9 Rocking Tips to Writing Successful AdWords Ads for Cab Companies

Writing great AdWords ads can be a real brain teaser for many novice advertisers out there. But what really makes an AdWords ad truly effective varies from industry to industry. In the cab industry, certain considerations should obviously be taken when drafting ideas and brainstorming with your staff.

We here at White Shark Media have an assorted list of Clients stemming from all sorts of SMB-based industries. One of the verticals in which we’ve experienced much success particularly, is in the cab services industry. We have various cab companies as WSM customers and have gained much insight into what works and what doesn´t when writing great AdWords ads.

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We’d like to share some of these tips and considerations with you now. Here are 9 great tips to achieve results-driven AdWords ads – for a cab company!

How to do PPC for Cab company:

1.     Always Display Telephone Numbers Clearly in Ads

When advertising your cab services, you must remember that patrons are usually pressed for time. Inherently, folks who look for transportation services tend to be in a rush. So even a simple click on an ad, at that moment, may seem like asking too much.

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So with this in mind, make it simple for folks. Just simply plug in your business’ telephone number within your ad text so it can be clear to viewers. Furthermore, if you have the call extension feature set up within your campaign, your readers will then have the option to click on the number and immediately be redirected to you on the spot. On mobile websites moreover, you have the immediate option to click and call.

You can plug in your number within the actual description lines but also remember you have the option of also adding your number within the 35 character-limit Display URL field.

2.     Include Exact Pricing within Ads

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Another great tip is to add actual prices within ads. This is a great tactic because it automatically filters out all unwanted prospects by making clear what your services cost. This can save you a lot of time and effort by honing in on the target audience you know can afford your service. This will increase the quality of your leads tenfold.

3.     Keep the Ad Message Simple

Although it’s tempting to get over-creative when creating AdWords ads, sometimes… less is more. When advertising for cab services, our Account Executives here at WSM recommend sticking to the facts.

When users are searching for transportation services online, they just want a solution to that immediate need. They have no time to be enamored with artsy verbiage. One of our Account Executives here at WSM shared that one of her cab accounts have ads with headlines that simply read, “Burbank $67.00”. This ad clearly conveys the fact that from the city of Burbank to LAX (which is then mentioned in the 1st description line) your cost is 67 dollars… short and sweet.

In ads of this nature, people just want to know how much it costs from point A to point B. That’s it, so… oblige them!

4.     Exploit Your Clear Competitive Advantage

As business owners, it’s crucial to identify what sets you apart as a firm from your competitors. In the cab business, it’s no different. If you’re a cab company that is based locally, then it’s a great idea to really promote and emphasize that.

Locally-based businesses tend to inspire trust, so we recommend you capitalize on that. Use the term “local” in your wording if that indeed reflects your service offering. This will undoubtedly help increase conversions for you. If you run a 24/7 service, then clearly state that in your ad content. Patrons needing a cab after a late night out want to see “24-hour availability” in their queried ads so as not to waste time with a company that’s closed.

5.     If you’re an Upscale Cab Services Company…

As the owner of an upscale cab company that caters to a more affluent demographic, a totally different message should be put out there to best hone in on the right pair of eyes.

When presenting consumers with a high-end fleet of vehicles available 24/7 at their beck and call, it may be inappropriate to mention price in the actual ad text. If you have the resources to consider renting a top-of-the-line town car limo or hummer transport, price is probably not your first concern. So, why mention price if your customer is way down the buying funnel and price is second priority anyway?

In the case of your high-end vehicles, you’d want to underscore vehicle quality and prestige because ultimately, that’s what your customers are already in the market for.

6.     Emphasize Reliability

And of course, when you’re advertising for a cab service, it’s pretty much understood that reliability is fundamental. If you want someone to pick you up and drop you off, you most likely place a lot of importance on the ability of that driver to pick you up and get you to your destination… on time. So naturally, this has to be emphasized in your messaging strategy.

So whip up a message such as – call a service you can trust – or something to that effect. Instilling confidence… is key.

7.     Advertise Flat Rates if Offered

Many established cab routes exist within metro city areas for example. In this case, you may want to consider advertising flat rates to appeal more to the searcher.

People are tight for cash these days so carrying out a coherent advert pricing strategy in your ad writing can gain you much leverage when targeting the right prospects.

8.     Use the Locations you Service as Actual Keywords

Also, let’s not forget that searchers tend to use their present geo location as a partial keyword when searching for cabs. They usually combine the word cab with the city name where they presently find themselves in. So make sure you use the city names of where you service patrons within your keyword list for your campaigns.

9.     Advertise that you Screen your Drivers

Advocating security/safety is crucial when advertising for your cab company. If you’re servicing an area during night hours, patrons want to obviously feel secure riding in your cab and want to know that they’ll get to their destinations safely. So when writing your AdWords ads, make sure you clarify to folks that your company actually screens their drivers for criminal background checks, moving violations, drunk driving, etc.

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