8 Email Etiquette Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Email communication has played a vital role in the business world and it must be considered a soul of every business. Today we are working in a global village where a lot of business trading is being done over the internet through different mediums. It does not only make it easy and fast but also, help in a quick decision making. Email communication is one of the mediums which help entrepreneurs to finalize their deals with clients and keeping the rapid pace of their business.

As soon as they got the order confirmations, further executions get started within the company where marketing, planning, finance, operations and supply chain start communicating internally as well as with their respective external counterparts.

It becomes utmost important that during every step nothing will get wrong or personal and smooth execution will take place with the help of proper management and communication so that customer’s needs can be fulfilled as per demand which is the ultimate goal of every business.

I have been associated with business field for last eight years and have seen many pros and cons of this great tool of the communication, but despite the facts, there have been written many articles already at different platforms, I personally feel that only the basics have been well explained and still there are some mistakes people do frequently due to their ignorance or negligence and hence it becomes unethical at some later stages of the communication.

Business email mistakes
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Before I list down those common email etiquette mistakes for your reference and reviews, I myself checked all the already published mistakes and tried best to avoid any duplication so that you can learn something new through my own personal experience and observations.

Below are some commonly discussed email communications mistakes which I concluded after reading different notes on the internet, I want you to go through these first before reaching my points.

• Avoid using wrong, jarring or emotional tone over email
• Do not reply to all, you just need to figure it out who is relevant to the subject matter.
• Do not write too much or long emails, be specific to the subject.
• Do not miss to attach any document if necessary.
• Your subject is the door of your email so it must be clear and precise.
• Always read two to three times before bringing your cursor on sending option.
• Do not send unnecessary emails; sometimes matter can be resolved through face to face discussion or over the phone call.
• Always try to send emails during business hours and hence send reminders or follow-up emails within the same time frame.

Though above all are important and almost everyone who knows the importance of this tool, try to keep his communication aligned accordingly, but still I feel that below are some mistakes which must be avoided by every person who is associated with it.

8 Email Etiquette mistakes that is killing your career:

email etiquette mistakes
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1. Keeping seniors in a routine day to day communication.

Though it has been mentioned above that it should be avoiding to “reply all” but at the same time, keep respect of your seniors, they are always here to help us in every matter but it is up to us to decide whether the subjected matter needs their support or not because they have some other more important tasks to do for the business and such unnecessary emails always distract them from their core responsibilities.

2. Change the email subject in the middle of the communication.

Some people change the subject in the middle of communication, it is a crime because when you break the communication subject, it is the every possibility that someone in the communication chain could never get the matter properly and hence it may cause any unforeseen issue later on.

3. Write the short name of attention person i.e HA for Harsh Agarwal

Some people habitually write a short form of names like mentioned above, it is considered a rude/unethical or causal behavior, even if you have some frankness with the people on the other side, then will write the full or first/Last name while doing any sort of business communication. Always keep the respect of your seniors and write Mr. or Respected as well before their names.

4. Use of special theme/effects for text body background

Some people use backgrounds with some designs or themes, it must be avoided while doing professional communication until or unless you are associated with any firm where this is the requirement for clients.

5. Adding signature after the first email in a threaded conversation:

Using full signature after single email increases the length of email unnecessarily, which doesn’t look nice so just mention the name with some regards etc. Especially if you are using tools like Wisestamp or default Gmail signature option, ensure you don’t repeat your signature again.

6. Do not read the latest email and revert to old/previous email.

Sometimes people don’t reply to the most recent email either due to their usual quick intentions to reply the emails or due to some carelessness, but in both the cases, they get embarrassed once they know about this mistake so in this case, we should always filter the emails subject wise. It gives us clear indication about the most recent email against any subject.

7. Send reminders to clients or suppliers on off days.

We should respect the holidays/off days of our clients, other than Saturday and Sunday, every country has her own public/national holidays so rather chasing them or sending follow-up emails on that day, we should send them the message with respect to their occasions. It will definitely strengthen your relationship with your clients.

8. Forward document/excel sheet as an attachment without subject or mention nothing in the text body.

Sometimes people at workplace send the email with no subject or forward a document as an attachment with no detail in the email body, in this case, if the recipient is not used to receive such kind of emails, he/she will definitely ignore your message and hence you can expect nothing productive in return.

It’s very common to make the above mistakes & if you are making any of these, nothing to worry about. From now on, you should be careful & ensure that you don’t repeat it ever. You can also bookmark this page for quick reference in the future.

In conclusion, I must say that with a little diligence and effort, we can make the excellent use of this tool and it will definitely in return strengthen our work management as well as enhance our productivity which is the ultimate need of every business for successful growth.

Do let me know about common mistakes you made while sending emails that no one should ever make. If you have found this email tips useful, do share it with your friends or someone who often make such mistakes while sending you an email. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Authored By
Hi, I am Sohaib, an apparel graduate and currently working as a Manager Marketing for one of the Denim Apparel company. I started my blog thinklikegiant.com two years back with the aim to share my knowledge and experiences for the people associated with my field as well as for general public.

16 thoughts on “8 Email Etiquette Mistakes Even Smart People Make”

  1. Vikash Sharma

    Hi Sohaib,

    This is a really very informative and useful article. Actually, I am blogging as part time and working in an MNC and we have to write lots of emails every day. This article is really very useful for me. I will definitely follow these tips. Thanks for sharing such a great article with us.

  2. Junaid Ahmed

    I would agree with most of the points mentioned above, although I would disagree on the concept of using respected in an email. I think calling someone with a name is professional as long as you are using Mr/Miss or Mrs.
    As per my point of view respected would be a term used in client and customer relationship not otherwise in day to day routine emails to our colleagues.

    1. Sohaib khalid

      Thanks Junaid for your comment, I do appreciate it.

      As far as mentioning respected in emails, it is just like a good gesture from your side towards your seniors and clients. Emails speak your personality and thoughts, not your intentions. Hope you understand my point.

      HMS Khalid

  3. Yes ! A perfectly written article ! Sometime these kinds of mistakes also happened by me during the writing of emails. HMS Khalid. l love the way you have described all these major kinds of mistakes and how a sender could avoid it. Thanks for sharing this useful info.

  4. Amazing article on Email Etiquette Mistakes. Like you said even smart people also do these kind of mistakes. I learned some new thing from your article. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Maintaining regular communication through email is essential to maintain personal connect with site users and subscribers. You have written informative content on writing emails. So far I have not given so much thought in to it.

  6. I think smartness is a personal matter of people. But these 8 points are really important.
    Thanks, HMS KHALID.

  7. I swear I’ve forgotten to add email subject more times than I can count. Thanks for sharing this article, it was really nice.

  8. Amazing article khalid thanks for sharing.I really appreciate your work.Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Khalid,

    Very useful article and nice tips about using email on day to day basis. This is really very important when you have to influence the readers or reply to tons of emails. I also liked the topic of this post.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this wonderful article and email tips.

  10. I used to add Mr. / Ms. / Sir / Ma’am whenever I did cold emails. But one of my email marketing friends told me that it is okay to drop the Mr. / Ms. honorific since it sounds too formal, especially in Western countries. Calling them by their first name is alright as long as the “tone” of your email writing sounds respectful.

    1. Sohaib khalid

      Hi Lem

      Thanks for your comment.

      Well, our point #3 is mainly emphasising to avoid short form of names, as far as writting Mr/Mam is concerned, it is for your seniors, I agree that while communicating with western people, we can ignore it but in Asian/South Asian culture, it matters a lot, especially when you have to deal with women. I strongly believe that they should always be respected by all means.

  11. Very Nice post and informative. It’s really very helpful in our daily communication.

    Thanks HMS Khalid.

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