4 Recipe for Writing Great Blog Comments

Blog commenting is one thing we bloggers and internet marketers do regularly, and it can be a source of Backlinks as well as a good source of traffic for your blog. Due to how spammers have taken over the internet world, most blog owners are now becoming strict when it comes to the type of comments they approve on their blog.

Blog commenting can me more than just a source of backlink as we all perceive it, there are other benefits that you can derive from leaving great blog comments on blogs such as: New readers, relationship building & brand buildingI will be sharing with you 4 pre-requisite for writing great blog comments, the type of comment that will give you better results from your comment on other blogs.

How to Write Awesome blog comments which get accepted?

Blog comments

Writing a Blog comment is an art and along with SEO benefits you can create great relations by writing great comments. Though, most of the time newbie Bloggers comment just to get links or get noticed and very few understand the importance of Blog commenting for creating real life relations and driving decent traffic to their blog. Before we move ahead, you should check out ShoutMeLoud case study on getting Page rank 3 by writing blog comments.

Let’s get started!

1.      Avoid Keywords in Name Field

I believe blog commenting starts right from the name field, and if you want to look real and responsible, you should avoid putting keywords in the comment NAME FIELD. You putting keywords in that box is like carrying a placard that reads “SPAMMER” on your fore head.

The first thing that pisses most people off, eespecially blog owners is if you are leaving a comment without your real name (at least your first name will do), most bloggers hate keywords in the name field and I personally will send such comments to trash regardless of if its meaningful or not. Writing great Blog comments should start with you having your name in the NAME FIELD, this will give you an identity and people will have a kind of imagination of how real you are. So make sure you avoid the temptation of putting KEYWORDS in the NAME FIELD.

Though there is an exceptional when a Blogger is using  Keywordluv or comment luv plugin. You can find such blogs using Dropmylink service.

2.      Ask or Add a New Information

A great comment must be beneficial to other commenter’s and the best way to add value to your comment is to ask a question or add new information. Asking a question will give room for interaction and the solution to your questions can be of help to other readers.

If you are adding a new information or point of view, it will also benefit other readers and you will probably get some new readers or followers via your comment. You cannot ask a question or add a new information and look like a SPAMMER or Bot, Why? Because “Bots/Spammers don’t ask question” and “Bots/Spammers have nothing of value to add to the post all they care about is the backlink.

3.      Use Correct Grammar

Great comments should be void of slangs and grammatical errors, try as much to write your comments with the write grammatical structure and also avoid using slangs. If you use slangs, most people may not be conversant with the slang you are using and it hinders them from understanding & learning from your comment; so Slangs and Grammar Errors are NO-NO.

4.      Don’t drop Links

I believe the URL FIELD is enough for you to drop your link, dropping your links in the comment box is highly unprofessional and uncalled for. The comment box is meant for your comment body and you comment body only, so make sure you avoid putting links in the comment box else you will look like just another SPAMMER!

Take Away for Active Blog commentators:

As I mentioned above, dropping comments on blog is a vital part of Blog promotion but at the same time it needs to be done seriously and without spamming. Most of Blog owners, keep their comment highly moderated and uses plugins like Aksimet to stop comment spam. Akismet learn a spam commentator by the action taken by admin. If your comments are marked as spam multiple times by blog owner, your comment will start landing in spam tab of akismet and even you are droppin a genuine comment later on, it will land into spam.

Make sure, when you add a comment on any blog post (Including this), you add value to comment and this way you will not only get noticed but you will also be able to create good relation. If your commenting strategy involves driving traffic, try to be first one to post a comment. You can read ShoutMeLoud guide on How to be first one to comment on blog post, as this way your comment will be visible for long.

So far we have talked about 4 recipes for writing great comments; it’s now over to you to share some of your tips for writing great comments. I will be happy to learn from you.

This is a Guest post by Joseph from Josylad. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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  1. says

    I am a great fan of the website ShoutMeLoud. I always take a lot of inspiration from this site and before i created my own website, i regularly followed the guidelines discussed in different posts. I still follow this knowledge diary. This article is particularly useful for people like us, who do a lot of blog commenting to generate quality backlinks for our site.

    All the steps are very well described and user-friendly guidelines are given. I have already pinned this article and i must share this with my friends who use bog commenting a lot for backlink generation platform.

  2. Ankur Agrawal says

    hello joseph,
    Blog commenting is a crucial need for any blogger and yes I agree with the point not to put link in the comment section. I was looking for a post on blog commenting here and lastly found it. Very useful information you have shared here. Thank you…
    @ Nikhil joseph is not telling not to ask questions, in the second paragraph of “Ask a question or add a new information” he is trying to say that spammers and bots do not ask questions or add new information and if you are asking a question then you are probably not a bot or spammer. :)

  3. Nikhil says

    Hi Joseph,
    I have read this article it is very informative but I didn’t get meaning of point “Ask or Add a New Information”. In starting of this point you have written to ask questions but in second paragraph you mentioned not to ask questions? could you please elaborate this to me ?

  4. Abhishek Tavasalkar says

    Hmm this blogpost did changed my perception on blog commenting. I thought droping link in comment is the only way to get traffic. Though I use gravatar but those comments don’t bring in any traffic. I hope you can understand a new blogger’s urge to get high traffic. I am trying my way across quora, yahoo answers and forums where they allow to drop link…I hope to get a reply from you… Joseph

  5. Emmanuel says

    Hi Joseph
    Thanks so much for this good directive post. It’s really so helpful for all blog commenter. Blog commenting is a most important part of SEO back linking. But in here we make many wrong. And your post will be great tips fro all blog commenter to do spam free blog comment.

  6. says

    Arguing with the author could also be the way to start some discussions with other readers. Make sure you clarify your points, otherwise you’ll look like a dumb person.

  7. akhilendra says

    I receive many comments where people use keywords in their name section, in fact there are many who will leave their links in the comment with a short note. I don’t know if they really expect those links to get approved but it shows the level of ignorance of the people. This post will be really helpful for them, thanks a lot for sharing this.

  8. Vipin Pandey says

    Hi Joseph,
    Though commenting is a great way to get attention and create traffic to blog. It attracts spammers also. Points you tell us can be use to post comments as well as accept comments. Many people uses irrelevant negative comments to get attention, this is bad. Negative comments are good to a blogger if they are relevant. A commentator should not use irrelevant negative comments to get attention.


    • says

      Vipin, Negative comments some times help in growing the discussion, of course you can easily tell a ”spam comment” most of them are off topic because the writer never gets time to read through the all article before comment. The main goal is to be natural , take it like a social thread. Some times you can ask a question to the writer of the article or you can argue with a commenter. This even creates some kind of relationship.