Don’t Let your Blog Fail like Superman’s Krypton

I bet most of you have heard about Superman and his story about Krypton. ( And if you have not, you can check out the latest movie MAN OF STEEL for that ). I really got inspired from the story and decided to connect the story with the Online Superman’s ( Bloggers like Us) . I have seen most of the bloggers just lose hope in their blogs. Don’t let your blog fail. In this post I am going to share you folks some tips to keep you blog up even in tough times:-

Tips to Keep Blog Up Even In Tough Times
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Form a Good Team

One of the reasons behind the failure of survival of people of Krypton was their own people. Military leader on which people of Krypton relied on turned against them. We as Bloggers need to make sure that we form our team appropriately. Choosing authors and giving them privileges is really a concern. And you should think well before granting access rights or else you might regret later. If you are forming a little more than just a blog, you can use service like betaout to manage your team of authors and editors.

Make Friends and find Mentors

I remember a proverb – ” A friends in need, is a friend indeed “. Even Superman needed friends like Lois Lane for helping him save Earth. Make group of bloggers like you and connect with them. Share your ideas and you will eventually grow. Friends can help you stay updated very easily and may even help you solve your problems.

On the other hand having a Mentor is equally important. Superman’s Father ( both from Earth and Krypton) guided him and helped him through out his journey of fighting evil. You need to find Blogging Mentors who have mastered the art of SEO and Organic Traffic. And you seriously need them before you start walking on the path of black Hat SEO.

Do the Work of your Choice

On Krypton, every child was programmed before his birth about the kind of work he/she would be doing in their life. This lead to narrow mind approach of people of Krypton.

I just suggest you folks to follow the thought of your heart. Stopping listening to advises on selecting your blog niche as you may already have your dream niche embedded in your heart. You just need to listen to your inner call and blogging about topics you find interesting and select the best niche for you.

Have Multiple Back-ups

Codex was the only back-up for the DNA codes of the people of Krypton. I feel that if they had more than one back-ups they wouldn’t have had to worry about the extinction.

We Blogger also need to back up our blog templates/themes , plug-ins/ widget and Blog posts to make sure our blog survives even after breaches in security. We need to make sure that we back-up our blog on a daily basis before someone attacks us and wipes out everything.

Learn the Facts

Although Superman was not present at the destruction of Krypton but he did saved Earth. And this was all possible because Superman had studied physics facts like Gravitation and Black holes well. As Bloggers, It is your up most responsibility to learn about Blogging facts like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social media Marketing and a lot more.

Just Focus

Superman kicked the equally powered evils on their ass not only because of his strength and powers but because of his focus to control his powers in a better way.

You as bloggers need to focus your time and energy in things which are productive for your blog rather than just playing online games and finding online entertainment. Blogging sphere is growing and its going get way more competitive with each passing day. And if you not aiming with your up most focus, chances of your success may reduce drastically.

DON’T Loose Hope and be the Man of Steel 

Most of you would say that Superman succeeded in his intentions due to his body of Steel. But I would say he also had a heart of steel (or else he would not have let his Dad die in from of him, Just to stick to his dad’s teachings).

This one is the most important factor which would help your Blog survive even after series of Google updates like Penguin or Panda. We don’t know which animal would Google love in the near future. And what kind of update Google introduces in its name, But One thing is for sure, Bloggers who don’t lose hope in their blog and stick to their morals will ultimately emerge and reach the skies.

And before we end, enjoy the trailer of Superman, man of steel:

I hope you folks learn from Superman and be an Online Hero in this virtual world.Do comment below and share the tough times you had in blogging journey and the way you emerged from them.

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  1. Thanks for such valuable information’s.I am a new blogger and this info is surely going to help me.

  2. Lol..Just back from the movie and watching it again in your words. Anyways nicely collaborated blogging and the movie πŸ™‚


  3. wow unique & awesome post nice way of co-relating blogging with recently launched Man of Steel πŸ™‚

  4. As usual great post. I never think about multiple backups. Thanks for the suggestion. Enjoyed the trailer too.

  5. Lol……. really it’s new thinking of explanation it’s quit expressive and understandable how to mange blogs and how to get traffic and improve our blog position, manage our visitors etc… all the stuff u explained us in different way of thinking, i appreciate you kunal and thanks for the information.

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