10 AliExpress Safety Tips To Avoid Being Scammed

Alibaba, as most of you know, is a wholesale supplier website where you can interact with and purchase from suppliers all over the world.

AliExpress is another offering from Alibaba. It is an online e-commerce store and acts as the retail arm of Alibaba.

Although Alibaba is a reputed company, the quality of the sellers is not always consistent. A lot of times people have been cheated or have gotten below-par products.

  • The best way to have a good experience from AliExpress is to prepare yourself.

Here are 10 AliExpress safety tips that will save you from being scammed.

Aliexpress - Rating, Guarantee and Open
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Look for Years Open, Feedback, and Buyer Protection

10 AliExpress safety tips To avoid getting Scammed

1. When was the store opened?

This data point tells you when the seller opened shop.

If it is more than two years, then they have some credibility and, to a certain extent, longevity. If it has been open less than a year, their quality hasn’t been validated yet.

So if you are making a very expensive purchase or a product that is technology oriented, it’s better to go with an AliExpress store that has been around for a while.

2. The store’s “Buyer Protection” policy

AliExpress has protocols within their platform to protect the buyer from fraudulent sellers as much as possible.

Aliexpress buyer protection
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In the case of purchasing, it will benefit you to look at the “Buyer Protection” the seller has in place.

Every seller should have, at least, the following protections:

  • Full refund if you don’t receive your order.
  • Full or partial refund if the item is not as described.

To find out more, check out the “Seller Guarantees” that the seller has in place (found in the product description area).

3. Star Rating and Review – Feedback

You very likely already check out the rating and reviews.

A good way to sift through the reviews section is to select the “With Pictures” option.

A lot of buyers upload the images of their products and give reviews. This is a good way to validate if people are consistently getting the right product (and if they are happy with the quality).

You get the complete “Seller Feedback” page when you click on the diamond symbol in the “Sold By” section.

Aliexpress - Feedback page
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Feedback page gives insight on the seller’s product and service

4. Last Purchased and Frequency of Purchase

The reviews come with dates as well.

Check the last reviewed purchase and if it is recent, then it’s a good sign that people are buying it.

Also look at the frequency of the purchases, if it is consistent, then this is also a good sign.

If people haven’t bought the product in the last 6 months, then it may be a red flag. Either the product isn’t available or the store has shut down.

Aliexpress - Reviews
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Product reviews shed light on the intricate details about the product

5. Contact the seller before you make a purchase

There’s an option to contact the seller before you make a purchase.

Ask all the questions you need regarding the quality of the material, warranty, refund policy, and everything else you need to know.

Check whether their answers are consistent with what they have mentioned in the product page.

  • Note: A good seller will be able to talk to you about the product in-depth and will not try to push the product onto you.

6. Items with a very low price may be counterfeits

Everything is made to look good in the AliExpress store.

If a product is at a ridiculously low price, be very careful because it just might be a fake.

7. Don’t get “free shipping” for expensive items

Free shipping may be a tempting offer, but it’s riskier for your product.

The free shipping option is fulfilled through the postal service and there are no guarantees regarding the way your product is handled.

If your product is expensive or breakable, it’s better to spend an extra few dollars to get it delivered through a reliable service like DHL.

8. Customs and import duties may be charged

Goods coming in from China may be subject to import duties in your country.

This can amount to around 30% of the value of your product. This is very circumstantial though.

Your best bet is to use a tool like Duty Calculator that will give you an approximate value of how much the duty will cost.

  • Note: There are limited free attempts at Duty Calculator, so use yours well.

9. Try not to open a dispute before receiving your product 

Disputes at AliExpress can be tricky.

You have one attempt at filing a dispute and if you use that dispute because you haven’t yet received your product, then you exhaust all your disputes before the product reaches you.

If the seller ships your product and closes the dispute, you cannot leave feedback either. So if your product is faulty, you cannot do anything about it because you’ve exhausted your disputes.

10. Use your product before confirming the receipt 

There’s an option to confirm the receipt when you receive the product.

Don’t immediately confirm your receipt after getting the product.

Test and see if it is as advertised and works to your satisfaction. Only when you are satisfied should you confirm your receipt.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to purchase from AliExpress without any hassle.

What have been some of your AliExpress experiences? Have you ever been scammed? Let us know in the comments below.

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21 thoughts on “10 AliExpress Safety Tips To Avoid Being Scammed”

  1. Two things that can happen 1 is Fraud you might not get want you order another is getting fake products. Thanks.

  2. Janelle Lineisy

    The latest scam I have noticed is a Free Shipping item that changes to have a shipping charge when you select the product. I contacted Ali Express and was told it doesn’t meet their fraud definition. It is becoming really common.

    1. It’s better to have a paid shipping coz free shipping often gets stuck in the custom offices…and it’s not a scam may be the interface wasn’t Been updated or so

  3. Harpreet Kumar

    sometimes get fake or damage products..big scamming issue tht i ever feel to buy from online

  4. Rajesh Karnavat

    I ordered mobile from AliExpress. But it went to Customs after some day Customs sent the letter.Customs import duties was 45%. I was very high charge for that product so, I returned it to the seller. The seller cut 10$ as return shipping cost. So, before order be aware of such thing.

  5. Munna Hossain

    Nice sharing. You share about Aliexpress and Alibaba. We know that Alibaba is one of the best online wholesale suppliers and now I know about another one that is Aliexpress. Thanks for your article.

  6. I have used to be an affiliate for Aliexpress for a long time, but I have not made any a cent from Aliexpress. Do I make something wrong when I did for Aliexpress?

  7. This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve been thinking about purchasing a few things from there so I’ll keep these points in mind now.

  8. These days where we are getting more online facilities, the scam is also increasing.
    This article is really helpful for buyers who order their products from ALIEXPRESS.
    I’m one of them,
    Thanks for such a nice article,

  9. KISHENSREEHARI, This is really informative article for those who trade their products online. Though you have mentioned the points for AliExpress, some of the points like reviews and free shipping are true for all the online shops. In this era of online shopping to ensure the best product and to avoid spam, you will have to use your common sense before buying a product. The points mentioned in the article are really important and helpful. Thanks

  10. These are very important tips to follow i must say, one of the most important to me is how old the store is and how many sales the seller has achieved, this goes a long way to show how good/bad the seller is in business.

    Also take note of sellers tone when you exchange messages, it is better to stick with sellers who sound humble and nice as they tend to have less drama because they want repeat sales.

    MY TRICK: When i want to get a discount, i coerce the seller into understanding that the success of this transaction could mean more transactions for us, this i will tell him is a way for me to first of all establish a relationship with him, so in most cases, they will ask you to make purchases to a certain amount and get the discount you want. This has worked a lot for me.

  11. I buy online a lot. After seeing that AliExpress promoted international shipping – I ordered about 30 items (from different sellers) in August 2016 to be delivered to me in Berlin, Germany. Only 3 items arrived! I was told to wait long after delivery times posted came / went – giving the missing items until December to show up. In December, I complained and started asking for refunds – with proof in the tracking showing the items never were even allowed in Germany and were returned to the sellers. So does AliExpress return the money for the all items I never received? No. Instead, they terminated my account so that I could no longer even be able to make a claim for refunds. They sited a policy that said nothing specifically other than accounts can be terminated on their whim / will – and I did nothing but ask for refunds for items never received – which was backed up by the tracking info on the site itself. AliExpress may not have customs issues elsewhere – but it certainly should never falsely claim they can ship to (thus sell to) German buyers. I have never experienced such a scam website before. Never buy from AliExpress – they are a scam.

  12. Md Ashifur Rahman

    I’m being scammed by AliExpress! 60 days passed but didn’t receive the product yet! The tracking number’s last update was on 6th June! And the most weird/funny thing is that the seller store is totally empty now! He has no products in the store, no feedback actually nothing rather than the store name! I used to order from eBay and I was happy with eBay’s service and refund policy but it was my first order from AliExpress and the experience is f**king sour!

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