5 Ways To Stay Safe On The Internet And It’s Not What You Think

Ways to Stay Safe Online
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We have written tons of articles on anti-virus software on Shoutmeloud. The main agenda behind making you aware of such anti-virus software has been to make your online surfing secure.

However, simply downloading an anti-virus on your system is not enough. You need to secure your system from other threats which can easily hack your personal details or confidential documents from your system. If you are connected to the internet, there are chances that you might face the hacking problem.

Best ways to stay safe on the internet: Web safety tips

Avoid using same passwords

Most of us have a habit of choosing same passwords for all our social media, email or bank accounts. The reason for choosing the same password is that it becomes easy to remember passwords for all our important accounts. However, the downside of using the same passwords is, if any one of the sites is compromised, hackers can easily find the password of all your other accounts.

Try using different passwords or maybe use different variations of the password which will make it more secure and will also easy to remember. What I use and recommend is using a password manager. A password manager helps in creating a strong and unique password for every website and you don’t have to remember all of them. You can read my experience of using a password manager here.

Download only from secure websites and official app stores

There are hundreds of websites available online which provides you free software. And when you choose to download from unreliable websites, you are putting your online security at risk.

Have you ever thought how and why you get all these paid software for free?

You may say a lot of users like to distribute paid stuff for free, and you may be right. However, in the mix of this, there are hackers who release these paid software apps, movies etc for free and embed a backdoor along with it. The moment you open those files, hackers also get backdoor access to your system.

If you are someone who keeps sensitive data, including your photos, financial history, bitcoin private key or similar stuff which could cause harm to you, refrain yourself from using warez website. I know it’s a hard thing to do, but you should consider the risk vs reward.

If it’s a must for you, for example, to watch movies, create a virtual environment using a tool like Vmware or something similar.

Avoid clicking on unknown links

We all get spam emails or unknown emails which have internal links to websites. Avoid clicking on these links. They may spread the virus on your computer and result in the hacking of all your accounts and passwords. These days shortened URLs are used to spread links to websites/blogs but only click on links which you get from reliable resources.


This is the most important thing to remember. It is not enough to download a good anti-virus software to your system. What is more important is that you keep updating it regularly. The easiest way is to keep the auto update feature “ON”. Always follows alerts sent by your anti-virus software companies. Many anti-viruses have the option to update the new version automatically. You should enable that option to make your system more secure. There are many great antiviruses out there and you can pick from Nod32 or Kaspersky. These are my favorites.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is very risky when it comes to security. Most online shopping portals ask for your address, account, and other personal details which can be easily hacked by others. Try to shop online only on reliable websites and never ever give your personal details.

Also, while making a transaction make sure the browser is connected with https and not http.

Avoid using the proxy site and proxy software:

We all know that proxy websites and software like Ultrasurf let us access blocked websites and they are very useful. Though, one of the biggest online mistakes which we make is by using sensitive data over these proxy channels. Using sites like Facebook, bank details or emails account where you need to provide your password, might leave you vulnerable. Rather, use VPN tools which are more reliable and use only trusted VPN services. Here are some of the best VPN services.

Use proxy sites for accessing blocked sites but don’t use them for logging into any sensitive site. Before your system is hacked or you lose your sensitive data, I would highly recommend you to put the above security measures in effect and keep yourself safe and secure while surfing the internet.

Security is always important for our blogs. How do you secure your system from hackers? Do share with us.

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29 thoughts on “5 Ways To Stay Safe On The Internet And It’s Not What You Think”

  1. People always tend to use the same password on all their online accounts. They should be more careful about it, I guess πŸ˜‰

    1. Earlier I used to do that stupidity, but now i don’t . That’s the major reason for hacking your accounts.

  2. Its very difficult to remember different passwords for different accounts. There are a few desktop based “password managers” which can help us in remembering those passwords. Online password managers can also be used but it’s a bit risky I guess.

    1. Agree with you Techno-pulse , I never use online password manager . I use Firefox ulitility to save my pwds.

    2. Online Password Managers, be it for watever Browser can be compromised. Its highly un-secure to store password in your comp, as they can be recovered.

      1. But Ramkumar, I guess they are safe from saving passwords online. Ofcourse, you need to use best addon or tool for saving pwd on your pc.

  3. internet security and awareness has become a big issue…few days ago somebody hacked my gmail account

  4. I make a template formula for all my passwords. The variables depend on the website. I can suggest one good application for storing passwords. Mcafee Antivirus program has the Password vault which is guarded by a master password. Firefox too is cool, but again you can’t trust anyone with your money! I find offline and non-electronic storage of passwords much more safe as compared to some third party applications. Just make a note and keep a few copies handy, though secured. However, you should never write down your username and password together!

  5. Another suggestion is to avoid usernames which are personally identifiable, such as your first or last names.

    1. Right Samir, But as far as I know we all prefer to use names in our username. Thanks for the tips πŸ™‚

  6. In my opinion, all of the about tip can be replaced by one, that is you do a try with Ubuntu. I am happy with it now.

    1. Shabnam even i used to do same way, actually i used to feel lazy that who will remember so many pwd. But now i have changed my habit. U also change soon.

  7. I feel shorten url’s have made it more difficult for novice internet users and fall prey to phishing attacks, using browser plugins to expand url’s and making a choice should be practiced.

    1. Agree with you Avinash, Shorten URl Is most risky, you never know about landing page and high chances for spreading virus.

  8. Earlier I too used to set common passwords for all my online accounts, after joining the blogging world I have realized the reason behind my hacked account. Now am safe from attacks. Good points Ruchi.

  9. Yes you are right
    most important thing antivirus and anti spyware as Kaspersky & Avira
    Thanks a Lot

  10. Mcafee Antivirus program has the Password vault which is guarded by a master password. Firefox too is cool, but again you can’t trust anyone with your money

  11. lopinti rajkiranreddy

    Hi Friends..!!!!my gmail account is hacked by two Unknown suspicious persons from different places one is from germany and one is from japan. i dont know how to recover my account from the hackers. please give me some useful suggestions to protect my gmail account.. πŸ™

  12. lopinti rajkiranreddy

    my twitter account also hacked by someone i don’t know why hackers are stealing my passwords? how to protect my Facebook and twitter accounts by which safety measures.?
    please tell me some useful tips please…???

  13. lopinti rajkiranreddy

    i have recently used kaspersky antivirus software. mostly this software removing 70- 90% of main c++ runtime library files and the main system .dll files unwantedly. and the system gonna more vulnerable. and the system seems to be very slow. why i dont know?
    please tell me guys……

  14. Now a day most of short url service are mostly used by spammer. We should always think twice about authenticity of content before clicking on. I highly recommend to check every suspected link through a site which is longurl.org

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