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We have already discussed How to use CSS sprites and How to add image hover effect using CSS sprites. Both the tutorial requires manual work and now, this time, I’m going to share some online CSS sprite generator which will help you to generate CSS sprites online.

A few days back we let you know about Google started ranking website based on speed and its high time for all the bloggers and website developers that we should optimize our site for speed as much as possible. One of the simplest ways to optimize your WordPress blog is by using the super cache plugin, ShortPixels WordPress plugin and using CSS sprites.

Why do we need online Sprite generator?

Anyone, who have a website, and you are serious about it; CSS sprites will be very useful for faster loading of your site. We have already shared how to create CSS sprites manually, but everyone is not as good in coding and in such cases these online CSS Sprite generator tool, will be very handy to create sprites quickly.

Advantages & disadvantages of using CSS Sprites Generator:

The IDEA behind CSS sprites is very genius. For those who does not know about CSS sprites, CSS sprites group multiple images into one big image and display them using CSS background positioning. This helps in decreasing no. of concurrent connections, and your site will be faster:

  • A single big image uses less bandwidth as compared to various smaller ones.
  • Less images ==Less HTTP requests = faster loading overall

The only disadvantage of using CSS sprites is that it does not work consistently in all browsers like IE and Opera, Chrome and Firefox are more close to the standards. Though, if you don’t care about outdated IE browsers, you need not need to worry much. A bit of CSS tweak can make your complete code cross-browser compatible.

Useful list of online CSS sprite generator:

1. CSS-Sprit.es

Sprite Generator
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2. Website Performace CSS Sprite Generator
This is best of all Online and Offline CSS Sprite Generator. It lets you upload images, ignore duplicate images, resize images, output images option, etc.
Data URI Sprites

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3. Drupal CSS Sprites Generator Module

Duris.ru is a multi-purpose tool for Web designers. It offers multiple features like Image compression, Image optimization, Compress or merge Js, Compress or merge CSS.

4. CSS Sprite Generator

This is fairly simple but powerful online CSS Sprites generator tool, lets you to create simple CSS Sprites Images.
This tool allows you to upload multiple files and generate a sprite out of them. It also gives you the CSS code (the background-position value) for each image in the sprite.

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css sprites

5. Projekt Fondue CSS Sprite Generator
This generator lets you ignore duplicate images, resize source images, define horizontal and vertical offset, define background and transparency color, assign CSS class prefixes and various other things.
6. Sprite Creator 1.0
This tool allows you to upload an image and create the CSS code for selected areas of the sprite.

7. SpriteMe : One click CSS sprite generator

Sprite me: Online CSS Sprite Generator
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When invoked, SpriteMe automatically identifies potential images to be grouped into a sprite, gives you one-click sprite creation through csscoolrunnings.com and re-inserts the new sprite into your site on the fly for testing.

8. InstantSprite

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9. SpritePad

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All of these web generators are equally efficient with easy to use interface, I recommend you to must try creating sprites for your site. If you create one then please share.

Do let us know which Sprite generator site are you using to create CSS sprite online?  Are you using CSS sprites into your website to optimize your blog for speed?


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14 thoughts on “9 Free Online CSS Sprite Generator”

  1. Suresh Khanal

    This is totally new concept for me. After reading your post I started to think

    “Does it justify to use sprite which is not consistent to different browsers just for the sake of a bit speed improvement of blog?”

    Would you suggest honestly? (I understand the services are great, no doubt)

    1. [1]Percentage of people using IE or opera is very less …and the percentage decreases if you have a tech blog.
      [2]Sprites are beneficial for blog such as shoutmeloud with large traffic…It could decrease bandwidth …..
      [3]and good for seo.

      Depending upon which factor is significant in your case ,you can choose whether to choose sprites or not

  2. Very Nice information about Online Css generator. I am using in my blog site. Thanks for sharing this information

  3. I like this one a lot:

    You can generate sprites by entering a website URL and it will take images from CSS and IMG tags to generate a sprite for you. Of course you can also just upload images if you wish, but it’s 100% free. I use it all the time.

  4. Hi Ishanbanga, I tried SpriteMe on my blog but it didn’t work. I will try the other tools you mention here. Let’s see what happens. Thanks for sharing!!!

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