5 Things To Include In Your Affiliate Newsletter

We have been talking a lot about Email marketing and factors around it. Though we have not talked about one important thing and that is your Affiliate newsletter. When you are trying to sell something to your Email subscribers, there are certain elements which increases the chance of conversion.

Even though social media and blogging have become the go-to tools for Internet marketing, email newsletters remain one of the most powerful weapons in an affiliate marketer’s arsenal. Why? Because an Internet marketing newsletter will not only give you a forum to showcase your product, but build a strong, ongoing, multi-part storyline on where your product came from, how to use it, and what others are saying about it.

Affiliate Newsletter
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By adding social sharing links to your affiliate newsletter, email campaigns can effortlessly and inexpensively bring in brand new clients and new business. If you’re not sure what to put in your affiliate marketing mails, here are five topics to cover in your emails:

Affiliate Newsletter essentials:

Product-related buzz

Is the word about the product you sell being spread all over the Internet? Find people who have good things to say about your product on sites like Amazon and Yelp and add those reviews to your newsletter. Look for clever YouTube videos that show how best to use your product. Twitter is another good place to look for satisfied customers. Anything that shows how effective your product is should be added to your newsletter.

Instructional videos

All you need is a Flip camera and some free editing software and you’ll be on your way to making a video that will show your potential customers how useful the product you sell can be. Keep in mind it the video doesn’t have to be long. Just demonstrate how your product is used and a few ways it can make daily life easier. People are more likely to buy a product that they have seen in action.

Product history

How is the product your selling made? Why was it invented in the first place? Everybody loves a good story. If the product you are marketing has one, you should share it with your readers.

You would be amazed at how many people will focus on the story behind the product as opposed to how much the product costs. How did you get involved with the product you’re selling? Let your readers know. The more personal the story, the more effective it will be.

New and improved news

Has your product changed recently? Perhaps there are new laws in effect that change how the product is made or distributed. As an affiliate marketer it’s your job to keep your clients in the know about any changes they should expect.

Subscribe to RSS feeds that concern your product and visit the company website regularly to check on any updates or news item they may be releasing. Not every product is perfect, so be sure to focus on positive changes that improve the product you’re marketing.


In general, prospective customers want to have all the information they can about a product before they commit to buy. A “frequently asked questions” section to your new letter will clear up any concerns your future customers may have about your product. The more information available the better. People want to be knowledgeable about the product they are investing in.

Keep your affiliate newsletter full of strong, engaging content and your customer base is sure to grow. Once you have sent your newsletter, convert it to a web page keep it archived in your site. This will give your customers a chance to check out news items or helpful tips they may have missed and can even increase your site’s traffic and your sales via random web searches.

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  1. Atul Bansal

    I want to ask.
    How can we send affiliate emails to subscribers
    Is the only is by writing posts on blogs or is there any other preferred way also?

  2. Sathish

    Hi Daniel,

    Having product related buzz and news along with the instructional videos will always make the readers to think twice about buying the product before leaving the email. Thanks for sharing these tips.


  3. Vivek Parmar

    It works great if you have great number of subscriber and result in a good conversion rate

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