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XMind: Free User-friendly MindMapping Software

XMind: Free User-friendly MindMapping Software

If you are a blogger then you would be aware of mind mapping to avoid writer’s block. Mind mapping is a good way to be productive and that’s why there are many mind mapping softwares available but I always prefer to share free and useful softwares and thus I am sharing a very useful and free Mind mapping software, XMind.

Useful Resources:

XMind is a free mind mapping software which is packed with lots of different features. It is very easy to use and it makes your mind-map attractive too with different colors, icons, designs , shortcuts and more.

Here are few useful features of XMind:


It is the one of the most easy app I found for mind mapping. It is very easy to create nodes, add images just by dragging, adding icons and markers, customizing fonts, changing size and shape of fonts and lots more. It has lots for feature but all are very handy to use, you don’t have to leave your window to use any of the feature.

Best enhancing features:

You can add hyperlink to your nodes, use markers and numbers to add priorities to your task. Use icons and shapes to show that task is completed or remaining. Add images and files with ease and also print the map. It have option for Fishbone diagram tool which helps to visually organize complex ideas or maps. Thus you can make your design more organized and presentable.

Easy to export and share:

After creating an attractive mind map, you can export and share it with your team mates, friends etc. It allows you to share maps in different formats such as Word, PPT, PDF. You can also import files from other mind mapping softwares like FreeMind. It also allows you to share the design on your blog by embedding code but for that you need to have XMind pro version.


XMind is not only useful for creating mind maps, you can also use it in your presentation because it has all the features like adding images, coloring and customizing fonts, supports PPT file format to make an awesome and professional presentation slide. It is also an open source thus you can make it better according to your requirements.


It supports all major OS such as Mac, Windows, Linux and Ubuntu. You can also download portable zip file which will support Mac, Windows and Linux in your USB and thus can use it even if you are away from your PC.

These were just few features, There are lots of features which will help you to create useful mind map that too easily and quickly. You can download XMind from its official Website.

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  • Nihar

    WOW Thanks for sharing these tools…..

    will check them out.

  • Whiztechy

    Yeah Lakhyajyoti, even that’s a good software.

  • Amandeep Singh

    A nice way to convert give your ideas into physical form….

  • Ivan


    You can take this a step further and read books by Edward De Bono who has some wonderful systems for lateral thinking which align with mind mapping.



    • Whiztechy

      Thanks a lot Ivan for books suggestion, I will surely read it.

  • ash_nallawalla

    Thanks for covering some more tools. I use FreeMInd and find it a pleasure to use:

    • Whiztechy

      FreeMind is again a nice tool but since I started using XMind I have stopped using FreeMind. May be because XMind is more colorful and it becomes easy to share presentations and mind maps with team.

  • PR@ AlmostLikeEverything!

    Thanks WizTechy , For such a great tool!

    • Whiztechy

      @Glitz, @Tushar, @Anubhab, @PR
      Glad you find the tool useful.

  • Anubhab

    Really great…didn’t knew about it. But after seeing I think it would help me for my blog..Thanks.

  • tushar

    thanks a lot…i really needed a mind mapping software to keep track of my posts…thank you

  • Glitz @ GlitzyBlog

    Great software whiz. it will useful for the bloggers like me when ever we are out of ideas. thanks for sharing this.

  • Rakesh @ Wizard Journal

    hmm… nice tool for mind mapping, really beneficial for authors and writers, they would always have a look at the key ideas they are working on.

    • Whiztechy

      Right Rakesh, interlinked post ideas keep on coming while using mind mapping software. It’s best tool for writers.

  • Mir Imran Elahi

    Thanks for sharing this software.

  • Devesh @ Technshare

    Nice Post. Mind mapping software is great way to avoid writer’s block.

    Hearing first time about XMind – Software. Thanks for sharing Ruchi.

    • Whiztechy

      Glad you like it. Give it a try and do share your feedback Devesh. I found it user-friendly.

  • Mahesh

    Good software. I have not installed any Mind Mapping software on my PC. Thinking to use this one !

    • Whiztechy

      You must use Mind Mapping softwares Mahesh, they are best way to avoid writers block.


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