Cashkaro: Get Real Cash Back When You Shop Online in India

Do you like saving extra money? Who doesn’t?

But it’s not the piece of cake to save our heard earned money unless you know about latest money saving tips. In the past, Harsh has shared some great tips here & today is the time when you will learn saving money the smart way ( Spoiler alert: For India only).

At some level, we all are shopaholics! We all like shopping, don’t we? The miracles of the internet have now allowed reaping the benefits of E-commerce and shopping from the comforts of our pajamas! With the Indian E-commerce sales projected to top $17.52 Billion by 2018, virtual window shopping has now become a daily ritual!

Indian E-commerce stats
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While we all love online shopping, grabbing a deal or a coupon from around is something that definitely makes our day. Frugal investment on the internet is something people brag with flair and we all love sharing the nitty-gritty’s on how we netted a cool 75% off on that flashy Nike sneakers. You come around deals almost every day around on the internet and many of the deals are just price fluctuations that most of the time are not ‘real’ deals. Many E-commerce services have been accused of price manipulations and you can read it on the internet anywhere.

In the times of bogus deals that only make you feel good and not for your pockets, how do you ‘really’ benefit from these online deals and coupons? Although not all of the online deals being bogus is being accused here, wouldn’t it make sense to getting back some real money for your investment on the internet? Well, this is where cashback comes into the picture. Not to be confused with the cashback reward programs by credit card companies, cashback websites help you to make some portion of money off your purchases through their portal. The purchase that you will be making through these cashback websites will be made through the retailer, albeit you will be paid a share of the purchase amount as cash back. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to find out about one amazing cashback website that pays you to shop online in India.

Cashkaro: Get Real Cashback on online purchases

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Now that you have some idea about what a cashback website really is, it is time to get started raking the money in shopping online. But before we get started, you must know that this is in no-way a get-rich-quick trap, neither it is a scam to trick you into becoming an online fraud victim! Once we are clear with the disclaimer, it is the time you get introduced to Cashkaro. Very much similar to Quidco and TopCashBack, simply put, Cashkaro lets you earn some cash in return for the purchases made through their network.

Not to be confused with websites like Groupon, Cashkaro does not deal with direct coupons or discounts on products. Instead, Cashkaro lets you browse through a catalog of different products under a multitude of categories from Electronics to Health and beauty products and these are drawn from over 500 e-commerce retailers in India! Cashkaro is easily one of the biggest cashback service providers in India, given the huge array of retailers like Flipkart, Amazon India, Snapdeal, Jabong and much more supported by them. This is one cashback networks in India, where people have made claims of getting upwards of 10% in cashback on the purchases made through it. Simple, fast and elegant, you could be saving some money in no time with Cashkaro.

How to get Cashback with Cashkaro

Cashkaro - How it works
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Enough of the talk? Let’s now see how you can quickly get started with getting cash backs for your purchases made online. The way Cashkaro works is pretty simple. All you need to do is create yourself an account at Cashkaro so that you can keep track of your visited links, purchases made, pending payments, cashing out and other such tasks. Once you have an account at Cashkaro, you can now shop by product categories or by retailers through Cashkaro. Use the network just like you would with any other e-commerce website. Once you find a deal that you would like to earn some cashback upon, click on the Cashkaro’s link. This is basically a referral link and will ultimately lead you to the original product listing at the retailer’s website.

Once at the retailer’s website through the referral link generated by Cashkaro, shop like you would normally do at any e-commerce retailer like or Flipkart, Amazon India, Jabong or the likes. Once you make a purchase through the retailer, Cashkaro usually takes a maximum of 72 hours for it to be reflected on your account. In your account at Cashkaro, you can now check the status of the cashback and once the retailer makes a payment to Cashkaro, you get a share of the income and this gets reflected in your account.

Cashkaro review
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Cashkaro lets you check out with your cashback money once it hits the ₹250 threshold. Another cool benefit of the network is how easy it is to receive payments from them. Once you hit the threshold for checking out, you can simply transfer this cashback money to your bank account for free! Now how cool is that?

How using Cashkaro or similar Cashback program will help you save money?

After all the sweet talk, you might now be wondering how this benefits Cashkaro or the retailer (Or maybe you were wondering what to buy next!). If you have ever heard of affiliate marketing, think of it at a macro-level and this is how cashback websites work. All they are doing is partnering up with retailers of all sizes and listing their products or services through their very own network. For every purchase made through the links coming from these cashback websites, the retailers pay a sum to the network for bringing in customers for them. These cashback websites return a share of this money to their customers to make sure they keep coming back and keep the dough rolling in!

How could this possibly benefit the retailers?

Well, this is one way of tapping into a cluster of consumers seeking discounts or cash back for their purchases made online. Also, since the frequency of purchases is often required to make significant money through these networks, retailers could tap into customers who make purchases online more frequently. Last but not the least (Excuse the cliché!), the customer could gain something monetary in return for showing your loyalty to these cashback websites.

Create your free account on Cashkaro

So, as we come to the end of Cashkaro and how it helps consumers earn money through cashback online in India, what are your thoughts regarding the network? Have you had any positive/negative experience with the network or would you prefer traditional retailer deals or coupons? Feel free to shout out your thoughts and comments below while I go and take a hit on my wallet online!

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Cashkaro - Cashback
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12 thoughts on “Cashkaro: Get Real Cash Back When You Shop Online in India”

  1. Hi Srikanth,
    I have tried some other sites like this, they were not good enough. But I will give a try to Cash Karo.
    Thanks for the share.

  2. This was a nice informative article focusing on educating the consumer on how to save their hard earned money.The author has clearly made a demarcation between cash back aggregator websites and the platforms selling discount coupons.However the author has focussed too much on Cashkaro platform alone.

  3. I haven’t tried this one but have tried sites like TopCashback, Zingoy.

    Will Try this one also.

  4. I Cashkaro is good for regular buyers. But they don’t track all the purchases. Also they show more cashback and give lower than that.

  5. Akshat Banerjee

    Hello Srikanth,
    Nice post!! yes, cashback really works.
    But one common problem is that- we get the cashback after 60-90 days for all cashback sites + the threshold limit i.e., until & unless you reach that limit, you won’t be paid!

    Found a site, on fb, and I was amazed to see their service. They really paid within 20days to my bank acc., with no threshold condition! That’s what I liked about them.

    I think any people will loose the enthusiasm (to get the money paid back as a cashback)which he/she would have witnessed if he/she could get it within few days of purchase rather than getting it after 2 months.

  6. Really Great…Hearing you I am now trying Cashkaro to get cashback and the good news is wow! its working. Thanks for sharing this kind of post with us.. Great Bro.. Thanks Again.

  7. Anjali Thakur

    Nice Article Thanks For sharing such a useful information.I hope to get for the some other great information related. to get cashback on online shopping.

  8. nice article.. actually i regular buyer from cashkaro. got Rs 2560 earnings so far and they paid up honestly

  9. Nice site but as some of our friends told it’s taking 60-90 days to get cashback & to withdraw cashback as real amount we need to wait up to Rs 250.

    I found one cashback website named “CashVaapas” and they are offering Rs 50 as sign up bonus and that sign up bonus will get confirmed with our first confirmed cashback.
    They are confirming cashback fast when compared to other cashback websites. We no longer wait to get our cashback as real amount, they provide multiple payout options like recharge, transfer to bank & eWallets like paytm, mobikwik etc. The min payout for recharge and eWallet transfer is Rs 10 & for bank transfer is Rs 100.

  10. Jaskaran Singh

    CashKaro is very good website as I am already getting lots of benefit from that website. Thanks for sharing about Cashkaro.

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