Top 3 Benefits of Writing a List Post

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Every blogger loves to get traffic to their blog and not every article published gets the required traffic or exposure.

In order to make your blog go viral, you need to write some of the list posts. List posts though look like a normal post it has got a lot of potential in driving huge traffic, getting indexed by search engines and most importantly people love posts of that kind.

List posts are a kind of breakthrough for your blog. If your blog is not liked by many or you want to lower your bounce rate or you want people to come, again and again, list posts do the required magic.

If you plan to write a list post every week you could increase your traffic and follow in multiples of 10’s sometimes. Normally if you get 100 page views a day after writing a list post you could land up in 1000 or 10000 page views too.

What are List posts?

A list post is nothing but a post which contains a list of tips, points, websites, blogs, techniques etc which are organized in a pointwise manner indicated with numbers or bullets. Some of the examples of list posts are given below.

In all the above-mentioned posts you can notice that all the posts are organized in a listwise manner or they are ranked based on few factors. Posts of these kinds are called as list posts.

Top 3 Benefits on why one should write a list post:

There are many benefits of writing a list post but I have summarized the top three benefits of writing a list post. Take some time in reading the below points before you actually start writing one.

1. People love data in the form of lists:

You might be a fan of IPL 6 and you want to know stats of top run-scorers. I will give some random data like there are many leading run scorers in IPL 6 among them are MS Dhoni, Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, David Warner, Rohit Sharma, Gautham Gambir and Shane Watson. Will you love to read this data or will you love it if it is properly organized in the form of a list with stats as posted below.

More data in list posts
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Surely you might have loved the second method, a properly organized list. Now I have practically shown that people love to read data in an organized manner like eating a sandwich rather than merely thrown bread crumbs.

2. Lists could be understood more quickly than paragraphs:

You want a step by step method on how to start a blog in WordPress. If you read data like “First you need to buy a domain name, next you need a hosting and then you need to install WordPress” so on and so forth people won’t understand quickly. Simply when I list the points in a step by step manner as below people would easily understand.

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Go for Web Hosting
  3. Download and Install WordPress
  4. Install the required plugins
  5. Write your first blog post

Isn’t this process simple just 5 points can give a clear picture of how one can start a blog?

People would easily understand in a stepwise manner rather than reading it in the form of paragraphs.

3. Makes your blog go viral:

The third benefit of writing a list post is to increase your traffic. Your one list post can increase the traffic within a few days.

You can implement many things with these kinds of posts. If you are an Adsense publisher proper placement of ads on such articles can increase your earnings. You will not only increase traffic in terms of page views but you can also convert them into real cash.

A proper call of action at the end of the article too can increase your subscriber count, likes, shares, tweets and +G. Some of the blogs have more number of page views for list posts compared to their home page.

In simple, a list post gives you Traffic+Money+Subscribers+Social engagement which includes likes, shares, tweets, comments etc.

Are you planning to write a List post?

There are some blogs which purely post only list posts and reach the success levels in a very short time. Even some of the top Indian blogs reached good traffic and income by posting such extraordinary list posts. I think if you are a professional blogger you can guess about which blogs I am talking about.

SML too has many of such List posts and there is no need to brag about its success, we can apparently see it. So knowingly or unknowingly you might have written list posts. If you haven’t written any of such posts till date and if you are interested to know on how to write a list post than wait for my next article on How to write a list post that goes viral.

There are few things which you should remember when writing a list post:

  • Don’t write listified posts for the sake of it, add value by collecting actual data. For example, if you are writing something like “Top 10 software’s” for anything, do try them. In the detail field, do share your observation.
  • Use forums and blog commenting to collect more information and more up-to-date data.
  • At the end always conclude which website/tool/or point you recommend. This may not be applicable in many cases.

I hope this article will help you to come up with content that will not only drive traffic but will help you to get more recognition.

How often you write listified articles?

How do you collect data?

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2 thoughts on “Top 3 Benefits of Writing a List Post”

  1. i agree with u , it really looks good when you see things in a list,,, not everytime people look for all the details

  2. Great advice, Vijesh. Surely list posts tends to work well in all situation. I, myself, have a blog on top 10 lists and it does quite well. xlist posts, most of the time, rank on google in first page and they send thousands of visitor to a website. And as you said, they are easier to read and people love to read them.

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