Do Blogs Need To Spend Money On Advertising?

Do Blogs Need To Spend Money On Advertising
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Advertising is one of the best ways to let people now about your brand which will result in you getting more traffic.

But advertising is a costly affair. There’s also so many places to advertise:

For a company or a service provider, advertisements are a given. But what about blogs?

Do blogs need to be advertised?

In my opinion, the answer is… in some cases … yes.

Many will say that there is no point to advertising a blog. But this is 2016 and things are changing.

There are people like Harsh Agrawal, Neil Patel, and Darren Rowse who are making a living via their blog. Yah! We call them “professional bloggers”. Most of these bloggers have 1 or more products to sell (usually an eBook or online course).

The internet today offers a lot of alternatives to advertising your blog which will cost you nothing.

One of the best ways is through guest posting.

Guest posting is the most effective way to let other people know about you and your blog. A couple other good ways to drive (non-advertising) traffic are by commenting on popular sites and sharing answers on Quora.

These activities are things all bloggers do on a regular basis.

For a new blog, such free advertising makes sense.

But what if someone is making thousands of dollars every month from their blog? Does it make sense to advertise?

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Advertising is NOT a waste of money:

A majority of bloggers consider advertising a waste of money.


I do not share those views.  

Suppose you have an entertainment blog – why would you not consider advertising it on similar niche blogs?

You probably won’t be able to do a guest post. Usually only blogs in niches like “SEO”, “Blogging Tips“, and “Internet Marketing” allow you to do a guest post. Your guest post about celebrities will very likely be rejected.

Here’s the truth: some blog niches simply need to be advertised.

The Advertising Myth

There’s a common myth that advertising is only required for those sites that sell products or offer a service.

This is wrong.

Advertising your blog can help you a lot in branding and formally introducing you to a new audience, regardless of your niche. At the same time, even if people do not immediately click on your ad, you can be sure that they have registered your blog’s logo in their sub-conscious minds.

So one day when they find your blog through a search engine, you will likely have gained a new loyal reader who thinks you are a really popular blogger.

BUT – there are a few things you must remember while advertising your blog.

The number one thing that you must remember is that your blog’s archives should be huge and your content must be attractive. Your blog needs to have a lot of great content to keep your viewers glued to your website.

Advertising a blog IS a waste of money IF you have a 5-month old blog which has less than 50 posts.

In this case, it is better to continue growing your status as an authority and then advertise when you can show readers that your blog has a lot to offer.

What To Do?

When you are selling a product (like an eBook or membership site), PPC ads are usually a great thing to buy. Basically, you are buying potential customers. Even if these potential customers are just subscribing to your e-mail list, at some point in the future, they may be buying your (or your affiliate’s) products.

Here’s where you should spend your advertising money:

  • Advertise your YouTube channel to get more subscribers.
  • Advertise your blog’s Android or iOS app to get more installs.
  • Buy traffic from Facebook and link directly to your blog.
  • Buy traffic from Reddit or StumbleUpon (it’s cheap, social traffic).
    • Here you need to do lot of A/B testing to find the best results.

Another thing to keep in mind is your landing page. Instead of letting your advertisement traffic land on the homepage, create a dedicated landing page with a welcome note and some of the best articles from your site.

Give subscription options a prominent space and let your visitors know what they can expect from your blog. This will not only help in getting more views on your top posts, but will also help in converting one-time traffic into regular subscribers.

Advertising is a great way to promote and market your website, regardless of niche. But it needs to be done smartly in order to make it effective.

If it’s not done right, then yes, you will be wasting your money.

Do you advertise your blog?  Tell me your experiences in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Do Blogs Need To Spend Money On Advertising?”

  1. Advertising is a must if you are looking for a huge growth and exposure. But for a normal blogger the money spent on advertising would be a waste.

    So my advice is that Advertising is to be done only when it is established and wants more user-base or to sell a product maybe.

    1. Vivek Krishnan

      @NpXp- Yes, but if a normal blogger thinks that his blog is ready for advertisement, then he should advertise.

  2. Well the best mode of advertisement these days is Facebook and it is affordable too. Nice post Vivek.

  3. I saw some blogs as ads….i think they need sudden exposure…even you can try cpm ads for your blogs. Like bharat students do..

  4. I’m always thinking whether I should use AdWords to advertise on my blog.. I mean, I got around $5 a day with AdSense..if I can get a few hundred traffics with it through AdWords..why not?

    But I never see a blog advertised on AdWords..

  5. Well, Spending a little money on advertising does not matters but Question is who advertises blogs?
    I have never seen any Blog Advertisement

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