Top 3 Mistakes Amateur Bloggers are Prone to Make

To err is human. Everyone makes a lot of mistakes in his lifetime and blogosphere is no exception. Blogging is not an easy task by any means and needs tons of decisions to be taken. While some are right, many of your decisions turn out to be wrong as well. Even though it is said that a person learns from his mistakes, it’s not always the case. Sometimes we have to pay a huge amount to learn from those mistakes, leaving no other way in front of us than repenting on those mistakes.

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There are millions of blog of your niche available on the net. If you want to attract the reader, you must stand out from the crowd and for that you should try to avoid the following 3 mistakes that every Amateur blogger makes during the start. Avoiding these mistakes will not only give a better start to your blogging career, but will also help in making your site stand out from the crowd.

What Common mistakes an Amateur Blogger usually makes?

1. Custom Domain Name

Choosing a free domain name (, is one of the biggest mistake every blogger makes, when he starts his blogging career With a free domain name you do not get the exposure you deserve. Even though you work hard, you are not considered serious about blogging. So having your own domain name is what I suggest to every newbie blogger as it gives you more control on your website and helps you to establish yourself as a pro blogger. Having a custom domain name helps you to build your blog as a brand which helps in further growth of your blog.

When you use your own custom domain name, you will not only preserve your brand but there are many other benefits of using custom domain name.

2. Blog Design

What is the very first thing you notice when you visit a website? Of course the first thing everyone notice is the look and feel of the website. Your site’s look plays a vital role in the success of your blog. Remember the proverb,

First impression is the last impression”.

But another mistake a newbie blogger makes is selecting a fancy looking theme for his site, which he might get for free. But he doesn’t understand that these fancy themes fail to provide a professional touch to the site. If the visitor finds your site’s look unprofessional, he will escape your site right away, without even reading the content.

So better choose a professional looking theme, which could attract your readers or at least save them from distraction. Never hesitate to go with premium themes and consider it as an investment to your blog.

Also you should avoid changing your site’s theme frequently as this leaves a negative impact on the visitor. Think how you would feel if you are reading the content of a website and when you refresh the page you find that the look of the site has been totally changed. So, better just select one theme and try to stick with it.

3. Copying Content without even giving the source

When we all start blogging, writing posts seems a tedious task. So we start copying posts from other famous blog of our niche and with a few modifications publish it on our site (That’s what called Plagiarism). This might not be the case with everyone, but a majority of newbie blogger faces this issue. Think how you will feel if someone starts stealing your content without even your permission or siting your site as source?

Plagiarism is something no one likes. Eespecially Search engines hate it. Doing plagiarism on your blog is like committing SEO suicide.

So, you should always try to write original content because that’s the only way by which you can succeed in not only in Blogging but anywhere in your life. Always if possible, take permission from the author and give proper reference of the source, if you want to quote someone else’s content on your site.

Being an amateur blogger, you should take benefit of the experience of senior bloggers and should try to avoid the mistakes that generally a newbie blogger makes. This will help you to further develop you site in a big brand and establish yourself as a successful blogger.

Is there any other amateurish mistake that you would like to add here in this list? Do let me know via comments.

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9 thoughts on “Top 3 Mistakes Amateur Bloggers are Prone to Make”

  1. Hey Sarvesh,
    Totally agree with your points. I would like to add some points.
    Amateur bloggers don’t concentrate on site loading time as a results they use too many plugins and widgets on their blog.
    They don’t do proper Keyword research.
    Choosing wrong niche is also an important point.

  2. Why have you used word Amateur here instead of professional blogger? Amateur guy do anything just for fun and not professionally.

  3. Shiwangi peswani

    Hello Sarvesh . Nice post indeed but I think that you missed one very common mistake done by the newbies which is selecting the wrong niche.
    Usually newbie bloggers select the niche without any research which brings lot of problems ahead. Even I did this mistake twice, started two blogs without doing any research about niche and no wonder those blogs did no-good for me.

  4. Well yes, look and feel of the website, plays an important role in the success of your blog and as said “first impression is the last impression”. And yes, free theme is not the best choice, as it doesn’t provide professional touch to the site. Thanks for this wonderful post Sarvesh 🙂

  5. I have currently hosted my blog in with a custom domain attached to it. Do you think it is worthwhile to move it into a standalone wordpress installation? Please suggest

    1. @Brucelin
      I would recommend you to migrate to (Self hosted, stand alone installation), as it would give you more flexibility, and control. You can read about what all you are missing being on here:

      Further, you can read this guide to migrate your blog to

      Do come back after migration, to thank me 🙂

  6. Emenike Emmanuel

    Hi Sarvesh,

    That was an excellent post. I also published a similar topic.

    Going through an amateur blogger’s blog can be so annoying. Some of them go the extra mile of using bloody colours in their background or even an automatic background music.

    If there’s anything I left from ShoutMeLoud, first it’s that my blog design matters to a large extent.


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