5 Websites to Buy Or Sell Websites & Domains

Buying and selling of Websites are termed as Website Flipping. Here I’m compiling a list of 5 such marketplaces which you can use to buy and sell Websites or your blogs. Many of them are premium marketplace, and many allow you to list your Website for free.

In case if you are wondering, how this works, it’s an easy process to make quick and handsome income. Most of the people who are into Website flipping, first create a niche based profitable website and sell them at the very higher price (usually Calculating one-year income) on these market place.

People who are interested and can maintain these sites, they buy it improve it and maintain or. Or, they also sell it at much higher price.

Buy and sell Websites
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Though the price of Website depends on many factors that includes: Current earning, traffic graph for last 3-4 months, traffic source, Domain trust, backlinks and other factors. We will leave that for some other time, but for now, let’s look into these Website buying and selling list.

We will cover more topic on how to start with website flipping and what kind of websites do the best for website flipping.

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List of Websites to Buy and Sell Blogs:

There are many websites and forums which let you sell your blog; I’m listing down few of them which promise to provide you with the best deal:


Sedo buy sell domains
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Another website which let you sell your domain and website. The listing of website and domain is free but like Sitepoint you have to pay a part of commission when someone buys your domain.


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Do you have a domain name to sell or want to buy a premium or 3 letter domain name? Well, AfterNic is a popular domain name marketplace where once you list a domain name for selling, it will be visible to many other sites who are partnered with Afternic.  They also offer domain parking service.

Check out AfterNic

Free market:

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Freemarket is the newest addition to this list and this is started by guys behind freelancer.com. Here you can buy sell Websites and as well as domain. What great about this marketplace is, you will pay only 5% of the sold price as commission. Most of the other market place charges more as commission. This is a good place to start selling your website/domain and a good place to find some good online properties to buy.

Check out Freemarket

Digital point forum:

I won’t say that this is the best, but if you can use it wisely. You might find some potential buyers or send traffic to your Sitepoint auction. Usually, Digital point forum is a dedicated spot for webmasters, freelancers and people looking for more options to make money online. It works the best, when you have an existing profile with good reputations.

Web-Hosting talk :

WebHosting Talk
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Web-Hosting talk is one of the popular forum for webmasters and talks on domain and hosting. The forum is also popular for auctioning your blog and finding a buyer for your blog.

Website Broker:

Another marketplace to sell and buy a website. You will see some good number of the website there on auction.

Website Broker
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Since the prime aim of this website is selling and buying web site, you can expect a good number of bidders for your auction.

Here are few more sites:

  • Grabflip: Free listing to sell domain name
  • Namepros
  • Dnforum



I’m sure there are many more marketplaces where you can sell or buy domains/websites. If you are into website selling, I would suggest you to consider below mentioned sites:

SEDO & Flippa

Both of the platforms have an active community & instead of targeting lot of websites, targeting one will give better results.

So the question is how to get started with Website flipping and the best way to sell your blog? This will be a very detailed discussion, and we will cover it in the upcoming post.

Also read: How to Sell Website on Flippa

Do let us know if you have any other auction forum with you, which you use to sell website and blog.

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

33 thoughts on “5 Websites to Buy Or Sell Websites & Domains”

  1. Michael Aulia

    Since blog is tied personally, I don’t think I can ever sell mine :'( Should have made a new domain for it from the start lol.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Exactly Michael …
      Website Flippers usually work on 5-6 new blog on separate niche at the same time and sell them once they get traffic and PR.
      I will never recommend you to sell your blog or I will never sell mine at any cost.

  2. We should not sell our blog on any public forum like DP, it will create a bad impression on our readers.. what do you say Harsh ?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      It does create a bad impression but people create such websites for the Flipping purpose and many people are making lots of big money with this.

  3. George Serradinho

    Hi Harsh,

    I heard about website flipping a few months ago and had a look at it. I must say that it seemed that some bloggers were charging huge amounts for this. Some were actually correct in their stats and revenue while others were just lying through their teeth.

    I guess you could always check up on them, but that depends on the buyer or buyers. If you really want the domain and what has been done then it could be worth it. Some don’t put much effort in, but get a lot out.

    I know the marketplace at sitepoint.com, there are many websites listed there and some cost way to much. I saw a couple going for over $90,000 the other day. That’s just insane if you ask me.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey George
      Website flipping is a big business…
      All you need to do is select a niche and keep writing articles for a while.. Lets say one month and Do basic Onsite SEO and link building.
      Link building can easily be done by paying anyone for commenting and paid links.
      You can expect a PR on the next update.
      Now your baby site is all ready to make big bucks for you.
      Though there are many catch here which I will Discus in the series of upcoming posts.

  4. @Harsh – Good topic you’ve covered here. I’d like to put in a few points. Let me tell you all that I all this info comes from my personal interaction with Jusitn Brooke – one of the professional website flipper – http://sitefling.com/

    I and Justin are good friends and he helped lent the learning ropes to quickly learn website flipping and it definitely is an extremely profitable business.

    Here’s what we do in a nutshell :
    1> “Niche” is the mantra – Don’t go for lame, general niche. You can sell those, but the profits you make is far less when compared to lazer targeted niche.

    2> Try and register a domain with possible keyword/s in it. Very helpful in SEO as you all might already know.

    3> Write articles at regular intervals. Following a schedule is very important. If you plan to write 5 articles in a week, schedule all the 5 at almost right interval. This will help you ‘train’ the SE bots, mainly Google !

    4> Don’t monetize your site from day 1. There might be a few who are against this, but lemme tell u the odds. Lets say, if you find a blog / site with good info, but lot of ads, being a webmaster you’ll think twice before linking. If the site is clean, professional looking, no obtrusive ads, then the chances of you linking is very high.

    5> Don’t plan short term. Most people plan to build a site and sell it for profits within 1st or 2nd month. Plan long term instead. If I find a niche which can be sold for a good value here’s the procedure I follow:

    > write 8 articles / week. 7 go my blog and one goes on article directories / as guest post on related blogs. – articles will average 250 words – and I get it written professionally, so it costs around $3 – $4 depending on the niche. I’ll make sure I come close to around 100 articles.

    > Daily link building using some of the methods mentioned above. monthly budget of $50

    > Absolutely no ads and extremely professional looking website for the first three months.

    With this work done, by the end of 3rd month, depending on the niche the site will be getting around 500+ unique lazer sharp, targeted visitors.

    I start monetizing the site from month 4 – 6. Split test, try out affiliates, CPA, CPL, adsense, other ad networks. Fine tuning the profitability, you should be sitting with a minimum of $300+ / month if everything done with proper research.

    Now selling skills: Mostly people sell a website for 10 -12 months profit. But you can convince your buyer to go for 24 – 30 months revenue, because, you’ve done all the basic research and laid the foundation right. You site will need minimum maintenance, almost automated.

    The best I’ve sold for using this method is a site worth $8K +. But I know Justin’s sold a few sites worth $15K + or more.


    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for the great input buddy.
      Though I have question here, What do you think the best profitable niche for website flipping?
      Why Website Flippers hate domain with .info?

      Meanwhile the set up which you told me it means we have to go with the full set up of a blog in all terms that include website promotion and link building in that duration.

      Well it’s not a bad deal and can be achievable for me or anyone if he/she wants to take care of 5-7 blogs in a row. The only thing is one should maintain a tight schedule and get the basic set up done in the best way to get maximum out of it.

      Looking for more input on it.
      Thanks and regards

      1. Harsh

        You should select a niche where you can grow. Check affiliate sites for ideas. The niche which has a lot of products is more easy to sell. It’s simple math.

        And regarding building the site as if it’s your own is very important according to me. Reason being, people want things easy. They love to be spoon fed. So if you have something that’s all set and ready, they will be willing to pay you more than paying on something where they’ll still have to do some work.

        More flexibility you give to the seller, more money you tend to make.

        Just like you buy a car with automated windows and manual window. The difference will be around 20K, but do u really think it costs 20K for making the windows auto ?

        Frankly, if any one does 9 – 5 (8 hrs) with their blogs, dedicated, being true their self, trust me you are sitting on a few $xxxx – $xxxxx in 6 months.

  5. Website flipping is a good business, but it’s not sufficient. It requires time and experience to create a profitable blog or website.

  6. Curious Little Person

    Interesting Harsh! Website Flipping seems a good opportunity to cash in! You did mention Big Bucks right!

    As you mentioned, creating 5-6 websites with the intention of selling them off later could really make you a lot of money!

    Will be looking forward to your future posts on Flipping!


  7. Latest Technology

    Hi Harsh,

    Well written article. I have known about website flipping for quite some time now, but never knew it can involve as much money as George has pointed out.

    What makes me curious though is how a buyer would cash on the initial sucess of these websites.

    BTW some sites offer buying twitter accounts as well these day… Its getting insane out there!

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Yah i recently came across few websites which are actually paying you for selling Twitter account and it actually works.
      And website Flipping is success when you have targeted niche, PR, Traffic + Income…
      If you have all these 4 qualities, you can expect good amount of money for your blog.

  8. This is interesting. I’d definitely say that this is a promising business.
    I’ve seen blogs going for sale for 10,000 USD at DP.

    But you gotta do some maths beforehand. If your niche websites are returning you (via ads) more than flipping in the long run, then you have to think twice.

    And not to forget, it requires lot of patience, one should better start early.

    Kind of dicey situation!

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      It is indeed, but once you get use to it, it turns out to be a great way to make good money all at once. The only thing which you need to do is understand the whole concept of Website flipping, and one needs to be smart enough to sale it at higher price. 🙂

  9. Great post Harsh. Website Flipping is the new thing that I learned today. I agree with Mike. Cannot sell my site as it has the name attached. I really want to know who Anonymous is. He/she has lot of knowledge 🙂

  10. Great article. As far as I know, SitePoint is the best place ever, and now I have more choice. Thanks again

  11. An interesting article but I won’t suggest people to do this for making money online because the pleasure of writing, sharing and receiving comments would be completely lost. I feel only money minded people would do this.

  12. Thanks Harsh for this superb…

    I’m actually trying now to sell my blog for some personal reasons… I found your article very useful. I still will sell my blog though… It’s a PR 2 blog and I’m looking at selling it at a decent price.


  13. Thomas L Vaultonburg

    You have to be very careful. It’s not to hard to create a site, puff up the PR, then sell it to someone who will watch Google penalize it back to nothing during the first update. If you want a good website the best way to do it is make it yourself.

  14. Nice/great article, I’ve been looking for where to sell my blog. I found them here today. Thank You. I pray I could find buyer as soon as possible.

  15. I was wishing to sell my micro-niche blog and searched for I want to sell my blog and your article was on second position. I have to say the position in SERP is worth as I found perfect solution to it.

    Anyways, Harsh I would be glad that f you could tell me how to evaluate my blog’s value?

    Thanks and regards.:-)

  16. Hi,

    First of love reading your posts. They are really informative. I heard about website flipping some time back. Just wanted to know do you provide any kind coaching to bloggers? Let me know if you do : )

  17. hi harsh,
    i am also harsh, i want know is ,one seller can sell his/her website on flippa so, what is procedure do must follow to him .
    please metion all deal flow to sell website on flippa.

  18. I’ve sold and bought on all of them except freemarket. I joined freemarket and one of the steps to confirm your account is to connect to PayPal so I did, but after a month I was charged a $10 fee. I guess it’s a freelancer membership? Did not realize they would automaticly charge me a monthly fee. I contacted them for a refund and after about 10 days of getting the run around they finally issued me a refund. Something you might want to check before listing there.

    Here’s one I just stumbled across EntrepreneurMarket.com looks to be brand new.

  19. Hey

    I think you need to update this article. Flippa is no longer a really good source of domain/website purchase. Lots of rigging and fraudulent transactions happen.

    6 out of 10 websites fake it. I have a personal experience in this 🙁

    I think Empire Flippers and Sedo are comparatively better.

    1. Hi Shefali, I have the same opinion about Flippa. It’s no longer trust worthy and reliable. Just waste of money & time as well. Also their customer care executives are very rude during communication. SEDO is far better than that.

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