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It is not to be discussed about the importance of social bookmarking anymore.  Now all search engines are looking for your social presence to validate the importance of your articles. In 2017 your search engine ranking largely depends upon how many social share and bookmarks you are getting. On-page SEO is still of great importance, but it’s social bookmarking which gives it a big push.

There are 1000’s of social bookmarking sites available under the sky. It’s impossible for me and you to submit every new post to all these sites and that’s where these automated social bookmarking tools work great.

As said this it is getting more and more challenging to keep your presence on these bookmarking sites. So to be efficient enough you need to depend on automation. There are many automation tools available on web prices starting from 49$ to $150. And many others are offering monthly subscription model where you don’t need to maintain your accounts.

Automated Social bookmarking
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But the question is how many of us can afford this? Ok, let’s break the nut here. There are lots of free automatic social bookmarking tools available which just work like a champ. Here I have compiled the list of free and paid social bookmarking software’s which will automate the whole process for you.

Free Automated Social Bookmarking Tools:

Before you use any of this software, my advice for you to be smart. Don’t use the same username on all these sites and keep variation when you submit a link. Apart from your links, also submit links (high-quality) from other websites so that your profile looks good and legit. Afterall automation is always seen as spamming. If you do it smart ways, you can get great results. Now, let’s directly look at the list of their features.

1. OnlyWire:

Onlywire features
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OnlyWire is the first automation tool which I suggest because it works great with WordPress platform. It offers automatic submission to 45+ Websites which includes Web2.0, Social Network and Social bookmarking sites.  If you are someone who provides bookmarking service to the clients, OnlyWire will come as a great rescue for you. They are not only cheap in price but offers quality.

You can also install the official Onlywire plugin on your WordPress blog, and it will directly submit new posts and bookmark it. The dashboard is also very intuitive, and you will find it easy to work on it. Moreover, you can create a free account right now and try everything for free.

Link: OnlyWire.com

2. Social Marker

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The Social Marker is a semi-automated marketing software which helps you to automate your bookmarking efforts. It is one-time effort to create accounts on all the bookmarking sites then it is just a matter of drag and drop. The Social Marker is a browser based tool which will allow you to submit bookmarks to 50 social bookmarking sites.

Link: Social Marker

3. Socialadr

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Another semi-automated social bookmarking tool which is again a browser-based tool. There is much more fun added to it. It follows the principle of ” you scratch my back, and I will scratch yours .” The process is very simple. You need to set up your accounts manually, and then you can submit your bookmarks as well as you need to bookmark others, but it is just a click of a button.

When you submit another bookmark you get a credit. When you bookmarks are shared with others, these credits will be utilized. The interesting part is your stories may get popular along with getting backlinks. There is a paid version of this which you don’t need to earn any credits to get your bookmark submitted.

Link: SocialAdr

Recommended reading:

Do let us know if you are using any other automated social bookmarking software which I should include in the list. If you enjoyed reading this, do share it with others on Facebook and your favorite forum.

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42 thoughts on “3 Best Automated Social Bookmarking Software”

  1. vannguyen

    But my site maybe nonindexed by google after i use auto bookmark?

  2. Siddharth

    Well thanks for sharing a useful information but let me know using a automatic social bookmarking is it SEO or you can say google friendly. Thanks

  3. Rohit Pharate

    Now a days IMAUTOSUBMITTER required a Account ??

  4. Sastonepal

    OnlyWire is best but you have to pay for premium submission.

  5. David F

    Great list, and OnlyWire definitely deserved the top spot. I’ve been using OnlyWire with much success, I love the instant traffic that comes to my newly published articles.

  6. Rahul

    I was looking for these type of tools from a couple of days. Thanks for sharing these awesome tools.

  7. romeo

    I still prefer socialadr over social marker… my view though

  8. Alex

    Which is better socialadr or social marker?

  9. Rahul Chawla

    Hey Girish ,

    Good to hear from you. I do read your post at DotGiri as well.

    It will be a good idea to make a list of bookmarking sites and share. Probably some one kind will do it in the near future !

  10. Loadrunner

    I use Social Marker..Its work great. I suggest using Social Marker.

  11. Theresa Randall

    This is just what I was looking for. I already use Social Marker, but was looking for some diversity and bookmarking sites that are ideal for travel sites. Vinaka (Thank you)!

  12. Abiodun lash

    I just checked out tribe pro… I must confess i like it… thanks for sharing this great post

  13. Mellisa Miller

    Any body has any idea about Onlywire bookmarking tools? They charge based on subscription. But i was wondering if they work? Also they provide the facilities for auto captcha solver for extra money..

    Any suggestions??

  14. Staid

    Never heard TribePro, but it sound interesting. I will look into this…thanks for mention it!

  15. David

    I would like to use my existing social sites and be able to post to them all in one go. Is there an online tool that will do this?

    Socialadr is good for this but you have to stand in line! Plus, the number of social sites you can create and use with them is limited.

  16. Vijayraj Reddy

    i used onlywire, but now they are charging for huge submission… i will try social marker…

  17. Seobricks

    I had used Social marker a lot in past and find it quite useful. I will be going though other tools shared and see how I can use them in my website social bookmarking promotions.

  18. Rajib Kumar

    Presently, i use socialmonkee. It’s really great..

  19. ashish

    I have been using Links alpha or social share for the same!!

  20. ifham khan

    I just uses social monkee which slightly best for because it gives all the service which an individals wants. well girish thanks for the others tool will try soon

    1. salman sheikh


      did you tried book marking demon ..?

      something awesome for social bookmarking 😉

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