5 Things Successful Bloggers Have in Common

Common In Successful Bloggers
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I was reading about the world’s greatest blog success stories lately and I must say, if there’s one factor that affects the chances of success for any blog – it’s the blogger’s attitude.

A Blog is defined by the Blogger behind it and your mindset. Some people blog because they like to, some people blog because of money and some people blog because of Fame.

There are different reasons why people blog and what their ultimate goal is. Needless to say, if you have been blogging for a while, I’ sure you not only want to see your blog at the top listing but also want to establish yourself as a Successful Blogger.

There are few things which are common in most of top and successful Bloggers and in this article, we will look into some of the qualities of such popular Bloggers and learn something from their success stories:

Here are the top 5 of the common traits I observed in the way successful bloggers approach their blog.

Successful Bloggers qualities
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Common Traits of Successful Bloggers:

Passion for blogging

Some bloggers monetize their blog early, some late. However, one thing I’ve found 100% of them have in common is – they didn’t start out to earn money.

Each of them started blogging ‘cause they genuinely enjoyed writing about their subject and creating a community around the discussion.

Like one of the top Indian Bloggers, Harsh Agarwal recollects,

“I started Blogging out of interest and I never put any advertisements…I had no idea what AdSense is and what SEO is… I was a hobby blogger..”.

Blogger: Harsh Agarwal, India
Blogging since: 2008
Blog name: ShoutMeLoud.com

Passion for their subject

They have a genuine passion for the subject of their blog. They would have read & written about the subject of their choice even if they weren’t making money.

They go to great lengths to uncover detailed information about their topic. No wonder readers come back to their unique and insightful content. Darren Rowse (of Problogger fame), for example, started his blogging career with a digital photography blog in which he used to post painstakingly details instructions of using different makes & models of cameras for best results. Readers probably had no better source of comprehensive & detailed info.

Blogger: Darren Rowse, Australia
Blogging since: 2002
Blog name: Problogger.netDigital Photography School


It sometimes takes months, and often years before real traffic starts rolling in. The greatest bloggers out there have the patience to wait it out and keep the posting mojo going till that happens. But then again, why won’t they? As I mentioned earlier they blog for passion first and money second.

Heather Armstrong of one of the world’s most popular personal blogs Dooce.com for example, launched the site in 2001 and didn’t carry any ads till 2004 (Source: Wikipedia).

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Blogger: Heather B. Armstrong
Blogging since: 2001
Blog name: Dooce.com

Practicing what they preach

The pro bloggers test out any tip/strategy/guideline/tutorial before they share it with their readers. Rather they share only the best of their learnings from their stuff (whatever it is that they practice and blog about) with the world. Otherwise, no one would take them seriously. For example, no one would read John Chow’s advice on “How to make money online” if he hadn’t been there and done that before posting.

Blogger: John Chow
Blogging since: 2005
Blog name: Johnchow.com


Putting their readers at the center of their blog

The last element which set the most successful bloggers from the rest is their reader-focus. They write for passion, but they don’t write for themselves.

“Will my readers enjoy reading this post?”
“Will this post help my readers do something in a better way?”
“Will this post make my readers’ lives any easier?”

…These are the questions the top bloggers ask themselves before crafting a post. And that makes their readers come back to them. Again and again.

The whole idea of writing this blog post is giving you a mindset of top Bloggers. Be it Blogging or any other work, if your work is your passion and you work on it because of your own interest, there is no doubt you will make it bigger than anyone else. By the end, it’s your dedication and efforts which matters a lot.

Do let me know if you have observed another pro’s in your field and what qualities have you find in them, that make them stand out?

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13 thoughts on “5 Things Successful Bloggers Have in Common”

  1. hello sulgana
    nice post, i must admit….
    reading stories of these people encourages me. and yes they blog for passion thats why they get success.
    but today the scenario has changed and many people blog only for money.thanks for this post

  2. I do not know how to become successful in blogging, actually I was inspired by Nirmaltv.com . Now I found out what a successful blogger must have. Thanks a lot for the share.

  3. Great post! Liked the style of writing. Another common trait of successful bloggers is their determination to face failure. Like how “Rome was not built in a day”, bloggers don’t really become successful in a day. They fail, they learn, they develop, they succeed and they preach.

  4. Very inspiration post Sulgana and these guys have proved their excellence fighting several challenges in their growth path. Now there are even more bloggers than just a year ago, but the basic success mantra still remains the same as you listed above.
    “Will my readers enjoy reading this post?”
    “Will this post help my readers do something in a better way?”
    “Will this post make my readers’ lives any easier?”

  5. Hey Sulgana…this post i must say was a complete treat. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and just have to say the way you gathered and joined the pieces is truly spectacular. Get ready for a flood of comments here 🙂

  6. Hi

    I think you have not missed any of the qualities of the great bloggers.

    I think passion for the subject is really critical and content should be reader centric.
    Thanks for sharing this info.


  7. I am fully Agree with you because it is correct the blog is defined by its owner , the one running it. and I have also met so many bloggers whose attitudes were mind blowing , and while reading it I remember then :p thank you for this nice post.

  8. Sharing and theme is very important in today’s world… I always try to keep the theme simple and minimal…

  9. Hi Sulgana,

    Great Post !!

    All the points have been very well explained with examples of the great bloggers. I truly agree with you that, work done with passion and patience will take you to heights of success.

  10. It is indeed true that no matter in what profession you are, you got to be passionate about your job to succeed. We explained and well written article.

  11. m totally agree with the points all bloggers have same above qualities……..but still there are much difference among them

  12. Aditya Nath Jha

    Absolutely right. Everything else is secondary. Passion for blogging is the first and foremost thing! As Shri Krishna Said :
    “Karmanye Vaadhikaraste Ma faleshu kadachan!”

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