How to Write a Great SEO Article Without Spamming

Reading this heading you might wonder “What is the difference between a SEO article and a normal one? If you have never heard about SEO before it will be quite difficult to understand that there is a slight, but very important difference between a Normal and SEO optimized article. And reading how some people talk about SEO as if it was rocket science might discourage you to even try to understand it. But here’s the good news: SEO is far from rocket science and you will start to understand it more and more as you dive into the topic deeper. And let me tell you another secret: No one (besides from the Google geniuses who come up with these things maybe) understands SEO fully.

Why is it important to write articles for SEO?

The main reason why you would engage in SEO is to be found – in search engines, socially, locally, globally! You optimize your website to give it relevancy, quality and that “little something” that will draw people to it. And what is it that people are looking for on the internet? – Information.

Library and plain old books for researching information on a particular topic is outdated. Today we just google everything. And that is why SEO is important for you! If you don’t rank among the top 10 search results you are almost invisible. How will anyone get to read what you have to say?

So here is why article writing is important for SEO: search engines read texts, not so much pictures, videos, etc. If you want to rank, you have to provide some really good content. Therefore becoming an expert for your chosen business field is vital. If you engage regularly in providing information on your own blog as well as through guest blogging you enhance your reputation. And as your reputation grows, your ranking gets better. And as your ranking gets better you increase your traffic (the amount of people who visit your website). As your traffic increases your leads increase too. You can see where this is going, right? Investing time and energy in SEO and improving a search ranking will ultimately lead to leads for your business. And that means money.

How do I write a good SEO article?

SEo article WritingSince we have covered the “why” let’s move on to the “how”. If you want to become a well ranked and well known business in search engines, your articles need to be SEO proof. In post panda and penguin times it means you have to offer really great content with some real value as well as being connected to reputable other sites. Let’s focus on the great content for now.

Great content means you should offer something new, a unique angle on a certain topic, some one-of-a-kind insight or simply some really great writing. Now, combine these three and you have what I call “SEO proofed” content. If you replicate stuff others have written about over and over – you’re just one in a million.

Provided you have a state-of-the-art topic for your article you also need to stick to some guidelines. First and foremost: If you write about cars, you should WRITE ABOUT CARS. Don’t stray away from your main topic. Give background information, but make sure you stick to your theme. If your title is named “Top 10 cars” and you suddenly go on talking about holiday destinations… (You get where I’m going with this, right?). It also doesn’t really matter that you have been to these destinations with your favorite cars.  You should rather rename your article and publish it in a travel magazine. If you write about cars, you should mention cars in the article. SEO has become less obsessed with keyword density post panda and penguin; however you should mention your keyword(s) in the article a couple of times to make sure your readers understand what you write about. And it’s also good in terms of SEO.

  • Check out : EasyWpSEO plugin for Keyword optimization

Since keyword density has become less important you have to find other ways to stress your main topic. Using keywords in title, sub headings and meta descriptionare few of those alternatives. Which leads me to my next fact: structure your article well. Use your keyword in the title as well as in at least one sub heading (if it fits). Use


-tags (h1 would be the title) for that. Your readers as well as search engines will be thankful for a clear structure with suitable headings.

If you use WordPress for your blog or website I advise you try the free Yoast SEO plugin. It lets you enter your SEO title, focus keyword and meta description right underneath your article.

SEO yoast plugin screenshot

After you save your article, yoast will give you an analysis of you blog post in regards to SEO. The great thing hereby is, that it also gives you suggestions for improvement:

SEO yoast page analysis

I have found this tool to be very helpful for writing great SEO articles for my own blog. Eespecially for SEO beginners it can be a great help with optimizing an article to search engine standards.

Add an image, video, infographic, etc.

Search engines might not be into pictures and videos a lot; however, you write your articles for readers first and foremost. And the human eye tends to be attracted by all sorts of visualization. So if you are photoshop sawy, you have a clue on creating some great infographics or videos then do it! If you really want to attract readers and visitors and you want to make them return to your site then use those skills – create that little something that makes the difference!

To wrap it up I want to summarize again what will make an article a great SEO article:

  • Find something new to write about
  • Create unique, quality and relevant content
  • Stick to your main topic
  • Structure your article well
  • Add some extra visualization

If you stick to those guidelines you’re on a good way towards creating great SEO articles that will provide valuable information to your readers, clients and potential customers.

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My name is Stefanie and I am currently studying Business Administration and working for a web agency where I am responsible for different SEO tasks. Additionally I'm running my own projects. Online marketing and especially SEO is my passion and I enjoy talking and writing about it. Integrating my general passion for marketing with my particular field of interest let me discover new angles on SEO and how to successfully integrate it in all sort of online marketing efforts.


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  1. Monu Kumar says

    Respected stefaniestp:-
    First of all i would like to say you a wonderful thanks from my heart for share this amazing and very helpful article for us. Secondly the way of writing is very superb and i am thinking that this article is only for me. But Stefaniestp i have a little doubt in my mind that can you tell me how much i create density of keywords in my article.
    I don’t know the cycle of SEO because sometime i got the link of my site in Google 1st page. But sometime i did’t found my link on 10th page also. Please solve my problem as soon as possible in the writing session.

  2. Rahul Kuntala says

    You don’t have to worry about driving traffic from the search engines, when you’ve a laser focused niche. The problem with the most bloggers is this, they simply replicate what the pro’s are saying on their niches. So it obviously becomes hard to drive search engine traffic.

    Always make sure that you’ve something to say and try to focus on building a thriving audience around your blog with your content.

    • stefaniestp says

      Agreed, it is very hard to come up with unique and creative new stuff. I experience this struggle daily when I try to think of a new topic for an article on my blog… But when you succeed in creating something new, you will be copied and the traffic that drives to your site is worth the struggle ;)

  3. says

    I blog on things related to youth with my views over the topic and make sure that it is well SEO optimized.You could have also metion the keyword placement,alt txt which will help google bot to easily sea what is there in the article.

    Thank you
    Shorya Bist

    • stefaniestp says

      Hey shorya,

      thanx for the additiosn. Yes, keyword placement is certainly important. However, the placement should be natural, too. Placing keywords on the beginning in each paragraph or of each headline won’t necessarily guarantee success. If a keyword doesn’t fit in the context, I rather compromise the position than degrading user experience.
      Alt tags are important too, for image content. Thanx for adding this :)

  4. piyush says

    hi stefaniestp
    great pionts you mentioned above ,whenver we write a post or sharing a post for better seo sometimes it seems spamming but your pionts help me to improve my future posts which proform better seo