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    5 Useful YouTube Chrome Plugin for Better Experience

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    YouTube Chrome Plugin 5 Useful YouTube Chrome Plugin for Better Experience YouTube is the most popular video sharing website with millions of daily visitors. On YouTube, we watch and enjoy that many type of video along with share our video with friends.  With many nice Features, YouTube is a full online entertainment. But we can make this entertainment better and add some more exciting features if we use Google Chrome for YouTube browsing. There are many useful Google Chrome extensions, which will help us to add new features like video lyrics on Youtube, skip YouTube advertisements and so on. Here I have  compiled a list of 5 such useful YouTube chrome plugin which does the job perfectly. You can always install all of these chrome plugins, but I would suggest install only few which you will be needing and using all the time, as lots of add-ons may slow down chrome browser.

    Though, if you need extensions for other jobs, here are list which you can refer to:

    So, lets move on the next series of useful plugins for Chrome and find out some of the YouTube extensions for Chrome which is worth installing.

    Must-have YouTube Chrome Plugin:

    Resize YouTube Player to any size

    By default, YouTube offers three type of video player size which includes, small, larger and full screen. But Resizer For YouTube is a nice Google Chrome Extension which allow users to resize the video player to any desirable size with mouse drag.  Here is how this useful plugin for chrome works:

    Add to Chrome

    Read Lyrics with Video on YouTube:

    We use YouTube to enjoy videos. Many times we need to read the lyrics to understand what the video says. In this case, we have to switch to another tab to search and read the lyrics. But Lyrics for Google Chrome helps users to read the lyrics of a video while watching it on YouTube. Install this extension Google Chrome and it loads lyrics directly from LyricsWiki while watching a video on YouTube.

    Youtube Lyrics Addon 5 Useful YouTube Chrome Plugin for Better Experience

    Add to Google Chrome

    Skip Advertisements on YouTube:

    YouTube offers a way for video uploader to monetize their videos using Adsense. And we have covered about the same here on ShoutMeLoud. If you still not sure, how people are making money from Youtube,You can learn about YouTube partnership program. Though, dilemma is for regular users, Advertisement on Youtube is very annoying. This useful Youtube Chrome plugin will help you to skip Advertisements and watch video without waiting for ads to finish.

    Skip Advertisements on YouTube 5 Useful YouTube Chrome Plugin for Better Experience

    Many times these commercials are long enough and irritating. YouTube has not given any option to skip these commercials but Google Chrome users can skip these commercials with a simple trick. Skip ads on YouTube – No illegal block is a Google Chrome extension which give users an option to skip the commercial ads on YouTube. This also works with new Youtube cosmic panda layout.

    Add to Google Chrome

    Stop automatic buffering on YouTube:

    Auto loading and auto playing of video is one irritating feature of Youtube. Specially, those who just want to see few part of video and moment you open video in new tab, it starts buffering. Here is a useful you-tube extension which will stop auto-buffering of videos. This is very useful for people using limited internet connection or are on slow internet connection. Just install YouTube Autoplay Disabled in your Google Chrome web browser and enjoy YouTube.

    Add to Google Chrome

    Set a YouTube video on repeat:

    If you want to watch a video on YouTube again and again, you can set it on repeat mode with a nice Google chrome extension called YouTurn. This extension adds a small gray circle in the right-hand side of the omnibar of Google Chrome. Click this icon to turn on repeat on YouTube . This is very useful when you are listening to some song, and you want it to auto play again.

    Youturn 5 Useful YouTube Chrome Plugin for Better Experience

    Add to Google Chrome

    There are many more but I believe these are worth a mention here. You can also check out 5 more Youtube Chrome extensions. Do let me know how many of these Youtube Chrome plugin are you using and if you find this post useful, don’t forget to give us a Google+ like. Also, join us on Youtube.

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    I wish to install Lyrics extension. Lets see if its useful.


    Amit Shaw

    Nice Extension I never heard about this plugins ;)
    Thanks Deepanker for sharing this.
    “YouTube Autoplay Disabled” i would love to give a try bcz watching video and buffering its really irritating :).



    I liked the extension which allows you to skip ads but I am wondering if there is any similar app for Mozilla too?

    If yes, which one? Please tell me. These ads are really annoying! :@


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