Blogging for Success: My Letter to a Frustrated Blogger

Just published a post on ShoutMeLoud and was reading the stuff here when I saw this letter by a frustrated blogger. In brief, it was a blog post about how the bloggers get stuck into a vicious cycle of hope, hard work, achievement & failure and quit blogging at the end.

I read it all and something triggered my mind. I felt like I have been there and done that. In fact, that very experience is has led me gradually to a significant success.

From my 4+ years of experience and lots of brain-sucking observation, I know exactly what had been missing when I was in the same position. This is the same thing most of the bloggers miss and fail to revive.

Blogging for so long and not successful yet? Here’s what you might be missing

Suppose blogging is a nail you want to pull out of the wall. So what will you need for that?

Most of the bloggers would say “force”, but this is where they get it wrong.

The force alone won’t be able to pull out the nail. You also have to complement it with right direction all the way. No matter how much force you put, if you are not applying it outwards, it won’t come out.

Makes sense?

All the bloggers who are working hard and not being successful are doing this very same thing. They are applying lots of force, but the direction is somewhat improper.

If you think you are failing despite your direction is true, and force is enough, keep that in mind and read further. You will find the answer.

Is your Blogging direction towards success or away from it?

Below is a diagram that helped me a lot to decide my direction of blogging. Ideally, I should be at the center of this graph where all the circles intersect.

The ideal choice for your blogging direction is where you can have

  1. Personal satisfaction
  2. Social status
  3. Money

Any aspect missing and you’ll lack inspiration and determination.


The most critical point of this whole talk. Getting traffic is much easier than the money itself, but without money you won’t be able to keep up the energy much long time. In the letter by a frustrated blogger, the author has said that he is making $1-2 per month only, but this makes perfect sense to me!

Making money quote by Warren buffet
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In his case, I can see that the author uses only Google AdSense to monetize his blog. AdSense pays only when someone clicks and traffic doesn’t mean clicks. So I think the author could have summed up more money by diversifying the monetization options. He could have released an e-book or added some inline text advertisement or have endorsed some hosting plan or a blog theme. In short, you must diversify your monetization to get maximum money out of your blog.

Another money factor is the blog’s niche itself. In a niche like WordPress, Blogging, Marketing, etc., you can easily have lots of products and services to promote which would get you more income compared to a random blog that can’t monetize on anything else ads. Hence, you should choose a niche with least competition, max traffic and more number of monetization opportunities.

Here are 10 amazing hand-picked articles from ShoutMeLoud, which would show you how to make money from your blog. Caution: All tricks require work to be done.

  1. Built a micro-niche site for AdSense or Affiliate (This one is epic)
  2. Launch a course on Udemy & earn money (This requires real work & pay off is great)
  3. Making money on Auto-pilot (real-life case-study)
  4. Case study by a blogger who increased her food blog earning by 3x
  5. Affiliate marketing: A course for beginner by Harsh
  6. The No-Nonsense guide on Making money from content curation
  7. Amazon India affiliate program


Nobody enjoys mediocre information repeated hundreds of times, so make sure that you know quite better about your subject than the other bloggers. Such exceptional knowledge only flourishes when you are passionate about your subject.

Work with passion
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If it is your passion, you will always dig deeper & be able to write comprehensively about it. Plus the fluctuations of your readership won’t diminish your energy that is quite necessary because blogging takes some time for success.In addition to the subject knowledge, you must learn basic grammar & vocabulary, blog promotion, social marketing, HTML, CSS, basic troubleshooting, etc. to take it to a professional level. If you don’t know anything technical, better to publish at a multi-author platform or social community rather than your blog. It will save your time and efforts from the technicalities of the blog.


Satisfaction, for a blogger, is being able to blog about something he loves and getting social acceptance for that. In addition to finding out your blogging niche, you must make sure that blogging makes you socially acceptable. You might not want to be criticized by your relatives and others for spending your valuable time failing miserably.

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A big reason for quitting blogging, especially in India, is that you don’t get social approval taking blogging as a profession. To deal with this, you should start blogging part-time and make it full-time only when you are successful enough. If you argue that you can’t get enough time this way, you are not built for blogging then. Many successful bloggers, in fact, most, started blogging in their free time and eventually made their way to success.

In all, don’t depend upon the hard work only. Set the correct direction of hard work too:

  • Choose the niche that brings traffic and money both
  • Make sure you are interested and knowledgeable about the subject
  • Write in-depth and to-the-point always
  • Learn the complementary skills to make it professional.
  • Start part-time, make it worth full time &
  • Don’t depend upon a single income channel. Diversify

If you can decide something that satisfies the three primary needs stated above, your chances of keeping up with your blog and being successful ultimately will be maximum. Be honest with yourself and figure out the missing stone in your path.

Be honest quote
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Just make sure that there is no lagging in your efforts to make every post the best on the topic.

In all, if you can decide something that satisfies the three primary needs stated above, your chances of keeping up with your blog and being successful ultimately will be maximum. As you get the right direction, your force i.e. your hard work will eventually start showing the output. So be honest with yourself and figure out the missing stone in your path if you want to succeed.

This open letter is contributed by Darshan. Want to contribute something for ShoutMeLoud bloggers community? Read our submission guidelines.

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An ardent blogger, SEO & content strategist. My dictionary has 'c' for "creativity", 'q' for “Quora” & 'w' for “Wordpress”. Art, tech & Internet are my muse and I write about them at my blog Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any Wordpress service. Your experience will be a breeze. Pinky Promise ;)

35 thoughts on “Blogging for Success: My Letter to a Frustrated Blogger”

  1. According to My experience, Frustration is a part of Blogging and we must enjoy it instead of worrying about it. Enjoy Blogging! 🙂

    1. Darshan Paladiya

      Thanks for reading Deepak. I think specialization is not a necessity for blogging though it is beneficial for sure. You just have to make sure whatever you post on your blog is highly valuable & engaging for your readers, no matter how random it is. A random blog is as rank worthy as a niche blog if it has great content & proper category classification.

      So my advice is, start with Blogger or WordPress free blog. Research deep and post unique & valuable content as frequently as possible. Promote it at right places and eventually migrate to your own domain and hosting as you get enough readers. Be persistent and keep improving till you succeed because blogging won’t give you overnight success in most of the cases.

  2. Thanks Darshan for listing all the above links at one place. The quotes you included in the post are good enough to motivate anyone if one could understand it deeply.

  3. Shaikh Noman Ahmed

    Hi, this post is amazing. It has motivated me. The 3 blogging directions & the links you described is really very useful. Thnx Darshan.

  4. Thanks for your effort to write an article on blogging success. I read both the articles. Your article has covered many points at one place, which newbie bloggers miss. The images chosen were very relevant. Keep it up

  5. Highly motivational stuff. Even I plan to work part-time as blogger currently and then work full-time when I know all basic knowledge about it and when I’m more experienced about the niche.

    1. Darshan Paladiya

      Thanks for your kind words & nice blog Vinit. Quite competitive niche I must say. All the best for your blogging journey 🙂

  6. Personal satisfaction, Social status, Money. You’re absolutely right, everybody is starting to blog with these three aspects in mind, but few of them manage to reach them. And if they do, they definitely deal with a few (or more) frustrating moments.

  7. This post inspires a lot. I am new and trying to learn things. I hope that someday, I will be able to make it large. 🙂

    1. Darshan Paladiya

      Thank you Utsav 🙂 Your site already has good Alexa rank and seems like you are doing above average than the usual bloggers. But I am not seeing any ads on it. Don’t you have applied for AdSense or any monetization option?

      1. I will monetize this website when I have enough traffic. Initially, I am focusing on getting traffic and daily returning visitors. 🙂

  8. Hi Darshan,
    My name is Nkem and writing to you all the way from Nigeria, Africa.
    l stumbled across your website by accident through google search results. I read this particular article here (and many more on your site, lol) because it caught my attention. What resonated with me most was the opening picture of the nail and how you will able to relate it to “work and effort” of getting results as a blogger.

    I am just 3 months old as a blogger and l am learning as much as l can from experienced bloggers like you. I must admit that it is challenging as a newbie blogger. But with bloggers like you on the internet who share their content, tips, tricks, strategies, etc. blogging will be a lot less painful for newbie bloggers like me.

    I will visit soon again.

    Thanks for sharing and all the best.


    1. Darshan Paladiya

      Hi Nkem, that’s really motivating!! Great to know that my experience is worth it for newbies. Thanks for your kind words. Keep learning 🙂

  9. It doesn’t matter what you are saying but real passion about the subject is always required and to keep it moving it require motivation, which for me and may be for all is money.

    1. Darshan Paladiya

      That’s why you’re not successful probably. I’ve seen a lot of successful people and none of them worked for money. Money is just a byproduct when you’re working for passion. And if you have enough fuel of passion you’ll get money in abundance!

  10. Helio Darshan! My name is Fabio, and I am from Brazil. You cited Udemy as a good source of income. Is it reality worth? Can you talk a little more about it?
    I have received invitations to record material for them, but I do not know if it can bring me a good return. I am a education technology blogger and youtuber at the moment.
    Thank you!

    1. Darshan Paladiya

      Hi Fabio, sorry but I can’t tell you how much exactly can Udemy help you generate income. I just added articles that I thought could help them who are looking for online success. I don’t want to mislead anyone, so better you ask the same to the author of that article himself.

  11. Very nice and knowledgeable article. I think we Warren Buffet said right. We never depend on single income.

  12. Niladri Chatterjee

    Super-amazing post..!! Totally refreshing. Just the article a frustrated blogger (like me) needs.

    Thanks for the post.
    Feeling grateful 🙂

  13. It is really a great article for the startup blogger definitely. I am running my blog from oct and get frustrated when i do not get as much attention as I want. But I think i need more patience.


    1. Darshan Paladiya

      Patience, passion & skills are must as blogging is a hugely competitive industry. Create value and you’ll be rewarded. As simple as that!

  14. Dipendra Shekhawat

    Very ncie post which motivates to continue blogging. Need to think of applying the force in right direction.

  15. This is a great platform for all the beginners. Thank you for the detailed article’s about blogging.
    I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, however i have few queries. Such as
    What are the privacy policy(About similar blogs) to be considered while starting a blog. I mean how best to blog in a safe way.
    What are the rules and regulations to be aware off.
    I appreciate if you can reply to this 🙂

  16. In a word I would like to say about this post is IMPRESSIVE.
    I visited so many blogs but, I never saw blogger like you Darshan. Your writing style is simple and so flexible and easy to understand. keep it up…
    Thanks for your best post!
    It’s really helpful to me.

    1. Darshan Paladiya

      Thanks Akshay, I believe my writing style is simple because I know the subject in depth. As Einstein said, “If you can’t make it look simple, you haven’t understood it properly”

  17. Hello Darshan
    Thanks for the nice writeup.
    We are new to blogging –
    A married couple from Mumbai, India.
    We are also afraid of being caught
    In the vicious struggle of trying to
    Blog for success
    Putting in a lot of hard work
    And then experiencing failure
    And giving up.
    We started our blogging venture
    In the first week of this year-
    But we are getting only around 15 – 20 hits each day.
    We are working hard
    And hoping things work for us.
    Thanks for the great share.
    Best wishes and regards.

  18. There is that saying “Always follow your heart”.

    I have created my WordPress blog because I am passionate about foreign traveling, cultures, food, and especially foreign women. I want to go on more trips overseas. I want to continue spending dating, etc. foreign women until I find my future wife. I also want to encourage readers (especially American or Western men) to go overseas and find a foreign girlfriend/wife too.

    For bloggers who are frustrated or have quit, your reasons may be:

    1. You are not planning right or at all.
    – Get a notebook, write your thoughts/ideas, etc.

    2. Find what really interests or concerns you.
    – Like me, you would come up with more words to write unexpectedly. It happens every time I write or edit my blog post. The result is that followers/readers would be interested in reading what you have to say. They want new or different information (from you) they do not get from other bloggers.

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