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Your-Freedom Proxy Software Configuration Guide

Your-Freedom Proxy Software Configuration Guide

How many of you are in college or office where access to social Networking sites are blocked or even many useful sites are blocked. I guess it’s something we can’t call “Right to freedom of information”. I believe, every person who is mature enough to surf Internet should allow to access all the sites. Exceptional can be made in the case of Porn and adult sites.

I have already shared about Ultrasurf and how to use Ultrasurf and now I have shared a detailed tutorial on how you can configure Your-freedom proxy software on CallingAllgeeks.

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It’s a very useful software which will help you to access Internet using a proxy but unlike other proxy sites chances blocking this software is too less. Even if your Network-admin block any proxy of Your-freedom, you can always configure it using some other proxy server.

I have usedYour-Freedom Proxy Software in the past and if you are facing issues with blocked Internet or social networking sites banned at your office or college, you can try this proxy software.

Read: How to configure Your-freedom proxy software

Quick discussion: What method do you use to access blocked sites? Is it proxy software or proxy sites? If any proxy software, do let us know which one you successfully used.

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  • rakesh

    Sorry harsh Your ultrasurf proxy was unable to bypass the squid proxy server installed at my school. Even now they are blocking all proxy servers, best known to us.

  • Bhaveek

    Harsh, my college is using squid proxy and the pc cannot install software unless you are administrator, so in this case what we can do.???


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