Writing for Personal Blog is Better than Writing Paid Articles

I have chosen this topic for those who are making money through writing paid articles.Is this practice better for paid writers? Are they saving their future? Can they earn enough by doing this job? Can this job fulfil their future requirements? I think they are on the wrong path which is temporarily good but not confirming some thing good for their future.I try my best to explore the best strategy for paid writers, Might be it help you a lot.


Writing for personal blog

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Why Every webmaster is in need of content writers ?

Search engine friendly written articles can boost any online business or blog. Search engine’s new improvements has forced online business owners that they must have content rich websites for the best search engines results, Now the time of article spinners and content copiers is also going to finish, Now they have to move on search engines desired practices, Only and only original and best written content can boost traffic for their business.

This is what the business owners and content thieves have changed the way of doing their work. Now they hiring content writers for original and search engine friendly content.Nowadays Internet is full of content writers jobs. You can earn a lot by doing article writing jobs. Before doing this must consider my points.

Why Some one paying you for your written niche?

Answer is so simple they doing one time investment and getting forever benefits. Big investors doing investment in article marketing. They pay you one time and earn a lot from your written articles for forever. After submitting articles to them you have no more any authority to your written content. You have sold them your hard work,You can not get more than 2-5$ for one article.

Why writers like doing this job?

Today everyone wants to earn in a fast way,We have lost factor of patience. We wants quick results in means of earnings, another reason is many people have nothing to invest. That’s why the writers give preference to this job. If you have both thing means some patience and little bit investment then carry on to read otherwise do the same like many writers doing.

Why not you start your own blog?

So why you can not do this by owning your own personal blog, If you have not enough money to hire writers do it yourself start a blog and write for your own blog, don’t sale your hard work  you can generate a lot of revenue by doing this. But it takes some time in start.You are loosing your hard work by selling your content for temporarily benefits.

How to start own blog?

Writing for personal blog have many factors to be consider, you must have to think about these factors, Like How to start , Hosting, Domain name, blog keywords,Your major niche (about what you have to write), doing SEO, SEM (if necessary) make a complete strategy about your blog, Don’t think about any profit in start, just do hard work update you blog on regular basis, Write search engine friendly content, Try to improve your Page rank and Alexa rank as well. Might be in start you see slow earnings but I assure you in future you have a ultimate earning resource which can fulfill your all needs.


  • Familiarity
  • Earn as a publisher (i.e AdSense,Infolinks)
  • Earn as a affiliate
  • Earn via buysellads.com
  • Get direct marketing sponsors
  • Put any product for sell related to your blog content
  • More than 100 ways to generate revenue form your personal blog if you can achieve this goal.

Have you any arguments regarding my points then must share might it help me and readers too.

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. Ryan says

    Hi Harsh,

    I’m sorry but I disagree with you. I started my own blog nukeblogger.com but it never attracted any visitors. I am writing tutorials for other sites, and I earn $100-200 per article.

    What do you think?


  2. jeff says

    This is a great article and very informative,thank you for putting us on the know about pay per post,am also new to these,but thanks for you article i can understand about pay per post posts.Keep up the good job,thank you .

  3. admin says

    Initially may be one can begin as an author earn may b 1$ per artcile earn 200-300 and then enter the blogging era with expeirience… and money

  4. Nihar says

    Great tips!

    Thanks for sharing. I agree that writing for personal blog is better but it is good if you can monetize and can pull organic traffic.

  5. Yousuf Khan says

    I agree that writing paid articles is better but its much better to write for personal blog as you can sell your blog whenever you want, you can earn as affiliate and much more reasons!

  6. Fazreen says

    Yeah, writing for own blog give us more benefits rather than selling our unique contents. Plus, by having a blog we are having our own business too.. Great for future investment.

  7. Jasmine says

    Great one Sajid. I believe it would be good for the article writers to start their own blogs, but in order to succeed they will need much more than the skill to write good articles. They need to know how to market and promote them, and etc, for example.

  8. Fairooz Mohammed says

    Awesome tips, Sajid. This can really be of great help for those who have not yet started a blog.

    Good luck! :)