Discover A New Affiliate Program With Free Affilitizer Chrome Addon

Discover New Affiliate Programs
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What’s the most challenging part of affiliate marketing?

Well, for me it’s discovering a new affiliate program within my niche.

There are many ways to discover new affiliate programs in any niche & one of them is by joining an affiliate marketplace. However, you may know how tough it is to constantly browse these affiliate marketplaces when trying to find a new affiliate program that is highly relevant to you.

2023 update: I have added another Chrome addon that supports some of the popular affiliate networks. Scroll down to see the new chrome addon to discover an affiliate program of a webstore.

How cool would it be if we could discover new affiliate programs right from Google Search?

Imagine you’re researching for information related to a topic you are writing on by searching on Google, and Google informs you of available affiliate programs related to a website/product.

Well, if you just felt goosebumps thinking about this, you can forever capture this feeling.

Affilitizer is a new program in the affiliate marketing industry that helps anyone to discover new affiliate programs … for free!

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How Affilitizer Works & How To Discover New Affiliate Programs

Affilitizer offers a free Chrome & Firefox addon that you can install right now from here. Once the addon is installed, it starts working automatically without any configuration.

Next time you are searching for anything in Google Search, do pay attention to the “Affilitizer” icon as shown below:

How Affilitizer Works
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When you click on this icon, it shows the marketplace where you can join the affiliate program for that particular website/product.

Marketplace to join the affiliate program
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Clicking on the link will take you to the dedicated landing page for that particular product.

However, you should keep in mind that not every affiliate network offers a dedicated landing page for each program. In such cases, you will be redirected to the landing page of the affiliate network homepage. From there, you can log in & use the search option of the affiliate network/marketplace to join the affiliate program.

Wondering How Affilitizer Works?

Well, they are partnering with affiliate networks/marketplaces to help them get more affiliates. They have partnered with many affiliate marketplaces & as they partner with more, you will be able to discover more affiliate programs.

Below I have listed down some of the popular affiliate marketplaces that are integrated with Affilitizer:

You can follow their Twitter profile to know when they add a new affiliate network.

Overall, Affilitizer is something that every affiliate marketer (new or pro) will love having.

2. PartnerMe

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This is a new chrome addon that lets you discover if a website has an affiliate program on any of the popular supported affiliate networks. At the time of writing this, PartnerMe supports Impact, AWIN, Partnerize, Pepperjam, Commission Junction, and ShareASale.

However, do remember this addon is currently in development & at times, it might not work flawlessly. They are constantly adding new features. Because this costs nothing, I’m sure you will enjoy Affilitizer as much as I’m enjoying it right now.

Go ahead & try this addon. Do come back & share your experience and learnings with us in the comments section below.

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    Affilitizer is a great plug in where we can easily find out affliate programs.

    Thanks harsh again on giving the great tips on affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are better than google adsense revenues.

    offcourse you are already earning more than 80% from affiliate programs

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    Harsh how can I give an affiliate link that is global.
    E.g If product is available on Amazon for instance.
    And a person wants to buy and is from India how can it be redirected to Amazon India . If the person is from us and it should be directed to Amazon us.
    I wonder how to do it?

      1. SOHAM

        Thank you harsh…… It’s very helpful of you and always will be. 😊

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    It’s great to get Google informs me about the available affiliate programs I need to know. I have already added and checked this addon on one of my clients’ affiliation website and found it works wonderfully.

    Thanks for making me familiar with this fantastic chrome addon.

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    This addon is awesome…..Very helpful for affiliate marketers…

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    Looks cool. Will be very helpful for the affiliate marketers as well as bloggers. I will also give it a try and will tell my views on it. Thanks for the article Harsh.


    Affilitizer is a great plug in where we can easily find out affliate programs.

    Thanks harsh again on giving the great tips on affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are better than google adsense revenues.

    offcourse you are already earning more than 80% from affiliate programs

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