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  • No problem in linking because the links turn no follow! 😀 Well the site you suggested is very new it seems?

    • Sorry that I did not replied before now.!
      But have been little busy, but the exchange rate page ie new. I’ve started it up here in January so it is brand new.
      I have previously made a Danish version, which during almost 7 months have gone from 0 to over 3000 users a day. So I’ll see if I can repeat it with an English version too, but only time will tell. ;o)

  • I don’t use any online tools for currency conversion. I use the Currency widget of Windows 7 with calculator to make calculation.

  • Even Paypal Have that currency conversion tool and before withdrawal you can check current conversion rate.

  • I’m not sure Xe is best here as there are some restrictions from them in using their full API. Tried it. Thanks for sharing the other links. May be they are of some use for me. We struggled a lot in finding a free API to use on our website earlier.

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