Can You Become The Greatest Blogger? [Quiz]

A quick Yes/no test to find out if you are or can become the greatest blogger in the face of the earth.

Bonus Tip: Take a moment before answering Yes/No to any of the questions & read every question carefully to understanding underlying meaning.

Blogger’s Quiz – Level I

Have you stopped using too many advertisements?

Have you stopped saying Yes to all paid review offers you get?

Have you stopped rehashing other news & started writing your opinions?

Do you understand that you are not journalist & you have your unique style?

Have you stopped using free or paid template, & designed one of your own?

Before you write a post, do you ask: Is it really valuable for anyone else but you?

Have you written a post & never published it because it was mediocre?

Have you stopped checking how many likes you get on your Facebook updates?

Do you understand that it’s important to reply to all comments, but all comments don’t deserve a reply?

Do you realize that everything you read is written by someone like you [Human]? 

Do you agree: when you criticize a website, you are criticizing a living human?

Do You often end up burning the midnight oil?

Have you seen people copying your content/idea & you felt more happy than sad?

Have you started refueling your creative side? 

Blogging requires creativity“: Do you agree with this quote?

Blogging is creativity
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Do you realize that your writing is affected by the environment around you?

Have you written an idea on a notepad because you thought it’s brilliant?

Have you stopped complaining about every little thing?

Have you started making tough decisions in time?

Do you accept your mistakes even if that hurts?

Have you stopped blaming your parents for your failures?

Have you stopped feeling jealous & started seeing the creative side of others?

Have you stopped publishing daily?

Have you started hiring people who complement skills that you don’t have?

Have you started dressing up appropriately when going to events?

Do you still feel good when you get free goodies from a company?

Have you started noticing the pattern in everything?

Have you stopped selling your soul for quick money?

Have you started deleting emails without reading them?

Do you still write your articles?

Do you give credit to those who deserves?

Blogger’s Quiz – Level II

Do you agree with this quote: “One bad apple spoils the bunch”?

One bad apple spoils the bunch
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Have you stopped watching Television?

Are you out of all toxic relationships?

Do you still speak to yourself in your head?

Have you stopped doing the same thing every day?

Have you started building your personal brand?

Do you believe you are a writer, marketer, thinker & yet just a Blogger?

Have you started listening more & speaking less?

If your answer is yes to all of the above, you are moving in the right direction. If your answer is no, ask yourself why it’s no & is it important to make a change?

Note: One of a blogger friend suggested me to use the Title “Can you become the finest blogger” instead of “greatest blogger”& I reasoned out by saying:

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

13 thoughts on “Can You Become The Greatest Blogger? [Quiz]”

  1. Some hard hitting questions here…and I like the fact that you have not given answers to them as each person has to find their own path / answers / goals and work towards them…

  2. Comment:After reading through, I realized that the questions aren’t really questions.

    They were talking to me!
    Thanks author. Give more of these if you have them.

  3. this quiz is really cool. the points you ask in this quiz is also a answer that I feel. So I want to tell you all that I became a finest blogger soon in future days because I can.

  4. Hi Harsh,
    It touched my inner soul. You were able to write these questions because your live life as a blogger. Bookmarked this post. Now from today I will ask two or three questions to myself. I will work on them until I do not get answer in yes.

    Thanks Bro. I really needed it..

  5. Hey Harsh, This quiz is really cool. the points you ask in this quiz is also a answer that I feel. So I want to tell you all that I became a finest blogger soon in future days because I can.

  6. Vikram Kumar Raj

    Inspirational lines. Every blogger should these questions to herself/himself. Harsh you are icon for kid blogger like me. I hope to get lines in future like this.

  7. Everybody aspires to be great. But becoming a great blogger is the ultimate goal of all fine blogger. Aspiring to become the greatest blogger but landing instead to be the finest blogger is not bad at all. Aim high for your goal and even if you fall, you will fall high.

  8. Hi Harsh,
    Superb quiz i follow only few things.i waste my time on Tv.very important and fact able question for all blogger who want to become a good blogger.if we follow all these things we become good blogger.
    Thanks Bro for sharing awesome post.Keep up it.
    Have a nice week ahead.

  9. Hi,

    Really great questions you got there! The thing is Can you decide who is the greatest! I Don’t think so, All of them are doing their part, sharing what they know that’s what make all of them Great, You are in them too.


  10. Really a good set of questions to ask ourselves for any bloggers. Indeed, There are some No’s which will help me to work on those points. Thanks harsh for this nice post.

  11. Prabhudatta Sahoo

    I think this covers up, all the items that anyone would ever need to look forward to. I mean honestly I think that if you just satisfy half of the questions meaning if your answer to half of the questions is yes, then you are already one great you just need to grow and grow. 🙂 Isn’t it??

  12. superb collection… really… one more question to add from my side

    1. Are you feeling sad or dissatisfied when you haven’t learnt any thing new or didn’t any improvement to your blog or its content each & every day?

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