How To Take Complete Backup of BlogSpot blogs?

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BlogSpot is one of the top free blogging platforms but it comes with many limitations.

One of the biggest limitations is; Google owns the control of your blog.

Google owns the right to delete your blog at any point in time.

This usually comes when you are using your blog for spamming or for any other activities which violate BlogSpot TOS.

This is one of the reason, I keep suggesting people to go for self-hosted blogging platform where you have complete control.

One thing which you can do apart from following BlogSpot guideline is taking a periodic backup of your BlogSpot blog. This will ensure that if something goes wrong with your blog in future, you can always restore your data and posts.

Taking the backup of BlogSpot blog:

Any BlogSpot blogger can take a complete backup of blogspot posts, comments by using export feature of BlogSpot blog. Backup will be done in the format of .xml format, and you can store it on your local desktop. Unfortunately, this is more of a manual process, and depending upon how often you update your blog, you should take backup weekly or monthly.

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Here is a video which explains the whole process:

A good idea is to take a backup of your customized Blogspot template at regular interval. This will solve two major problems:

  • If your blog get deleted, you will have a complete back up of your theme.
  • If anytime, while playing with template code, you made some blunder, you can quickly restore the template from your backup files.

I also recommend you to keep the backup files either on Google drive or on Dropbox, so you can access it from anywhere. Do let me know what method you are using to take backup of your Blog?

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    It has been long since I am planning to move to wordpress , but thanks to this tips, I will back-up my Blog first and than make the move!

  2. Apart from using software you can easily take backup of your blogger blog by exporting it

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