How to Brand YourSelf on Youtube in 8 Easy Steps

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How to Brand YourSelf on Youtube in 8 Easy Steps

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I don’t do much of content curation. Occasionally, I share few articles from other sites which is not only helpful, but I know I can’t explain that topic in better words. ReelSEO is one of such site, where I learn about YouTube tips and tricks. Here is one latest video from them, where Tim Schmoyer talks about branding yourself on Youtube:

Few of these tips are common, but there are many branding tips which will help you to make most out of your uploaded videos on YouTube.

  • Use brand tag: Related videos are one of the best way to get more views on YouTube videos. When you upload a video on YouTube, use your brand name as a tag. For ex: I use ShoutMeLoud, as an additional tag on all my videos.
  • Intro bumper: This is one thing which I need to work on. A branded video intro bumper, will help to increase your brand awareness. If you know the best way to make Intro bumper, do let me know via comments.
  • Turn off Channel ads: This tip may not be the best tip for a blogger, but for a business YouTube channel it will be the perfect approach. If you read our earlier article on Why no AdSense on your business blog, that will explain why you should not use Adsense on your YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoyed this video, and you can read the complete text excerpt of the video on official page here. Here are few more YouTube related posts, which will help you to make more out of YouTube:

You can also subscribe to my YouTube video channel here. If you have any more branding tips for YouTube, do let me know via comments.

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  1. Ravi says

    Using Intro Bumper is really good or i must say best idea. But I don’t get you, if we disable ads then we are Decreasing our Most of the revenue.

    • says

      Disabling ads is not for us as a publisher, but for those companies who are selling products and running youtube Channel. For example, if Hostgator starts showing adsense on their youtube videos, it might show ads from their competitor sites, which is complete business Fail for them.

      P.S: Kindly use your name when commenting and don’t use (@tech blog). Here at ShoutMeLoud, we call people by their first name only. :)

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