even consider blocking wikkipedia,fb,youtube permanently…i mean why not block google since it would also give you links to millions of anti muslims/islamic/pakistani websites….thanks to this minority of our population image of pakistanis have been shattered in the west, we can use the same 3 forums to generate awareness about pakistan about islam and show them that pakistanis believe in peaceful coexistence of all humans and not in voilance and bloodshed as depicted by our 1% brainwashed lott.

  • well they banned face book pretty good ….how about banning porn
    oh that they won’t am sure.

    you tube is blocked why ?

    they can even block the url of you tube but they didn’t.
    About face book i don’t care. Wikipedia was ban too why ?
    Again they can block that url.
    Actually bunch of stupid asses our running this country.

    If you love Allah and his prophet peace be upon him why not blocking porn in our country ??
    what happened am alone in this league.
    Thought so =).

  • I wonder how you guys came to know about this post…For all, who are trying to say they don’t want to use Facebook and they have no interest in it , were you guys trying to search “how to access facebook in pakistan”.

  • Great conversation going on, still there might be people who might think this could be against freedom of expression!
    Well, for them, let me tell you about a well-known cartoonist who drew Marie (Hazrat Marium A.S.) and The New York Times refused to publish those drawings, saying this was against the respect of Marie.
    So now you know what freedom of expression is all about.
    Respect for your religious icons and no respect for others.
    The question is that if New York Times refuses to publish a drawing in respect for Marie, can facebook not refuse publishing such material.
    Remember this is not a private action, they made a URL on facebook that is open for publishing so FB are liable.

  • em pretty confused ! what why Being a Muslim Country, Pakistan has blocked or take action ! why not other Muslim Countries ? ? what does it mean ?.. would they love the Muhammad(P.B.U.H)? or they just think ! ! ! we know those are fakes- so action would be useless as we know how much faith we has concerning Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

    and the shocking stuff are the “Porns” which are not blocked by country ! though they know the websites ( as whatever we access or surf on the internet. all the things are monitored by PTA) where does Religious thinking goes at that time ?

    • Dear Friend XYZ,
      I have just read your comments on this page.It is 31 May and morning.Two days ago me and my friend made a commitment with each other that we will do Jihad over the internet to ban the porn content in Pakistan. we will start our work with mailing the concerned authorities like PTA and Inshah Allah we will get Success, the reason of sending these comments to you that me, my friend and you have the same thinking, at that night our argument was that “if v can block the face book why not the porn websites..” which are harming our generation in huge capacity….i m doing job in islamabad and my friend at Taxila. Soon we will start our work InshaAllah.

  • i have also heared that it is not because of Draw Muhammed Day.

    Its ban to save Geo TV, Hamid Mir, Government, Army and all.
    Recently, the audio tape to expose hamid mir (geo tv) released on Facebook and very same week this draw Muhammad issue comes up and the site is blocked.

    They don’t want people to get united and stand against this zionist inside Pakistan deployment. If it continues the zionism rulership and U.S game was Over.

    Youtube too ban, because the evidence files, audio tape was uploaded on it
    find out keywords ‘xeest hamid mir’ on

  • some body can pls tell me how to deactivate my account from face book, without visiting the page..i shall be highly thankful,, JazakAllah

    • @Azhar: NooooooooPSssssssssssSSSSSSSSs
      its impossible to deactivate yr acount widout visiting iT ;q………

      U better use FB its going 2 B unblocked in Pak :()

  • Boycott Facebook forever

    We are inviting Muslim from all over the world to come and join Peace full Protest against the Blasphemous competition on facebook. We are offering the Muslim to boycott facebook forever not only for 03 days in just few days their losses reached to billions. Don’t worry about the Salary Inshah Allah you will rewarded in the AAKHEERA.

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