EstateEngine: WordPress Real Estate Theme (Review)

Have you ever heard of Zillow?

It’s the 152nd most popular website in the world and it’s all about helping people find a home.

Why is this such a popular site?

  • Because everyone needs a place to live. 

That means real estate websites are always in demand.

And thanks to EstateEngine, you can easily create your own, localized version of Zillow using WordPress.

By serving up optimized property pages, you can bring in tons of longtail traffic which will grow your site. You can then make money by charging individuals or real estate agents to put up listings.

Or, if you have your own real estate business already, you can quickly create a site to showcase all of your listings.

Potential clients can easily search your offerings to find what they need.

It’s all possible with this powerful WordPress theme from Engine Themes.

Here’s what I like about EstateEngine:

Awesome User Experience for Website Visitors

I’ve talked about how important it is to have a user-friendly blog. The same applies to any website.

That’s why it’s great that Engine Themes has put so much effort into nailing the user experience for this theme. By creating such an experience, your visitors will be much more engaged.

Check out EstateEngine || EstateEngine Theme Demo

Which means:

  • More page views and more money for you!

Here are some of the ways EstateEngine creates a good user experience for people interested in real estate:

What makes EstateEngine a Popular Choice for Real Estate WordPress theme?

1. Responsive for Mobile

More people are searching for real estate on mobile now than ever before.

Pew Research found that 44% of people have used a smartphone to search for real estate listings.

So, it’s incredibly important that your real estate site is designed for both desktop and mobile users, or you’re going to risk losing that 44% of people.

That’s why EstateEngine comes with a beautiful, built-in responsive version:

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This ensures that all users (not just desktop users) have a good user experience.

2. Detailed Search

Good search options are incredibly important for a successful real estate website.

People usually have specific details in mind when they’re looking for a property.

They want:

  • The right type of home.
  • The right neighborhood.
  • The right price.
  • etc.

Essentially, they need to be able to filter properties by multiple factors.

That’s why EstateEngine has an incredibly detailed search option:

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Users can filter by:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Type of home
  • Availability
  • Buy vs. rent
  • …and more.

Users will love being able to search for exactly what they want.

3. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Real estate is incredibly visual.

People need to see pictures to make sure the property matches their expectations.

In this market:

  • Text alone is not enough.

That’s why EstateEngine puts all the property pictures front and center:

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Users can find all the nitty-gritty details below, but most of the page is dominated by the most important element:

  • Pictures.

4. Maps That Showcase Properties by Neighborhood

You may have seen this feature on other real estate sites.

It’s an incredibly user-friendly way to quickly showcase where properties are located.

Users can click on any location marker on the map to see more details about the property:

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The page doesn’t reload when users click, so they never have to navigate away from their current page.

5. Built-in Monetization Option

Making money is so simple with EstateEngine.

It includes a built-in method to effectively monetize your real estate site.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visitors can click a button to submit their own property:

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  • Then they can choose a subscription plan for their listing:

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You can easily create these subscription plans in your dashboard.

And you can also make the details whatever you want so that you create the best pricing structure for your specific market:

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You can also choose whether or not to allow a free tier.

EstateEngine supports these payment gateways:

Of course, you can always monetize your site with banner ads or affiliate marketing, but EstateEngine’s built-in option is a smart way to make money.

It’s also passive income because the whole process is automated.

6. Smart Backend to Make Site Set Up EASY

Engine Themes didn’t just put effort into the front-end, they also created a powerful dashboard that makes it easy for you to set up your real estate website on WordPress platform.

It even includes a site setup wizard, which most themes do not offer. The wizard takes you through all the steps you need to fully set up your site:

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The theme also includes a detailed settings page where you can configure things like:

  • Branding
  • Payments
  • Automatic emails
  • Map locations
  • …and a lot more.

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The admin panel gives you a ton of power over what information is displayed on your real estate site.

If you want to make changes to the design of the site, you can easily do that with a simple drag and drop page builder.

Everything is grid based in the design, so if you want to move an element, all you need to do is drag it where you want it to be:

  • Save

You don’t need to know any code. Just drag things around until you’re happy!

7. Search Engine Optimized

Finally, EstateEngine is fully optimized for SEO.

As I mentioned, real estate websites are especially perfect for long tail search. And to maximize your longtail search traffic, you need to have great on page SEO.

To make sure your site is SEO-optimized, the admin panel includes options to customize the URL slugs:

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EstateEngine is also fully compatible with SEO plugins like Yoast.

How Much Does EstateEngine Cost?

Because of the detailed features offered by this theme, you will need to pay a premium price.

  • The cheapest version of EstateEngine costs only $89.

This gives you a lifetime license which you can use on unlimited websites.

If you’re planning to create multiple sites for different real estate markets, this is a great deal.

If you’re only planning to create one website, it’s a bit expensive, but still a fair deal for such a detailed theme.

You also get 12 months of support and updates.

Here are all the pricing plans for EstateEngine:

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Check out EstateEngine || EstateEngine Theme Demo

My Final Thoughts

As I said, people will always need homes.

So if you see a spot where you can dominate with a real estate website, it’s a great niche that will always be in demand.

You don’t need to create a national website, either. It’s a good strategy to focus entirely on your local city and be the big fish in a little pond. You know the area better than a big national company anyway, so you can use that to your advantage when growing your site.

If you do decide to create a real estate website, EstateEngine is a powerful tool.

It turns WordPress into a fully functioning real estate directory on par with Zillow and Trulia.

It’s user friendly and has an array of backend options that make it simple to configure your website.

Once you get some traffic, it’s easy to monetize with paid property listings.

If you’re planning to start a real estate website, give EstateEngine from Engine Themes a serious look.

Have you used this theme before? Do you use a different theme for your real-estate site? Let me know in the comments below!

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