A Blogging Paycheck: Are Blog Payments Reliable?

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Every day hundreds of new blogs are launched, as they are touted to be the easiest ways of earning some quick bucks off the internet.

Is blogging really the easiest way to earn money online?

Is it possible to earn a fortune off of blogging? Are blog payments reliable?

Yes, blogging is by far the most straightforward and legitimate means of earning on the internet.

Other popular measures involve running surveys, data entry, and site management. But blogging requires hard work, patience, and ingenuity, just like every other job. Blog earnings are meager, so multiple sources of income must be assured, and it depends on the user’s popularity on the internet, so it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

While it is possible to earn a fortune blogging, the meaning of the term fortune itself is debatable. It can be safely stated that it is possible to earn enough from blogging to replace one’s day job completely. If only life were that easy. One must remember that of all the people who step into the arena of paid blogging, only 1% ever earn enough to quit their day jobs.

There are mainly four ways one can earn via a blog:

  1. Direct Advertising – The blogger will have to convince business parties to advertise on his blog and pay him a share of the income it generates.
  2. AdSense – The blogger allows Google to study the website, and put up advertisements related to the topics put up. Google, in turn, pays the blogger based on the number of views or the number of clicks on the advertisements. Learn how to create an AdSense account.
  3. Paid Reviews – The blogger enters into an understanding with companies and then writes reviews about their products. Based on the revenue generated by the company as a direct result of this, the blogger is paid a fair share.
  4. Link Loading – The blogger encrypts all links via link shortening sites, which pay the blogger every time a viewer passes through their site.

These are just a few of the many methods a blogger uses to earn. There are many other techniques followed by them for example Affiliate marketing, Premium content, selling eBook, Viglink and many more.

Now, all of these avenues pay very low, and the minimum payout amount is considerably higher.

The minimum payout amount set by Google AdSense is 100$.

This means that unless the blogger can get 5 million viewers to his blog or get at least 0.2 million viewers to click on advertisements, he will never see the amount in his hand.

This may not be valid for smart bloggers, who are targeting high CPC keywords, which generate more revenue from AdSense.

This brings into focus the major hindrance in the easy ways to make money scheme.

A blog will only make easy money if it has big traffic/following. ConsumerCommentary.com, one of the success stories in the blogosphere admits to having earned only 53$ in the first month when AdSense had just been introduced, even though it had a following of about 100000 visitors every day.

However, within a couple of years, the website boasted of monthly earnings of up to 5000$, with its growing audience base.

Writing reviews is an interesting task because a company will never invest in a blog unless it feels that its voice is reaching out to a significant number of people. The reviews need to be detailed, and need to chart out the positives, and the negatives of the product – not a blatant advertisement of it.

There are many sources of income through advertisements for a blogger other than AdSense –

You can find a long and updated list in our make money blogging guide.


Affiliate programs like Amazon, Clickbank and LinkShare, and time based events. But to enjoy any recognizable income from these places, a blogger has to follow certain principles.

The blog must have a theme or a mission statement, and not deviate from it.

This allows advertisers to choose their target audience. Too wayward a blog does not get a strong following of any kind.

The blog must concentrate on quantity and quality at the same time.

If a blog has many articles or podcasts, it can draw a large audience. However, at the same time, the articles need to exude a quality that assures advertisers of their success.

Payments are very small, and come only as the audience grows, so a blogger must be very patient with his earnings.

The blogger may need to promote his blog on various platforms to increase his audience, though a very popular means to do is by Blog Carnival.

The blog must not only create original and quality content, but also the content that the passes test of time (Evergreen content).

Writing about something that is forgotten the next day will not get lots of viewers in the future.

It can be concluded; that a blog can bring in cash, but only if it is very popular across the world, not only with advertisers, but also with the readership.

So yes, blogging makes money, and people are making thousands of dollar every day via blogging.

The thing which differentiate these A-list blogger from you is a plan & strategy.

So, are you ready to make money from your blog?

Do you think blog could be a reliable source of income for any blogger?

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  1. Thnx for sharing such a deatiled and quite informative article. Blogging is the great media to earn online money that required a lot of patience, hard wok and full time dedication. Affiliate marketing and adsence also good to make online money.

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