BuzzBundle Review: Desktop Tool For Social Media Automation

One of the hardest things for any bloggers is to drive traffic to their website. Either you are monetizing a blog with AdSense or via affiliate products, the important thing is bringing in the targeted traffic that converts.

To build targeted traffic, you need to find where your targeted audience hangs out and put your content in front of them.

To start doing that you need to create a brand identity and be active in all places over the internet, whether it is social media sites, blogs, forums, Q&A sites, etc. Once you start engaging with all these audiences your content creates a buzz and goes viral which in turn brings in targeted traffic to your website.

What if there was a tool that helps in creating a Brand for you rather spending countless hours of your time trying to find and engage with your audience. Yes, this is where I found a tool called BuzzBundle which makes your social media life easier and creates a brand for you all over the internet to engage with your targeted audience.

In this post, I will share BuzzBundle Review, and guide you on the working of this amazing tools for bloggers & internet-marketers.

What BuzzBundle Can Do For you?

Buzz Bundle is a desktop software (available for both Windows and Mac) which will help you bring in targeted traffic to your blog from various sources such as social media sites, Blogs, Forums, Q&A sites, etc.

One great thing about BuzzBundle is that everything is organized on a single place, and it fetches contents from Blogs, forums, Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. based on your keyword and helps to get into conversation directly there by knowing where your targeted audience are and putting your content in front of them, Basically what BuzzBundle can do is,

  • Scans Forums, Q&A sites, Blogs, Social Media sites, all over the internet for the provided Keyword.
  • Manages New profile registration and verification process
  • Maintains the existing Social Media profiles and helps to post to all places from a single click.
  • Allows you to find in the conversation about your topic and it posts a reply automatically for you without going in there.

Buzz Bundle is providing you a free trial where you can try all its features before you buy it.

Download Free trial of BuzzBundle

How to use BuzzBundle

Once you get Buzz Bundle, the first step is to setup a campaign for your specific keywords. To do that, click on New Project, which will provide you with two option as in the image below.

Buzz Bundle Select Streams
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Click on Add Stream(s) button to enter your keywords list, Buzz Bundle allows you to enter multiple keywords with each keyword per line.

Buzz Bundle Add Keywords
  • Save

On clicking ok BuzzBundle, fetches the content from Blogs, Forums, Facebook Twitter, Google Plus, etc. all over the internet related to the keywords provided.

BuzzBundle Streams
  • Save

As you can see from the image, Buzz Bundle has fetched the information associated with the keyword which I provided and split into separate columns based on whether it is social media sites, or Blogs or Q&A sites.

Creating Persona:

The next step is to create our persona; Persona is creating an identity for yourself which is used to engage with the audience. Buzz Bundle offers you to create multiple personas for each project, and you can add your social media profiles under each persona.

This is a great feature, since I maintain three social media accounts each for different niche categories, so creating different persona and linking each accounts based on niche group helped me to engage with different niche audience from a single place.

Even if you don’t have an account, don’t worry  BuzzBundle makes it easier to create social-media profile, and all you need to provide is your username, email, and password.

Buzz Bundle Add Profile
  • Save

To create Persona, click on Persona and Profiles tab, from there click on Add Persona icon at the top.

Buzz Bundle Add Profile Step 1
  • Save

This will prompt you to enter the username, password of your choice and the email address to use in order to create a new account for any Forums or Blogs. BuzzBundle also allows you to upload an image of your choice.

Buzz Bundle Add Profile Step 2
  • Save

BuzzBundle Configuration
  • Save

In Step 3 of the Setup, you will be asked to enter the incoming mail server of the email address which you entered, this is to make sure BuzzBundle authenticates the email, and it automatically verifies the profile if any new profile is created.

Buzz Bundle Add Profile Step 4
  • Save

Once you complete all these steps, you can see your account will be added to the persona, and now it’s time to link your Social media accounts. You can use these linked account to comment on the social platforms.

Buzz Bundle Add Social Accounts
  • Save

Click on Add Profile button to link your social media account and select the account that you want to link. Buzz Bundle supports various platforms (Blogs, Forums, Social Networking sites..)

BuzzBundle Manage Social Media Accounts
  • Save


Buzz Bundle Add Twitter Account
  • Save


Buzz Bundle Add Twitter Account FInish
  • Save

You need to provide your Twitter login details, which connects & adds the account on the persona tab.

Buzz Bundle Add Profiles
  • Save

In the same way, you can add other social profiles, and also you can link your forum profile if you have any.

Finding Targeted Audience:

Now, our next step is to spread our content to the targeted audience that helps in bringing targeted traffic to our website. For that switch to Streams tab where Buzz Bundle has fetched all the content related to our keywords.

As you can see, BuzzBundle has done an incredible work by fetching about 240 Blog and Forum posts, 35 Q&A posts, and all the new posts from twitter, facebook, and Google+. Just think, how much time it would have taken if you search for all these manually and how much time Buzz Bundle have saved you. This is the power of this tool and helps you in finding the right audience.

Buzz Bundle Streams
  • Save

If you observe the image, Buzz Bundle has sorted the posts in order of time and It displays all the latest posts on the network, So if you can target that particular audience then rest assured the traffic will end up in your email list.

Buzz Bundle Reply Comment
  • Save

All you have to do is; Just click on Add a comment enter your comments or suggestions along with your website link and click ok. Now Buzz Bundle will start its process at the backend and it automatically logins for you and submit the comment in the respective forum or blog. There is also an option to schedule the comment, which is useful if you want to post the comment later and run the software on autopilot.

Buzz Bundle Add comment
  • Save

Managing Social Media Accounts:

Social Media account management
  • Save

The feature of Buzz Bundle doesn’t stop here; You can even manage all your social media accounts from this desktop software.

Buzz Bundle Share to Social Network
  • Save

You can attach images, share location, schedule posts and even shorten your website URL, Buzz bundle takes care of everything, and you all you need to do is just type in your post and hit ok.

Additional Buzz Bundle Features:

There are many other additional features in Buzz Bundle, which makes your marketing easier. And some of them are:

Buzz Bundle Proxy Service
  • Save

Proxy Servers:

Buzz Bundle allows you to enter the proxies which is really useful if you are running multiple campaigns. Using the same I.P for multiple project might flag your activity as spam, and it’s recommended to change I.P. for different campaigns. With Proxy feature, you can easily do that.

BuzzBundle captcha service
  • Save

Captcha Solver:

There are some websites, which provide captcha in order to reduce the spam comments, Buzz Bundle provides you an option to integrate with captcha solving services like Anti-captcha which takes care of solving the captcha by itself. So if you are looking to engage with number of audience in short time, this will be very handy as you don’t need to solve captcha on your own every time you post the comment or reply.

At later stage if you ever want to edit or add Keywords to your campaign, you can do that easily by clicking on Keyword Group tab and clicking on the edit option, which will provide you the option to edit or add keywords as shown in the image below.

Buzz Bundle Edit Keyword
  • Save


Buzz Bundle Keyword Lists
  • Save


Wrapping it up:

Undoubtedly Buzzbundle is a great tool for social-media management, automation & many more. The importan thing which you need to decide is, how you are using this tool. You can use this tool for create tons of automated spams (Trust me, there are users who are doing it), or you could be one of those smart bloggers and use this tool in the right way, to supercharge your blogging & content marketing.

One great advantage of this software is, unlike other software’s out there, you don’t need to spend monthly for the service, it’s a onetime fee and you will get all the future updates for free from the BuzzBundle team. As I said earlier, BuzzBundle provides you with a free trial, you can try out the trial version before buying this.
Download Free Trial of BuzzBundle (Windows & Mac version)
I would love to know your comments regarding BuzzBundle or any other tool which you have come across. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to drop your comments below.

This is a guest post by Hemz from BloggersPivot. If you would like to contribute something awesome, check our bloggers submission guidelines.

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18 thoughts on “BuzzBundle Review: Desktop Tool For Social Media Automation”

  1. Hi Hemz,

    Thanks for this useful tools. Social media is very important for creating social signals and for referral traffic. I hope these tools will help to make it bit easier.

    1. @Amit : Glad that you liked this took, and yes it will help you build a brand for you and increase your social signal for your website.

  2. Hello,
    I think Buzzbundle gonna work terrifically in driving traffic. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tool. Keep sharing…

  3. It seems like a nice software, I am using linux mint as my operating system, any alternative?

    1. Hi Bigwas,

      BuzzBundle works for linux plartform too. You can download the free trial and check.

  4. Does this is against the ad sense policies as this is a paid one ( for longer version) that means this will be paid traffic ? or organic ?

    1. Hi Pranay,

      This is not against adsense policies, as you are not buying traffic from third party sites, You are just promoting your content to all social media sites, forums, etc.

  5. If you have a plan improve your brand, you should you Social Management online such as Hootsuite, etc. This software has great fuction but it also have many errors such as: creating account, verfication account…

  6. Swapnil Jagtap

    I was knowing Buzzbundle only. But know after going through this post i got that there are many other feaatures of buzzbundle which will really help for driving traffic.

  7. Shahid Sumon

    Many thanks with this helpful resources. Social networking is essential with regard to making interpersonal indicators as well as with regard to recommendation visitors. I really hope these types of resources will allow it to be little bit simpler.

  8. Nitish Gongala

    Good read man.
    It helps better if said something like,”Hey (person’s name) , that’s some new information to me.Thank you for that. Recently I’d come across an article on this site(your website link) which helped me understand better and really make a much a much informed decision about trying this product and I gotta say that there couldn’t be anything better. You should give it a read! 🙂
    Hope it helps!” rather than ” Nice piece of information. I recently wrote a post on my site go check it out yada yada…” . This could tick a user off cause him to ignore your comment rather than welcome the new source of information.
    Good stuff though,looking forward to more. 🙂

  9. Jacelyn Richards

    This is looking good, i am looking for this kind of desktop tool, thanks for sharing.

  10. I just recently purchased BuzzBundle and i was just about to ask for a refund. But after reading this article and watching the video, im going to give it one more shot because I think I have a little more understanding about the software and how to use it. I dont think I was using it correctly or at least not to its fullest capability.

  11. Hi, great article – but I am a fan of your website already, it doesn’t count. Just one thing though, BuzzBundle should be updated every now and then, as does the SEO power suite. But it’s not much regarding the usefulness of thess tools.

  12. Shamaila Zahid

    Great review! For the longest time ever, I did all the steps above manaually. Today, I discovered Buzzbundle and off to use it! Really excited!!

  13. Hi Hemz, that was a well written review of Buzz Bundle software. The screen shots really helped illustrate your points. I think a lot of people will find it very helpful. Keep up the good work. Best regards Warren

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