7 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid While Building Backlinks

Link Building Mistakes
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One of the most common SEO tip which all SEO guru’s give you is building backlinks and avoid common link building mistakes.

We have already shared 101 ways to build backlinks and now it’s time to know some mistakes which we often make in our link building campaign.

Especially, if you are a blogger and work as an individual, it’s always a good idea to use any tool to maintain your backlink building campaign.

Link Building plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization, eespecially in Off-Page Optimization.

There are many link building techniques that help to get backlinks to our site. Note that If you want to rank well in search engines, you don’t need just backlinks – you need quality backlinks.

It is very common that many people unknowingly make some most common mistakes while building backlinks, which can get you good ranking as well as negative rankings (in some cases). So below are the few link building mistakes that you should always take care of:

Common link Building mistakes:

Linking to sites with bad reputation:

Never ever link to a site that had bad reputation i.e., spam site, duplicate content site (auto-blogging, illegal sites, porn sites).

Remember that search engines certainly won’t love those sites and yours too if you link to them. Similarly, getting backlinks from bad sites like porn and gambling sites should be avoid.

Most of the time, competitive SEO companies uses this technique to bring negative SEO for many sites.

Buying/Selling Links:

Don’t try to buy links from other sites for getting backlinks. Sometimes, you may get banned from Search Engines for doing so. SEs only love natural links. Specially, Google made it very clear that selling and buying links are considered spam and should be avoided.

Instead of link buying, hire freelance and create a couple of guest posts and publish it on the relevant blog with the backlink to your page.

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Getting Nofollow Links:

Nofollow links are in no way useful for your website to rank in search engines like Google. However, if you want to rank top in Bing, then you can continue to build no-follow links. Else if you are targeting only for Google, its mere a waste of time.

Despite, spend a little more time getting at least few dofollow (quality) incoming links. Though, Google made it clear that they ignore the nofollow tag most of the time but again if you are working on building links, work on getting dofollow links. There are dofollow forums that you can easily target.

Backlink from only high PR domains (Low PR):

Yes, it’s a good idea to get backlinks from high PR sites, but keeping a mix of high PR and low PR yields a better results. If you build up too many high PR links and no PR links, it might not look authentic.

Though there is no straight away mention from Google about this and it can be considered as SEO myth, though it’s a good idea to go for both, High PR and low PR.

Though technically I feel it’s a good idea to get backlinks from the same or sites with high PR, again link variation is very important.

Note: Links with PR of 0 and 1 are basically very low, PR of 2 and 3 is more or less acceptable, and PR of 4 and above is just fine.

Getting Backlinks from Irrelevant Niche sites:

An example of a quality backlink is a dofollow link from a high PR site within your niche (same topic). So try to get incoming links from same niche instead of irrelevant sites which adds very less weightage to your PR.

Links without your Targeted keywords in Anchor text:

The anchor text plays a major role. If your targeted keyword was used as anchor text instead of your name or your site name, then it will help you rank well for that keyword.

Note: Don’t use words such as “click here,” “check this” etc…

Though getting a backlink from a high PR site is always good but if you get a backlink along with your target or a relevant keyword, this will help in good boost of your ranking. Especially, if you are paying for link building to any SEO company, make sure you get backlinks along with anchor text, else you might not be getting value for money.

Tons of link building in short span:

Don’t try to build lot of links at a time as your site may seem a link farm in the eyes of the Search Engines. This may even make the SEs to remove your site from indexing i.e.., Ban your website from being indexed. So never try to do link building in a hurry. Remember “Rome was not built-in a day”. Slow and steady wins the race.

Avoid Site wide link:

If you are a web-development company and add site-wide footer link on your client site to your company site with something like “Web development India” “Get your website”, you are more likely to get hit by update link Penguin for too many exact anchor text match backlink. Many quality sites like wpmu.org got hit by this update, and if you have been doing this, you should stop doing it.

Also, if you are still managing your client site, a good idea is to go back, edit and make those links nofollow or remove it. Or you could add branded keyword like “Website developed by Company name”. Similarly, avoid getting sitewide links using old methods like plugin or widgets. They don’t work anymore, and do more harm than any good.

Backlink Building is a very tough yet effective way to have good rankings in top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Whenever you working on a campaign to improve search engine visibility by link building, it’s a better idea to create a list of your target relevant sites. Also, if you rely only on article directories, I would suggest you to move your campaign style to guest blogging. Especially, after panda update: Link building via guest posting works the best.

Every one will have different ideas on Link Building. So Do Share your views on Backlink building Techniques.

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38 thoughts on “7 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid While Building Backlinks”

  1. Joan Patience

    Thanks Radha for the Great article.

    Your first point “Linking to sites with bad reputation” could be used by a competitor spamming your site with low quality backlinks which could also hurt your SEO without your doing.

    Solution is to monitor your backlinks and disavow those with low quality.

  2. Muhammad Waqas

    Hi, Radha. Good article except a few points.
    You have said getting no follow links is a waste of time and it does not help at all. Well, you may be right, it may not boost your ranking but it does make your link profile natural and hence let you stay safe from a penalty as mixing type links, anchor texts is a good practice.You also said that it is good to link to your site using the target keyword as the anchor text instead of using your domain name. While using the target keyword is necessary, you should also link to your site especially to your homepage using your brand name as it improves your domain authority and also gives you a good mix of links. Even a few check this and click here type links won’t hurt.

  3. vineet raj singh

    Harsh Sir
    plz solve my problems
    as you said in this article use focus keyword as your anchor text don’t use click here or website name but when I am using as u said YOAST Plugin shows “Bad SEO score You’re linking to another page with the focus keyword you want this page to rank for. Consider changing that if you truly want this page to rank.” please reply

  4. Naziman Azlye

    For me, i don’t care my i get nofollow or dofollow backlink. The important for me enjoy of blogging. When i check my backlink, 99% from blog commenting because i like comment when i think the article i want to comment.

    My blog run individually, so search quality backlink, high PR and dofollow, not enough time but i will try to build quality backlink maybe once a week or month.

    Thanks for the article.

  5. hrmehrotra

    absolutely right…..but these days companies are buying author bio links on blogs, so what do you think about it

  6. Arun

    I think nofollow links are also useful for a blog? I don’t think they are never considered by search engines. Its proved some of my sites.

  7. Alvia Taylor

    Well I agree to you to post of the points but after the Penguin update they made it clear that your back links should look natural for these many SEO companies and blogger are also targeting No-Follow links a mix up of Do and No follow links make it look natural with few additional things link anchor text the domain name itself is also important after Penguin update

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