6 Surprising Misconceptions About Blogging

Lots of people got inspired and started blogging once I shared the awesomeness of blogging . BUT there are some delusions about the blogging. This post covers most of the misconceptions of blogging. Here are 6 things that might come to your mind but is a misconception.

Blogging misconceptions
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Blogging is all about showing the awesomeness of my English vocabulary

I’m sure you passed out of Harvard with a Masters in English degree and you know the most complicated word in the dictionary, that’s great to know too and I agree on that. BUT think of it this way, your blog reads are not Harvard graduates; they are common people who are just trying to find some good and understandable information.

The most important thing that a blogger has to learn is that you HAVE to deliver a post which is understandable to a common man and must share some value to your readers. The reason most bloggers are successful is that the post delivers value to the reader and they do it consistently through the years.

When you write a blog post always keep your audience in mind – A good idea is to imagine an imaginary person sitting in-front of  you, and writing for him. This is a very simple and important factor to get to know your readers which can be done through interaction in the comments.

Also, try responding directly to the comments of your readers is very powerful. It builds a relationship and trust that can be nurtured with time. You will also begin to understand the profile of your readers which can go a long way to developing posts which are helpful to them. If that reader likes what you have to say, he or she may tell someone else \ share the article or maybe even link to you in their blog.

Fellow bloggers will always help

Let me put it this way. I’ve about 300 friends on Facebook and most of them are bloggers (about 60%) and they are very helpful. But there are some out there who feel you are the competition or maybe they don’t feel you are worthy of being helped. If someone asked me a question I’d gladly lend a hand. A good idea is to break the ice by connecting with these bloggers. It doesn’t have to be promotional, but to create a real-life connection with them.

The Money factor

If you are new in the blogosphere, you might have noticed this already. Let’s say, you have started a new blog, don’t stuff your new blog with lots of ads.

  • First and the foremost thing, People don’t like ads.
  • Make ads user-friendly, treat ads as an exit point for your readers\customers
  • Think of the first impression factor (Blog Design) – If a person likes your blog the first time he sees it, I’m sure he’ll comeback to read another post\article.

I mean it’s not BAD to advertise and monetize your site for all the hard work you have put in, but give it some time and money will come. So if you started blogging to make money instead of having a real passion for your writing, you may want to reconsider. Also, ensure that you use ad networks which shows ads based on your blog topic. Here are few selected methods which will help you to monetize your blog without showing bad advertisements:

Write and thou’ shall come…

No, not really. It’s more like, if you promote it they might come. You could be writing the most fantastic blog on earth but if no one knows about it why bother? It’s almost like the old saying, “Newton wrote the theory of gravity after seeing the apple fall from the tree”, what if newton didn’t see the apple fall?.

You simply have to get the word out there that you are on the blogosphere and truly living it. I’m doing that by sharing my articles with like minded people on my social media profiles.

Blogging is piece of cake

Actually it requires a lot of hard work. It took me 2 hrs to complete this article – trust me. If you have a full-time job and are blogging on the side, finding the time to write is tough. And, if you don’t put in enough time, it will show in your content.

Try to write consistently and let your blog reads know when you are going to post a new article. You can’t just post a blog at random intervals. That’s the quickest way to lose any readers that you may have. If your readers like your posts then they expect them to be there on a regular basis. Try to stick with a regular posting interval. If you state your posting interval in you’re “About” page, then make sure you meet your deadlines. Blogging can be equally rewarding. Being able to meet new people, interact with them is truly an awesome experience. Understanding some of the misconceptions and delusions out there related to blogging would be better if you’re a newbie .

Socialize; don’t be a sad panda!

Write about what you actually like. If you are crazy about cell phones, its better you blog about cell phones instead of the new social media site that you haven’t really had a chance to know. I know that there has been a revolution in communication, technology and it lets you be more social with people, easily, over incredible geographic and cultural distances, which means you can get the word out about what you do for hardly any money, with no special technical ability, to tens of thousands or even millions of people.

So remove this misconception that blogging is easy, but definitely it’s one of the smartest way to make money from your home and comfort. Do let me know what are other common mis-conceptions about blogging. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

These are my options; what’s on your mind? Did you face any other issues when you started long ago? Share and post your comments below.

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18 thoughts on “6 Surprising Misconceptions About Blogging”

  1. Nice article about the delusions of blogging.
    You explained it very well. Clear too.
    And you raise some good points,
    Like you say, put content first, is really
    good advice,

    thank you

  2. You told absolutely correct thing. Yes my bounce rate is little higher then 50 which shows my visitors going deep to other pages. I wonder what will happen if i have 50x traffic later next year.

  3. Some very valid points made here. I do always try to keep my intended readers in mind when I post. (all two of them)

  4. Haha nice write up.
    The most popular ones are always the “easy money” and “if you write good contents, visitors will come” which aren’t true at all.

    I’ve been a sad panda for a couple of months now.. ๐Ÿ™ busy tweaking my blog and stuffs

  5. Nice tips bro, yes for develop our blog we have to keep in touch with our work, we do not have to leave our work and most important part is we have to make our blog readership.

    1. Absolutely… Connect with your readers and see what they have to say.. always accept feedback in a positive way! Thanks chandan, for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Nice points .. I liked the last one the most . Blogging is hard work and not an easy thing , I know this better than anyone ๐Ÿ™‚ . Regular posting is important .. Like everyone , Sat and Sun are the least traffic days for me and I plan things in those days , so it gives me enough time to plan .


  7. Blogging is not a piece of cake :), that’s for sure. Hey Harsh, you have covered some really nice point over here, rather than points, I would say them experience. I agree with you on these.

  8. why is everyone talking to harsh? This is a guest post by Sharath…talk to sharath, he has written the post.

  9. “Write about what you actually like. If you are crazy about cell phones, its better you blog about cell phones instead of the new social media site that you havenโ€™t really had a chance to know.”

    Blogging should be monetized, but I think what people make the mistake of doing is trying to blog about things they don’t really like. Find something you love first then try and monetize it.

  10. Nowadays people are thinking blogging as the easiest way of earning money and the best carrier in which you just have to post some words to earn handsome money.

  11. One of the most important things that I have learnt from Blogging is that is do not consider it as a Money Making Machine. Primarily have Passion & then Patience to blog & Money shall later automatically come as a by-product.

  12. Nicely written about blogging. Yes, i do agree that blogging indeed is not at all a money making machine, its a profession and we have to be passionate and work precisely to make a good career

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