7 Things to do From the First Day of Blogging.

Here I have listed 7 things which a new blogger must do in order to lead his blog to success. Follow them and see your blog flourishing:

Submit your blog:

There are many web-directories, and social sites where you should definitely submit your blog. Here is one such list: List of websites where you should submit your blog.

First day of Blogging.
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Create Sitemaps and submit them to Search engines.

This is the easiest way to get indexed and get your blog crawled by search engines.

This is the most basic step towards Search engine optimization and must be done whenever you setup a new site. If you are using wordpress then you can use this plugin which automatically creates a sitemap and submit it to search engines.

Engage with other bloggers on social networks

Participating in discussions with other bloggers on social networks like facebook and twitter is a great way to build up relationships with other bloggers of your niche and build up your own blogger’s network.

Offer different ways to subscribe

It is really difficult for your first time visitors to remember your name and revisit your blog. Hence, you should provide subscription services like Email subscriptions and RSS subscriptions. This will help you build readers and greater exposure for your content.

Plan out and works as per the schedule.

It is a must for all bloggers to have a Date-sheet or a schedule to plan out days for posting, blog commenting, researching, reading other blogs.  You can also pre-decide thetopics of your posts for each day and work towards it. This is a great way to ensure consistency in posting and link building.

Participate in forums

Participate in popular forums of your niche and get into popular discussions where you could leave a link back to your blog.
Once you gain rep and have a nice number of posts, you can insert a link to your blog in the footer. If the blog is dofollow you’ll get a backlink for each of your posts.

5 secrets to promote your Site via Forums

Selective Blog commenting

As we all have known, blog commenting is the easiest way to gain backlinks and improve Search engine rankings for your posts. Now selective blog commenting means that you have to comment only on the Blogs related to your niche and even the only posts related to the topics covered by you.
You can boost your backlinks if you can find dofollow-blogs using these 2 plugins:

This is a great way to get good rankings in search engines for the related keywords. And drives a nice amount of traffic for your blog. Therefore, you must do it!

If you do all/most of the above things, you will be done with 50% of your work and the rest 50% lies what you do to grow your blog.

Share your opinion with us or share if you have a new thing which one must do with a new blog, using our comment section.

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Karan is a web publisher who currently write's about interior design ideas and Cheap Military Flights

17 thoughts on “7 Things to do From the First Day of Blogging.”

  1. Don’t expect money,
    Target users,
    Stay on your niche what ever happens,
    Be ready for some failures,
    Don’t forget backup, and
    Learn blogging……

  2. Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Great tips.

    Regarding forums, you should always read the general rules and signature rules, so that you do not get banned, and can contribute to the forums. This way, you will get backlinks through signatures and a good amount of traffic.

    And I think you meant forum in this sentence:

    Once you gain rep and have a nice number of posts, you can insert a link to your blog in the footer. If the blog (forum?) is dofollow you’ll get a backlink for each of your posts.


  3. Dev | Technshare

    Hey Karen,

    Nice Post. I not did any of the things from starting except blog commenting.
    I think blog commenting is really awesome way to get targeted traffic, backlinks etc.
    One more thing that every blogger should do from day first is building mailing list. It is something that every blogger should do from beginning.
    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post. Keep up the good work.


  4. Shiva | Web Magazine

    One of the most important thing is to have the determination to “Not Quit” cos many newbie bloggers quit in no time when they come across small failures. They should know that Blogging is not that easy as they think and that success cannot be gained in a few weeks. If they keep determined then they surely will be successful. The tips you have mentioned are very important because this will help the bloggers in building a strong base for their blog from the first day itself.

  5. Nice post, but I don’t Agree with all of the point. First you need to create enough content on the blog before shouting out to someone to check it out.
    you should focus mainly on the content and strategies you are going to apply. Assume the blog is offline until you get 10 to 15 quality posts on your blog.

  6. Shafiq Rehman

    Great article on blogging. All the tips are very important to boost your blogging career eespecially commenting on dofollow blogs.

  7. commenting is one thing that you need to do from day one….it helps in many ways
    1. it will help you get traffic that you need from the day one
    2. you will build relations that will benefit in the long run

  8. Majid Imtiaz

    Thank you Karan for sharing such an excellent information. This will sure help the new bloggers to get most out of their efforts in blogging. God bless you.

  9. Jens P. Berget

    I believe that the most important one of your 7 things, is to engage with other bloggers. To me, that’s what has been most successful. When you engage with other bloggers, eespecially when you’re new to blogging, you’ll learn all sorts of things.

    I have also received a lot of help from various discussion forums, eespecially from Digital Point.

  10. Excellent post. Nice tips.

    I will add only one thing.

    – Before submitting the sitemaps, you need to have some contents in your website.

  11. Blog commenting has more often than not delivered more than expected results for me. An average comment on Google Webmaster Blog sent more than 25 visitors over a week! And they actually clicked through to other sub-domains of my blog!

  12. Awesome tips! I didn’t start the email or feed subscriptions right away and I am suffering for that, myself.

  13. Ricky| mobile apps

    Well I’m new to this field. I will definitely follow your steps to get better ranking in search engine. You have forgot to mention about robots text as it is also a crucial part for any blogger.
    I also feel that having a plugin like all-in-one-seo helps a lot to achieve goals.

  14. I never believed in commenting on blog… but i think it really works… and i have reached to this post due to that reason only… So from this post i m starting commenting on other blogs.. 🙂 lets see how much it work for me…

  15. nice blog HArsh!

    I am a newbie blogger in this field who want to start blogging in tech. How can I start, can you tell me?

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